Episode 39.F (#136)

  • TCG​ Enough with the Navy intelkigence bs...brock was drafted and did a boring 2 year military stint like every 18yr old male at thd time


  • KG Lucas was big Joseph Campbell fan I remember that

  • Noname ​Excuse me. If ALL you have to offer is " I don't believe anything Mark is saying and my mind is already made up"....GOOD FOR YOU DUDE ride off into the sunset then cowbot

  • KG @Housatonic Live; Did You Know Wikipedia Was First Funded By A Porn Site Started By Its Founder Jimmy Wales?

Episode 39.C and 39.E (#135) and (#135)

  • Todd Marshall​@Housatonic Live; Still not giving Benjamin Graham any credit for influence over Buffet???

  • Todd Marshall​@Housatonic Live; You're going to eat your Tesla comments.

  • Noname Noslogan​Did you know...Elon Musks Grandfather was the head of Technocracy Inc Canada? The actual organization Technocracy and an actual Tecnocrat. Not what Zbignew and Alex Jones et al have mischaracterized

  • KristianGerard​Charles Munger seems like he runs Buffet AND California politics

  • TCG​Gates Sr not involved in Fort Lawson issue....

Episode 39.B (#130)

  • Neighborhood News Hour​ENRON was created out of a 1985 merger of InterNorth from Omaha and Houston Natural Gas Company

  • Neighborhood News Hour​ENRON was created out of a 1985 merger of InterNorth from Omaha and Houston Natural Gas Company

  • davefitz 7501​The PC boards were probably modeled on simailr boards used by the military to control guided missiles. I recall crossing a us navy desttoyer in July 72 that used solid state controls for missiles

  • Themobsterful

  • ​I believe Arnold was OSS. He came out of India

  • Brian Grant​RCAs Sarnoff hated Powel Crosley

  • OrpheoTreshula​eric dollard has things to say about RCA

  • Themobsterful

  • ​E Howard Hunt was OSS India. His family was big in insurance

  • tattered playlists​British became expert in ghost army deceptions.

  • tattered playlists​In North Africa British got Nazis, Italians to bomb desert by lighting it with blown up and cardboard tanks, buildings, etc.

  • Michael Laurette​@Housatonic Live; Chuck Feeney/Cornell University & Warren Buffett & The Giving Pledge & Berkshire Energy Group...I think that's

  • Huffman Aviation​@Housatonic live; please can you give me your opinion on Self Training Automated Neural Networks and their potential

  • Themobsterful

  • ​@Housatonic Live; Robert W Nordstrom of the retailer, Seattle, was also OSS

e​check out the stock portfolio of Bronfman Rothschild Wealth Management

Insight from Patreon Supporters (Nov 2020 - Jan 2021)

"Research - possible source re: Washington computer scene in 1970s? Just learned some interesting coincidences about computer guy Clif High. Interview is here: oom2.com/t72647-clif-high-was-the-election-honest-what-about-computer-glitches . What caught my attention is that he says he was doing coding (including firmware) in Washington State in the pre-internet days. He worked for Microsoft, Boeing, & wrote a program used by the Washington State fisheries dept. (!) & used by them for almost 25 yrs BEFORE the internet! (His program was only discontinued after the internet was up and had stabilized a few years.) I wonder if he knew Kildall, M/T Rona, etc. He might have some interesting insights of that time period. His father was in the army (logistics) so he moved around a lot during his life. "