Robert Swan Mueller II (born 1916)

Robert Swan Mueller II , age 47, Princeton 25-yr yearbook photo

Robert Swan Mueller II was born on July 30, 1916, in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania [HL0019][GDrive].

Robert Swan Mueller II is the son of Robert Swan Mueller I (born 1893) , and father of Robert Swan Mueller III (born 1944) . He is also the older brother of John Freeman Mueller (born 1919) .

1916 (July) - Born

Robert Swan Mueller II was born on July 30, 1916, in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania [HL0019][GDrive]. His name at the time was Robert Swan Mueller Jr.


The 1930 Census: In 1930, the Robert Swan Mueller I family in Baltimore, Maryland has grown and appears to be thriving. Robert Swan Mueller II is now 13 years old, lives with his father, mother, 3 siblings, and one servant. His younger brother John Freeman Mueller is now 10 years old. The new siblings are sisters Emilie G. Mueller (age 9, born in 1921) and Elizabeth Mueller (age 7, born in 1923). In 1930, the Mueller household still employs one servant (now Maurine Scott, a female from Virginia who is 21 years of age). The occupation of father Robert Swan Mueller I on the 1930 Census is now listed as a "Broker in the Banking industry", which we know that he opened his own company "R.S. Mueller Company" in March 1923. (For image of Census doc see [HS000F][GDrive] ).

1932 - HS


1934 - Travels to Europe for summer

Robert Swan Mueller II finished high school in 1934, and was prepared to begin college studies at Princeton in fall of 1934. In the summer of 1934, Robert Swan Mueller II traveled to Europe, returning on the S.S. Clairton on July 31 in 1934.

Newspaper article announcing return - (For image of full page see [HN00DT][GDrive] ). (Alternative page - see [HN00E3][GDrive] )


1934 (Sep) to 1938 (June) - Princeton

From the Jan 7 1938 issue of Princeton Alumni Weekly - (full page : [HE000U][GDrive] )


1935 - Baltimore Sun acknowledges RS Mueller II's election.

See full page at [HN00DV][GDrive]


Robert Swan Mueller II was the Princeton Class Vice-President for all four of his years at Princeton. He was a Princeton 1939 graduate.

A profile of Robert Swan Mueller II from Princeton Class of 1938.

From the July 1 1928 issue of Princeton Alumni Weekly - See full page at [HE000W][GDrive]


Fall 1938 - Joins du Pont Corporation / Moves to St. Louis

Robert Swan Mueller II joined du Pont Co. upon graduation [HE000Q][GDrive] . "As a salesman for the Photo Products Department, he was first sent out to St. Louis, from whence soon drifted report of phenomenal sales of du Pont Ex-Ray film ...."

From the Jan 20 1939 issue of Princeton alumni weekly : "Bob Mueller [ aka Robert Swan Mueller II ] who is working with the du-Pont Film MFG Co. has changed his address to 5463 Delmar Blvd. St. Louis. He is rooming with Bob Meyer, who is working at the Hotel Statler. " [HE000Y][GDrive]. Apartment complex shown below; it is very modest.

5463 Delmar Blvd. St. Louis (Google street view, Jan 2019)

1940 (June) - Travel to West Virginia to visit parents RSM2

See full page in 1940 newspaper at [HN00E4][GDrive]


1940 (Oct) - Military draft registration

1940 draft card for Robert Swan Mueller II from Oct 16 1940. He was living in St. Louis (Clayton?) Missouri at this time, and working for DuPont Film Mfo Corporation.


1941 (Jan) - Still living in St. Louis

From the Jan 27 1941 issue of the Princeton Alumni Weekly (Full page from this issue : see [HE000Z][GDrive}) : He is now living with a Dave Reynolds. (NOTE - This is a fellow Princeton 1938 classmate of Robert Swan Mueller II - David Parham Reynolds would be the last member of his family to serve as chairman and CEO of Reynolds Metals Co - See ).

Robert Swan Mueller II (aka "Bobby Mueller") and roommate are now living at 715 Westwood Drive in Clayton Missouri. This is a nicer apartment complex (pic shown below).


1942 (March-May) - RSM2 now in the service, performing course work on the Prairie State

From the March 03 1942 issue of the Princeton alumni weekly (see page at [HE0011][GDrive] ) , we see that Robert Swan Mueller II was on the U.S.S. Prairie State. The source at [HT0027][GDrive] tells us that Robert Swan Mueller II's first day of pay was December 16, 1941.


From the May 15 1942 issue of the Princeton alumni weekly : "Bobby Mueller [ aka Robert Swan Mueller II ] is [about to finish his course on the 'Prairie State'] , and "has high hopes of of shipping on a destroyer. " [HE0013][GDrive]. The U.S.S. Prairie State , as noted below, has an address... this is because it is a floating school docked near/in New York City. See .

