David S Barr (born 1894)

1901 Census - ENGLAND

1900 census in England for Barr family - For details, see Philip Barr (born 1872) .

Full transcript : [HS0016][GDrive] / Full census sheet : [HS0018][GDrive]

1907 - Family (with father Philip Barr) immigrate to the United States (New York City)

THIS immigration date is visible on the 1910 Census ( [HS0015][GDrive] ) and the 1920 Census.

The RMS Umbria: 🌐Berdychiv, Ukraine

This MIGHT be a record of the voyage in 1907 - Transcript : [HJ000C][GDrive]

1910 Census

"Simon has disappeared from his name an he now goes by "Pelham Barr". He married Estella De Young, and Donald E. Barr is their son. His parents are now said to be from Poland." Original Tweet Source : [HT0030][GDrive]

Philip Barr, the head of the family and father of Simon Pelham Barr, is a "Maker Furs", and works out of the house (family home). The 1920 Census shows that Philip Barr is a "Furrier", validating the "Furs" part of his trade.

The full census sheet for 1910 (and at a higher resolution) is available here : [HS0015][GDrive]

1917 WW1 Draft

1919 - Honorable Discharge from WW1 Service - David S. Barr was in the Ordinance Inspection Corps. in NYC and Washington DC

1920 Census - David Barr living in NYC with parents

Transcript : [HS0011][GDrive] / Full Census Form : [HS0012][GDrive]

1922 (Feb) - David S Barr marriage to Elinor Sachs

Transcript : [HL001T][GDrive]

1922 - Citizenship / Naturalization Claims

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1923 (March) - Passport application extension

1930 Census

Born 1896 in Lithuania ?

  1. David Barr / 35
  2. Elinor Barr / 34
  3. Winifred Barr / 4
  4. Paul Barr / 3

1940 Census

No record found for a David Barr

1941 (May)

Property sale with wife Elinor Sachs Barr (born 1894) , of property in stafford country, Virginia.

1942 (April 22) WW2 Draft application - Completed in New York City

Address of "415 C.P.W" means "415 Central Park West, Manhattan, New York City"

1966 (August 31) - Passing - In Washington DC? or New Haven CT ?

Death Record transcript - [HL002B][GDrive]

Personnel Literature, Volume 26

By United States Civil Service Commission. Library,


Mr. David S. Barr, Washington, D. C.



DAVID S. BARR was much more than a lawyer to those privileged to know and work with him. He was the Guild’s mentor, advisor, role model, institutional memory and friend. Before starting his own practice and representing our union and others, Barr was a National Labor Relations Board attorney. He was passionate about justice and fairness and viewed journalists as agents of those virtues. In his name, The NewsGuild-CWA awards annual scholarships to one high school and one college student journalist whose work focuses on issues of social justice. Barr had represented the Guild for more than 20 years when he died of a heart attack in 1997.

David S. Barr Award

The NewsGuild-CWA

501 Third Street, N.W.

Washington DC 20001-2797

David S. Barr

1101 17th Strreet N.W>

Washington D.C.

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