Lawrence Preston Gise (born 1915)

Born - April 23, 1915 [HL002S][GDrive]

Lawrence Preston Gise (grandfather of Jeff Bezos ) lived in Washington DC as of the 1940 census (age 24). He was an admin assistant in the US Dept of Agriculture, before joining the Navy (served in north Atlantic) in WW2 (on the USS Neunzer (DE-150) ). (and later on - AEC and DARPA / ARPA )

His father is Lloyd Preston Gise (born 1873) , and (paternal) grandfather is Daniel Kerlin Gise (born 1843) .

Children include :

1915 (April 23 ) - Birth certificate for Lawrence Preston Gise (Sr.) - corrected in 1951 ...

(born april 23 1915) / 4920 north 30th street Arlington virginia

1920 US Census - Kansas

Full census form : [HS001V][GDrive]


1930 - US Census - Dimmit County , Texas

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Full Census form: [HS001P][GDrive]


Oct 16 1940 1940 military enlistment

From Tweet : [HT004E][GDrive]

Sep 1943 to July 1944 - Lt. Lawrence Preston Gise served on the USS Neunzer (DE-150)


Official Register of the Untied States, 1949 .... PDF at [HG0034][GDrive]

1953 - Deputy Chief, Plans and Programs Branch - Division of Military Application

PDF - "1994 Declassified First History of AFSWP 1947-1954 Vol 6 1953 Chapter 3" - [HG0030][GDrive]

His boss, "Captain F. L. Ashworth", is the guy who bombed Nagasaki -

1954 (May) - LP Gise is living in Virginia, and with the Atomic Energy Commission

Lawrence P. Gise lived in Virginia, USA, on May 1, 1954.

Discovered by Greg Lynch in U.S., Register of Civil, Military, and Naval Service, 1863-1959

1958 - Oct 21 - Father (Lloyd P Gise passes)

1955 - September - Flight from Hickam AFB to Philippines via Kuwait

"Here is a strange one. The form is very difficult to read, but it appears that Lawrence P. Gise is on a flight from Hickam A.F.Base to the Philippines via Kuwait. Date: Sept.25, 1955. 12 men between 30 - 56 years old. Does this make sense?" (Source of Tweet -)

1956 (Dec 28) - AEC Award for LP GIse

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1958 (March 06) - Pentagon Space Deputy

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1958 (Nov) - Still in Virginia in

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1961 (Feb 09) -

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1962 (July 20)

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1963 (April 28)

1963 (July 20)

Full age - [HN00OI][GDrive]

1964 (Sep 30)

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1964 (Nov 3)



1966 (Jan 14)



1967 (Jan 13)

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1967 (Jan 17)

Full source pages :

1968 (March 25) - Daughter Jacklyn remarries

Jacklyn Marie Gise to marry Miguel Besos - Albuquerque 1968 (See full page at [HN00N6][GDrive]

1967 (March 27)

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1967 (Dec 30) - Reference in 1967 Dec 30 guide from NASA

"Solar Thermoelectric Generator Design and Panel Development Program (U) ( Task II ) by V. RAGG, R. E. BERLIN, and L. H. GNAU / Prepared by national aeronautics and space administration / Contract NAS 3-10600"

See PDF at : [HG0033][GDrive]

" U.S. Atomic Energy Commission Albuquerque Operations Office P. 0. Box 5400

Albuquerque, New Mexico 87115 Attn: L. P. Gise""

E.I. duPont de Nemours and Company Savannah River Laboratory

Document Transfer Station 703-A Aiken, South Carolina 29801

1968 (April) - LP Gise retires- And a hint of where his ranch is

"Ranch is 12 miles from Cotulla" . Full page : [HN00NZ][GDrive]


1968 (May 1) Gise retires -

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1968 (Aug 11)


Nov 16 1995 - Death of LP Gise

As a Thursday newspaper (Nov 16), if he passed on Sunday, that would have been Nov 12 1995)

Remarried Nona Louise Martin Pickett in 1994

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Unprocessed notes :

His biological father, whose name is Ted Jorgensen, was 18 when he impregnated Bezos' mother, Jacklyn Gise, who herself was 17. They were both still in high school at the time. They got married before their son was born.

The marriage lasted only 17 months, reports Brad Stone at Bloomberg Businessweek, who has unearthed astonishing new details about Bezos' family's early years.

Gise moved in with her parents because Jorgensen stayed out late, and drank too much, and was generally an inattentive father and husband says Stone. He agreed to a divorce, and paid a small amount of child support to Gise when he had money. Other times he missed the payments.

Jorgensen, Ted, J.

Born in Chicago October 10th, 1944. Age 70, Ted relocated from Albuquerque to Glendale, Arizona in 1974; Ted passed away on March 16th, 2015. Ted owned and operated Road Runner Bike Center, a bicycle shop in Glendale, Arizona for over 35 years. Ted is survived by his wife Linda who he was married to for 27 years, his son Jeff, four step children; Mike, Todd, Lee and Darin, 10 grandchildren also brother Gordon Jorgensen, brother-in-law Ron Fischer. Services will be held at 3:00 PM Saturday March 21st at Phoenix Memorial Park 200 W. Beardsley Rd. Phoenix, Arizona 85027.

--> Born 1944, that would make him nearly 20 in 1964 when Jeff was born.

Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen

January 12, 1964 (age 55)

Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.

