Charles Julian Symington (born 1883)

Charles Julian Symington in the Symington Family Tree

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Born February 02, 1883 [HL000L][GDrive]

father: William Stuart Symington I (born 1839)

mother: Lelia Skipworth (Powers) Symington

spouse: Married Elizabeth Lloyd, October 1, 1912.

Siblings include :


Honorary Chairman of the Board Symington Wayne Corporation. (See Symington Wayne Corporation ) profile (from June 2019)

See [HL000L][GDrive]

Death: July 28, 1978 (95)

Immediate Family:

  • Son of Major William S.Symington, Sr. (CSA) and Lelia Wayles Skipworth Symington
  • Husband of Elizabeth Blackford Symington
  • Father of Arthur Lloyd Symington; Charles J Symington, Jr; Private; Pamela Stuart Mayer and Private
  • Brother of Lelia Skipworth Goode; Thomas Harrison Symington; William Stuart Symington, Jr.; Pete Symington; Jack Symington; Edmund Harrison Symington and Donald Leith Symington

1925 (Feb) Gould Coupler sold

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1933 (July) - FDR Jr sailing with George whitney, charles j symington Jr, Drexel Pau jr.

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1934 (Nov)

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1946 (Oct) - Marriage

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1947 (July) - Symington - Pratt engagement

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1953 (Oct)

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1961 (March) - Speaking Engagement with his father

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1961 (Sep) - Dashew Data Corp

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1965 (May) - Purchases Memindex Co. with Arthur Treman (founder and president of TKM Electric Corp.)

Article is from 1985; it is the passing of Arthur Treman : See full page at [HN004R][GDrive] .

1978 (Aug) - Died

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