Henry William Buse Jr. (born 1913)

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1920 Census

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First name(s) Last name Relationship Marital status Gender Age Birth year Birth place

Henry W Buse Self Married Male 45 1875 New York <--- FATHER

Clara E Buse Wife Married Female 41 1879 New Jersey

Rowland F Buse Son Single Male 20 1900 Pennsylvania

Elizabeth A Buse Daughter Single Female 18 1902 Pennsylvania

Henry W Buse Son Single Male 7 1913 Pennsylvania

Lizzie J Tichenor Mother-in-law Widowed Female 75 1845 New York

Lanna N Blackwell - Single Female 22 1898 Virginia


1941 (January ) - H W Buse (sr) passes

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BACKGROUND - Lt. General Henry W Buse Jr

See 🌐 Lt. General Henry William Buse Jr. : "At the beginning of July 1967, Buse was appointed chief of staff, Headquarters Marine Corps. [This] assignment lasted until May 31, 1968, when he received the Navy Distinguished Service Medal for his service in this capacity, and was then transferred to Hawaii." In April 1968 Lt. Gen Buse Jr. was appointed Commanding General Fleet Marine Force Pacific, in charge of all Marine units in the Pacific. See article clip below; full page at [aa36][ GDrive ] .

See 🌐 Lt. General Henry William Buse Jr. : "[In Vietnam, General Buse] frequently visited the combat zone in Vietnam and always moved immediately to forward areas to assess operational requirements, investigate problem areas, and encourage and assist his Marines in every way possible. Under Lieutenant General Buse's dynamic leadership, Marine infantry units were reorganized into well-coordinated, mobile elements, the command's electronic warfare operational capability increased to a degree unparalleled in Marine aviation history, and numerous major amphibious operations were planned and executed with tremendous success."

🌐 Lt. General Henry William Buse Jr. was relieved by 🌐 Lt. General William Kenefick Jones on July 1, 1970, and subsequently retired from the military service. He distinguished himself in his last assignment and received his second Navy Distinguished Service Medal.

"General Buse was the authorizing authority on [all of] Mueller’s awards." [ From "The Mule: Robert Swan Mueller III" by Gene "Chip" Tatum ]

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🌐 Lt. General Henry William Buse Jr. and 🌐 Admiral John S. McCain Jr. together in Hawaii at party - (Oct 9 1968) Full: [aa32][ GDrive ] Clip: [aa33][ GDrive ]

On Feb 6 1970, [ 🌐 Lt. General Henry William Buse Jr. ] announced his retirement - see Full Page: [aa40][ GDrive ]

🌐 Lt. General Henry William Buse Jr. was involved in Olympic lobbying since (or before) Feb 2 1967; see Full Page: [aa34][ GDrive ] / Clip :[aa35][ GDrive ] . By 1973 , Buse was involved in the Olympic Committee - see Full Page: [aa38][ GDrive ]

April 1969

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A good reference of Buse's activities in Vietnam is in the 1988 book "United States Marines in Vietnam - High mobility and standdown" by Charles R Smith (see 1988-us-marines-in-vietnam-high-mobility-and-standdown-full-charles-r-smith.pdf / https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Cq55zUDuHuRBI0gdw3Qbz50exY6g5_xJ )

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[aa32] 1968-10-09-the-honolulu-advertiser-pg-25.jpg / https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CP2tEXhvmWYQp9dQOxD6k_fuFfLRE-U0 ) [aa33] 1968-10-09-the-honolulu-advertiser-pg-25-clip-green-party.jpg / https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CRUOLHGNFfv0SzFl40nYYc2qGM9pA5PF[aa34] 1967-02-26-the-el-paso-times-pg-47.jpg https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CVUtW7Jn_QNqHcllvx4mLolLfX10MKZi / [aa35] 1967-02-26-the-el-paso-times-pg-47-clip-olympics.jpg https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CTVWrf8OFUpsd3CGuZBkCVLrpGppWS7b aa36] 1968-04-26-the-danville-register-pg-4.jpg https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CNf185ILVV-hB4W6OIt42QHYmcxdeTiT [aa37] 1968-04-26-the-danville-register-pg-4-clip-krulak-mccain.jpg / https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CHZICQsK2kS-6zmQZ7jdwmpiaaq20CWA [aa38] 1973-03-06-the-des-moines-register-pg-20.jpg / https://drive.google.com/open?id=1COz5JCDALB96Nwuj5Y7zplBoIakbNlKK
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"F. R. Buse" - Frederick Rowland Buse


Lieutenant (Junior Grade) F. R. Buse, USN, was designated Naval Aviator #3143 in 1924. Graduated U.S. Naval Academy, Class of 1920 (graduating in 1919). Lieutenant Buse was killed in the crash of his aircraft at NAS Anacostia.

Father also called Burgess Henry W Buse , sometimes just Burgess Buse