S3 Technologies

S3 Technologies : ("S3" stood for "Simulation, Systems, and Services")

Part-owned (via GSE) as of 1995(?) by National Patent Development Corporation .

"In May 1990 Link-Miles Simulation Corporation, the domestic simulator business in Columbia, MD, announced a joint venture named General Energy Technologies with NPO Energia of the Soviet Union. General Energy Technologies would be a Soviet enterprise centered in Moscow and would provide Soviet and Eastern European simulation, training, and engineering services in energy related fields including nuclear and fossil fuel power plants, and chemical processing."

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1990 (May 2)

Encouraged by safety problems connected to Chernobyl

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1990 (May 4)

  • Link Miles Simulation Corp (which soon becomes S3 Corp)... to be part of NPO Energia

1990 (Dec)

Using Russia rockets for amrican space travel?

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1990 (Aug 11)

    • Link Miles Simulation Corp name change to S3 technologies (S3 stood for Simulation, Systems, and Services)
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Feb 14 1991

Oct 1991

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March 1992

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March 1993

    • S3 partnering with Seimens

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Aug 10 1993

Sale to ManTech International Corp, Faifax VA

April 6 1994

See National Patent Development Corporation .

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Feb 14 1991 - see above !!!

In April 1990 Link-Miles Simulation Corporation of Columbia signed a contract to provide nuclear plant simulators to SYPRO of Sweden and Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. Link-Miles also won a contract for an ethylene plant simulator.

In August 1990 Link-Miles Simulation Corporation of Columbia, MD, a manufacturer of nuclear power-plant control room simulators, was renamed S3 Technologies. Before that it was Industrial Simulation Corporation, and even earlier, the Link Simulation Systems Division of Singer. In September 1993 ManTech International bought S3 Technologies.