Gilbert Leonard Tugwell (born 1919)

NOTE : Not related to 🌐 Rexford Tugwell

Born : November 29, 1919 [HJ0001][GDrive]

1919 (Nov 29) - Born in Sussex, England

Gilbert Tugwell was born Nov 29, 1919 in Sussex England. He was educated in England and served in the British Army during WWII. [HN0035][ GDrive ]

1936 or 1937 (estimated) - Joins Engelhard

Based on the news article in ( Martime Reporter and Engineering News (March 1969) [HP0004][ GDrive ] , Gilbert L Tugwell joined Engelhard Corporation in 1936 when was only 17 or 18 years old.

1945 (June) - Marriage to Marjorie Beatson

See ( ). Marjorie Beatson married Gilbert L Tugwell in Apr-May-June 1945, at Manchester South, Lancashire, England (Volume: 8D / Page: 70 )

1955 (March) - Air travel from London to New York

1961 (May) - Travel Document


1962 - Emigration to the USA

In 1962, Gilbert Leonard Tugwell emigrated to the United States as an employee of Engelhard Minerals and Chemicals Corporation [HN0035][ GDrive ].

1965 - Tugwell has knowledge of using gold for rocket applications

There is a 1971 research paper author in this paper quotes GIlbert L Tugwell from the 1965 source : "G. L. Tugwell, Metal Prog., 1965,88,73;"

From 1971 research paper "The Optical Properties of Gold - A REVIEW OF THEIR TECHNICAL UTILISATION" by Otto Loebich. (to read the PDF see [HC0005][GDrive])

"For heating purposes the costly radiated heat is concentrated to the greatest possible extent. Domestic cookers, for instance, are fitted with high-speed heaters emitting infra-red rays between 750 and 3000nm. They are located at the focus of a gold-coated parabolic metal reflector (thickness of gold deposit approximately 200 nm). An insulating oxide inter-layer prevents the gold from diffusing into the reflector surface (29). Another system employing waves between 5000 and 15000 nm is used to accelerate the drying of paper after printing (29). Tugwell discusses a hemispherical Westinghouse annealing dome, where the moulded steel dome of a space capsule is heated to 650°C and fitted over a Thin gold films applied to plate glass windows give adequate transmission of light combined with good reflectivity in the infra-red range, so avoiding uncomfortable overheating of the building during hot weather. The Lurgi headquarters in Frankfurt is one of many office blocks and similar buildings fitted with such gold-coated windows made by Flaehglas A.G. Delog-Detag of Fürth, West Germany former without using an excessive amount of power.The radiation from the heating bars is reflected by the gold-coated interior walls and is focused on to the steel dome."

"In the final sizing of steel domes for rocket casings a heat-forming operation was devised by Westinghouse in which the casing was accurately expanded over a mandrel at 650° C. Heating was from high temperature quartz lamps, with gold-coated reflectors to concentrate the heat on the mandrel and work-piece and at the same time to prevent heat losses to the wiring and the structure behind the reflectors"

On page 9 of this document :

1968 - As VP of Engelhard, comments on US government involvement in pricing of platinum

See full publication : [HP0007][GDrive]

"Platinum: Engelhard's intimacy with the federal government was recently suggested by Senator John J. Williams (R-Del.) in connection with platinum (New York Times, 3/24/68). The government was prepared to sell l15,000 ounces of stockpiled platinum to Engelhard Minerals and Chemicals Corp. at a price $12 million below the prevailing market price for the metal. In defense, G. L. Tugwell, Executive Vice-President of Engelhard, said, "The thing that annoys us is that we have struggled through this to maintain a fair and reasonable price. Then this silly jerk stands up in the Senate and insinuates we're making a windfall." But the Senator bolstered his charge by seeking to amend the platinum disposal bill by setting the price at $216 to $225 an ounce, which is double the current price paid by Eigelhard and Matthey-Bishop, Inc., the only two U.S. refiners of platinum, but which is the price charged in Western Europe."

The Daily Oklahoman - March 26 1968

See full page : [HN003C][GDrive]

1969 - Executive Vice President of Engelhard

See [HC0001][GDrive] . Read more about Engelhard Corportation .

1969 (March) - Promotion to President of the Engelhard Industries Division of Engelhard Minerals & Chemicals Corporation

See full issue - Martime Reporter and Engineering News (March 1969) [HP0004][ GDrive ] . Note that if Tugwell was with Engelhard Corporation for 33 years as of 1969, that means he joined the corporation in 1936 when he was only 17 years old.

1970 (Jan) - SEC info on Gilbert Tugwell / Engelhard

See full Jan 1970 SEC summary at : [HC0003][GDrive]


1971 - Tugwell still with Engelhard

Full page : [HN003A][GDrive]

1973 (June 07)- Tugwell now a chairman at Amersil

The Herald-News (Passaic, New Jersey) : [HN0036][GDrive] .

Passaic is a one hour drive to Princeton.

Amersil, Inc. . An international precious metals and technology company. See :


Interesting Amersil cases -

[6] Fibre Optics for Naval Applications : An Assessment of Present and Near-Term Capabilities (Sep 24 1976)

1974 - Founding of Tugwell-Mueller Associates with Robert Swan Mueller II

Creates Tugwell-Mueller Associates, Inc. (aka "TMA Inc.") with Robert Swan Mueller II (b1917) .

1975 (Sep 21) - Auction of Large home in New Jersey (Asbury Park, NJ)

From Asbury Park Press , See full page : [HN0038][GDrive]

1977 (Nov 27) - Marriage of daughter Georgina ("Gina")

See article in NY Times : [HN003E][GDrive]

"Georgina Tugwell and Thomas Adrian Russo, magna cum laude graduates of Dartmouth College, plan to be married ‐ June. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert L. Tugwell of New York have announced the engagement of their daughter to the son of Dr. and Mrs. Francis R. Russo of Janesville, Wis. Miss Tugwell, known as Gina, is a management trainee with the Bankers Trust Company ‐ New York. Her fiance is ‐ the municipal bond department of the Mellon Bank ‐ Pittsburgh."

1986 (March) - TMA New Jersey Change of Registered Office or Agent Filing

TMA (Tugwell-Mueller Associates) NJ Corp 1986 filing. Signed by Robert Swan Mueller Jr. (aka Robert Swan Mueller II ). Shared on Twitter : See [HT0003][GDrive] . Previous agent name was Hugh D. Wise, Jr.. New agent name is Richard J. Pinto. The TMA office remains at One Palmer Square, Room 231, Princeton NJ.

Dec 29 1992 - Death

Gilbert Leonard Tugwell died in North Palm Beach, Florida. See full page : [HN0034][ GDrive ].