Patreon and PayPal (and PO Box)

Our monthly costs (Google subscriptions, backup services, networking, research accounts, Switcher Studio) is approximately $1,600/month (as of Sep 2022 - See itemized list here ), not including insurance, real estate, travel .

US Postal Service PO Box

If you prefer, Housatonic ITS has a US Post Office (PO) box in Southborough, Massachusetts. This protects all mail against theft. This is a 11.5" x 5.5" (#3) box that is large enough for books, magazines, etc to lie flat, should anyone wish to send collateral to Housatonic ITS. For any larger packages, please email me first.

The addresses that can be used are :

  1. Housatonic ITS , PO Box 505 , Southborough MA 01772

  2. Mark Kulacz , PO Box 505 , Southborough MA 01772