1942 (Aug) - Parents resided in Miami Beach, Florida, while RSM2 and brother John are stationed in Miami

See full page in 1942 newspaper at [HN00E6][GDrive] .


1943 (Jan) - Ongoing Navy service

Robert Swan Mueller II and his brother John Freeman Mueller were both in the Navy Register on January 1 1943 (show below). Robert Swan Mueller II (File number is 119931) was classification D-VC, Rank RNS, with 7 months a 20 days of pay service as of Jan 1 1943. John Freeman Mueller was Classification D-VG, Rank LTJG, with 1 year, 3 months, and 16 days of pay service as of Jan 1 1943.

1943 (June) - Wedding announcement to Alice Truesdale

The June 28 1943 NY Times, in a big article, announces the wedding. This bonds the Mueller family to the Truesdale Family. Note that Robert Swan Mueller II is also noted as a Lieutenant in this announcement. Full PDF : [HN00DQ][GDrive]

1943 (Sep) - Marriage to Alice Truesdale


The William Haynes Truesdale is the grandfather of Alice Truesdale. He was the president of the Lackawanna Railroad back 1917. He was previously president of the Minneapolis and St. Paul railway by age 36.

LINK to 1917 news article : WAR HURRIES NUPTIAL OF M.D. TRUESDALE; Son of Lackawanna's President, a Member of Coast Defense Reserve, Weds Miss Alice Moss. Another link in the long chain of hurried war weddings was forged yesterday afternoon when the marriage of Melville Douglas Truesdale, youngest son of William Haynes Truesdale, President of the Lacka…

The Truesdale and Townsend residences of Greenwich Connecticut. When your great grandparents have an estate in Greenwich that actually has its own name... that mans MONEY.


Robert Mueller's great aunt (mom's side) married a #Bissell ... what are the odds ? (see )

#RobertMueller is related to By Richard M. Bissell, Jr. ... "Richard Mervin Bissell Jr. was a Central Intelligence Agency officer responsible for major projects such as the U-2 spy plane and the Bay of Pigs Invasion." ( see )

1943 (November / December) - In Florida

From the Dec 3 1943 issue of Princeton Alumni Weekly (see the full page at [HE000O][GDrive] / Princeton Alumni Weekly, Volume 44 in full (Sep 1943 to Summer 1944) available at [HE000M][GDrive] ): It says that in November (of 1943), Mr. and Mrs. Robert Swan Mueller attended a Princeton reunion dinner along with 45 other Princetonians in Miami, most of them stationed at the Sub-Chaser Training Center in Miami, Florida. A Submarine Chaser (or "SC") is a small and fast naval vessel that is specifically intended for anti-submarine warfare. Many of the American submarine chasers used in World War I found their way to Allied nations by way of Lend-Lease in World War II. ( WikiPedia - ).


Over 40,000 men served on subchasers in World War II, and in those days the word “Subchaser” was as familiar to the folks at home as the words “PT Boat,” “Tin Can Destroyer,” “Liberty Ship” and “Jeep Carrier.” Today only the people who lived during that time remember that subchasers existed and even many of these have forgotten about them. That’s because subchasers didn’t have the glamour of PT boats, the power and speed of destroyers, or the silent mystery of the submarines. Consequently they weren’t romanticized by the media and kept in the public eye.

The U.S. Navy Sub Chaster Training Center in Miami, Florida is shown below in this May 11, 1942 photo. (80-G-16043 U.S. Navy sub chaser training center, Miami, Florida)

A week later, in the December 10 1943 issue of the Princeton Alumni Weekly, we read that Robert Swan Mueller II is decommissioning his old ship in Miami, turning her over to a foreign government under lend-lease. He them comes to N.Y. to get a new and better subchaser. ( Princeton Alumni Weekly, Volume 44 in full (Sep 1943 to Summer 1944) - [HE000M][GDrive] )


1944 (Feb)

From the Feb 1944 issue of the Princeton alumni weekly : "Lt. (j.g.): Bobby Mueller [aka Robert Swan Mueller II] has been in New York for a short time, fitting out a new type PC boat; then out to sea again." ( Full page : [HE0014][GDrive] / Clip : [HE0015][GDrive] )

1944 (Aug) - Birth of first son (Robert Swan Mueller III)

Robert Swan Mueller III was born on August 7, 1944. The birth took place at Doctors Hospital in the New York City borough of Manhattan , most likely because father Robert Swan Mueller II was in NYC in the US Navy at the time.

1945 (Feb) - Robert Swan Mueller II Navy assignment

Record of Lt. Robert Swan Mueller II, 1945 assignment to USS PC 1169. File number 119931.