Bezos was born Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen on January 12, 1964, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the son of Jacklyn Gise Jorgensen and Chicago, Illinois native Ted Jorgensen.[4] At the time of his birth, his mother was a 17-year-old high school student, and his father was a bike shop owner.[5]

--> Jeff has4 children.. Children 4

Jeff Bezos grew up in a tight-knit family, with two deeply involved and caring parents, Jackie and Mike, and two close younger siblings, Christina and Mark. Jackie, who gave birth to Bezos just two weeks after she turned 17, was a towering figure of authority to Bezos and his friends. Mike, also known as Miguel, was a Cuban immigrant who arrived in America at age 18, alone and penniless, knowing only one English word: hamburger. Through grit and determination, he got a college education and climbed through the ranks of Exxon (XOM) as a petroleum engineer and manager, in a career that took the Bezos family to Houston, Pensacola, Fla., Miami, and, after Bezos left for college, cities in Europe and South America.

Yet for a brief period early in his life, before this ordinary if peripatetic childhood, Bezos lived alone with his mother and grandparents. And before that, he lived with his mother and his biological father, a man named Ted Jorgensen. Bezos has said the only time he thinks about Jorgensen is when he’s filling out a medical form that asks for his family history. He told Wired in 1999 that he’d never met the man. Strictly speaking, that’s not true: Bezos last saw him when he was 3 years old. And while Bezos’s professional life has been closely studied and celebrated over the last two decades, this story has never been told.

Jorgensen was a circus performer and one of Albuquerque’s best unicyclists in the 1960s. A newspaper photograph taken in 1961, when he was 16, shows him standing on the pedals of his unicycle facing backward, one hand on the seat, the other splayed theatrically to the side, his expression tense with concentration. The caption says he was awarded “most versatile rider” in the local unicycle club.

That year, Jorgensen and a half-dozen other riders traveled the country playing unicycle polo in a team managed by Lloyd Smith, the owner of a local bike shop. Jorgensen’s team was victorious in places such as Newport Beach, Calif., and Boulder, Colo. The Albuquerque Tribune has an account of the event: Four hundred people showed up at a shopping center parking lot in freezing weather to watch the teams swivel around in four inches of snow wielding three-foot-long plastic mallets in pursuit of a six-inch rubber ball. Jorgensen’s team swept a doubleheader, 3 to 2 and 6 to 5.

In 1963, Jorgensen’s troupe resurfaced as the Unicycle Wranglers, touring county fairs, sporting events, and circuses. They square-danced, did the jitterbug and the twist, skipped rope, and rode on a high wire. The group practiced constantly, rehearsing three times a week at Smith’s shop and taking dance classes twice a week. “It’s like balancing on greased lightning and dancing all at the same time,” one member told the Tribune. When the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus came to town, the Wranglers performed under the big top, and in the spring of 1965 they performed in eight local shows of the Rude Brothers Circus.

Jorgensen was born in 1944 in Chicago to a family of Baptists. His father moved the family to Albuquerque when Jorgensen and his younger brother, Gordon, were in elementary school. Ted’s father took a job as a purchase agent at Sandia Base (today’s Sandia National Laboratories), then the largest nuclear weapons installation in the country, handling the procurement of supplies at the base.

In high school, Jorgensen started dating Jacklyn Gise, a girl two years his junior whose father also worked at Sandia Base. Their dads knew each other. Her father, Lawrence Preston Gise, known to friends as Preston and to his family as Pop, ran the local office of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, the federal agency that managed the nuclear weapons program after Harry S Truman took it from the military following World War II.

Jorgensen was 18 and finishing his senior year in high school when Gise became pregnant. She was a sophomore. They were in love and decided to get married. Her parents gave them money to fly to Juárez, Mexico, for a ceremony. A few months later, on July 19, 1963, they repeated their vows at the Gises’ house. Because she was underage, both of their mothers signed the application for a marriage license. The baby was born on Jan. 12, 1964. They named him Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen.

The new parents rented an apartment in Albuquerque’s Southeast Heights neighborhood. Jackie finished high school, and during the day, her mother, Mattie, took care of the baby. Life was difficult. Jorgensen was perpetually broke, and they had only one car, his cream-colored ’55 Chevy. Belonging to a unicycle troupe didn’t pay much. The Wranglers divided their fees among all members, with Smith taking a generous cut off the top. Eventually, Jorgensen got a $1.25-an-hour job at the Globe Department Store, part of Walgreen’s (WAG) short-lived foray into the promising discount retail market being pioneered at the time by Kmart (SHLD) and Wal-Mart. Occasionally Jackie brought the baby to the store to visit.

Their marriage was probably doomed from the start. Jorgensen had a habit of drinking too much and staying out too late. He was an inattentive dad and husband. Jackie’s father tried to help him; he paid his son-in-law’s tuition at the University of New Mexico, but Jorgensen dropped out after a few semesters. Preston Gise then tried to get Jorgensen a job with the New Mexico State Police, but Jorgensen wasn’t interested.

Eventually, Jackie took the child and moved back in with her parents at Sandia. In June 1965, when the baby was 17 months old, she filed for divorce. The court ordered Ted to pay $40 a month in child support. Court records indicate that his income at the time was $180 a month. Over the next few years, he visited his son occasionally but missed many support payments.

Then Jackie took a job working in the bookkeeping department of the Bank of New Mexico and met Miguel Bezos, who was working the overnight shift while he attended the University of Albuquerque. On several occasions when Ted was visiting his son, Bezos would be there, and they avoided each other. But Ted asked around and heard he was a good man.

In 1968, Jackie called Ted and told him she was marrying Miguel and moving to Houston. She told him he could stop paying child support and asked him not to interfere in their lives. Her father confronted him and made him promise to stay away. Jackie also wanted to give Jeffrey her new husband’s surname and let Miguel adopt him. Ted’s permission was needed for the adoption. After thinking it over and reasoning that the boy would probably have a better life as the son of Jackie and her new husband, Ted obliged. After a few years, he lost track of the family and then forgot their last name.