1947 (Nov) -Still a salesman with the X-Ray film division of Du Pont

From the Nov 28 1947 issue of Princeton Alumni Weekly (Pg 23) - "Bob Mueller had child daughter Susan Truesdale on March 7 1947. Bob is a salesman with the X-ray film division of du Pont."' ([HE000P][GDrive]).

1948 - Princeton 10-yr graduate update

(See full PDF generated from a copy of the book at [HE000Q][GDrive]).

  • Address - Spring Mill Rd., Box 605, Bryn Mawr, Pa.
  • Joined du Pont Co. upon graduation.
  • As a salesman for the Photo Products Department, he was first sent out to St. Louis, from whence soon drifted report of phenomenal sales of du Pont Ex-Ray film and of large swaths being cut out in the local debutante group. .. suggests he did not yet meet Alice when he went to St. Louis

1953 (March) / 1953 (Nov) / 1954 (Oct) - Travel (Vacation) to Bermuda

1956 (Nov) - Return from travel to Bermuda

1957(Jan) - Return from travel (vacation) to Bahamas

With wife Alice.

1956 (July or August) - Move from Philadelphia to Princeton, New Jersey

"[Robert Swan Mueller II] and his family moved to Princeton in the 1950s so that he could commute to Dupont’s New York office.[...] The Muellers lived at 158 Springdale, 120 Winant Road, and 49 Balcort Drive. Young [Robert Swan Mueller III] attended Princeton Day School before heading off to St. Paul’s School in New Hampshire." [HW001J][GDrive]. Also see, from Oct 19 1956 Princeton Alumni Review :

1963 - Graduation 25yr Update

Robert Swan Mueller II and his family as of 1963 were living at 810 Mt. Moro Road, in Villanova PA. This is within diving distance of Philadelphia, ext to Bryn Mawr. The home, described by Zillow :" Built in 1930 under the design talents of Durham and Irvine, Stony Lawn remains one of the Main Line's landmark estate properties. Set on almost three acres and enriched by centennial trees, pool, paddle ball court and warming hut, this 6-7 bedroom, 5 full and 2 1/2 bath home..."

1966 - Son Robert Swan Mueller III engages Ann Standish

Full page : [HN00E8][GDrive] / Clip : [HN00E9][GDrive]

1968 (May)

(See full newspaper from May 7 1968 at [HN00DX][GDrive]).

1972 (June) - Daughter Susan T. Mueller Married To Louis Timchak Jr.

Full NY Times article - See [HN00GI][GDrive]

Commentary on current job of Robert Swan Mueller II - "Mrs. Timchak's father is senior purchasing agent with the E. L du Pont de Nemours & Co. In Wilmington"

1973 (May) - Passing of mother Anna Elizabeth Freeman Mueller

Anna Mueller passed on May 8, 1973, at age 81. A news article regarding funeral services can be found below (full page from Baltimore Sun visible here : [HN00DZ][GDrive] ).


1975 (Jan/Feb) - Recently retired from DuPont, Robert Swan Mueller II launches TMA Inc.

Robert Swan Mueller II worked at DuPont for a 35 year career. The Princeton book say he did not stay retired long through, and shortly afterwards started Tugwell-Mueller Associates Inc.. We do not know his retirement date, but the Feb 1975 in the Princeton Alumni Review suggests it was late 1974 or early 1975.

(See full issue at [HE000S][GDrive]). TMA Inc. was started in Feb 1975, then Robert Swan Mueller II would have a few months before his 59th birthday.

More on Tugwell-Mueller Associates, Inc. ("TMA, Inc."). ... This company was started with Gilbert Leonard Tugwell (born 1919) , who was born in Sussex England, but had enjoyed a nearly 40 year career with Engelhard Corporation , where he succeeded in 1969 of becoming President of the Engelhard Industries Division of Engelhard Minerals & Chemicals Corporation .

1977 (Aug 28) - Wedding - Patricia H Mueller to Henry H Lewis - RSM2 and RSM3 there

Full page : [HN00E1][GDrive]

1986 (March) - TMA New Jersey Change of Registered Office or Agent Filing

TMA (Tugwell-Mueller Associates) NJ Corp 1986 filing. Signed by Robert Swan Mueller Jr. (aka Robert Swan Mueller II ). Shared on Twitter : See [HT0003][GDrive] . Previous agent name was Hugh D. Wise, Jr. New agent name is Richard J. Pinto. The TMA office remains at One Palmer Square, Room 231, Princeton NJ.

2007 (May) - Passing of wife Alice Mueller


Robert Swan Mueller II passed on December 26, 2007

Robert Swan Mueller II passed on December 26, 2007, in Dedham Massachusetts at the age of 91. (See [HT002V][GDrive] ).