John Freeman Mueller (born 1919)

Timeline for John Freeman Mueller .

1919 (Feb) - Born

John Freeman Mueller was born in February of 1919.

He is the son of Robert Swan Mueller I (b1893) . His older brother is Robert Swan Mueller II .

Grade school / college

"[John Freeman Mueller was a] graduate of Gilman School, he majored in geology at Princeton and joined Cap and Gown Club. He roomed first with Dave Barrett and then three years with Stuart Emmons. "Johnnie" played freshman hockey and lacrosse, junior varsity hockey and lacrosse, and varsity lacrosse senior year." [aa12][ GDrive ]

1934 : Swimming ( 1934-09-03-the-baltimore-sun-pg17.jpg / )

John Freeman Mueller was in the US Navy with his brother Robert Swan Mueller II ; were both in the Navy Register. Robert Swan Mueller II was classification D-VC, Rank RNS, with 7 months a 20 days of pay service as of jan 1 1943. John Freeman Mueller was Classification D-VG, Rank LTJG, with 1 year, 3 months, and 16 days of pay service as of Jan 1 1943.

[aa13][ GDrive ]

JFM Muster roll for USS Dartmouth (CL-102, a Light Cruiser like Nashville).

( File name : 2019-01-30-twitter-leytedriver-1090615884551458816-DyKlE0UWkAM4yP7.jpg / Google Drive : )

Bottom half of same, he is No. 11, showing transfer from...?(what do these codes mean)

( File name : 2019-01-30-twitter-leytedriver-1090616468427943936-DyKlrRsWoAQcNC9.jpg / Google Drive : )

Previous muster, what is this ship?

( File name : 2019-01-30-twitter-leytedriver-1090619222378594305-DyKoSHfWoAER8OW.jpg / Google Drive : )

Location of records: National Archives at College Park; College Park, Maryland, United States; Muster Rolls of U.S. Navy Ships, Stations, and Other Naval Activities, 01/01/1939 - 01/01/1949; Record Group: 24, Records of the Bureau of Naval Personnel, 1798 - 2007; See ( )

( File name : 2019-01-30-twitter-leytedriver-1090620202436435974-DyKpRqqX4AArrPP.jpg / Google Drive : )

Muster roll of LCI (G) 17, decomissioning 1946

( File name : 2019-01-30-twitter-leytedriver-1090621600490274816-DyKqQq0WsAEBmjJ.jpg / Google Drive : )
( File name : 2019-01-30-twitter-leytedriver-1090621600490274816-DyKqS6MX0AEuFbf.jpg / Google Drive : )

LCI (G) 17 is a Landing Craft, Infantry.

( File name : 2019-01-30-twitter-leytedriver-1090622185922797568-DyKrFPNWwAIP1-Y.jpg / Google Drive : )

"John F. Mueller" as "LCDR" (or Lieutenant Commander) in 1946 US Navy Reserve . This is the same man - Birthyear is "19" (John Freeman Mueller was born in February of 2019).

( File name : 2019-01-30-twitter-leytedriver-1090626828132384768-DyKvMOpWsAEfZog.jpg / Google Drive : )

August 1945 Muster roll for LCI (G) 17 shows John F. Mueller enlisted in Milwaukee, Wisconsin March 15, 1945. Can this be possible, given the conflicting info above?

( File name : 2019-01-30-twitter-leytedriver-1090628957291114497-DyKwwSmXcAE4_bo.jpg / Google Drive : )

John F. Mueller Muster above was a transfer from this station.

( File name : 2019-01-30-twitter-leytedriver-1090629408610754560-DyKxn4kX0AE-NDn.jpg / Google Drive : )

1945 (April) - John Freeman Mueller is serving on Pacific Coast, gets visit from mother

full page : 1945-04-15-the-baltimore-sun-p10-section-b.jpg /

clip : 1945-04-15-the-baltimore-sun-p10-section-b-clip-jf-mueller.jpg /

1945 (Aug) - Engagement announcement to Miss Jermain Duncan Johnson

(See full page in newspaper at [aa14][ GDrive ] )

[aa15][ GDrive ]

Click image to zoom

? (This is from Newport Mercury News of 1946) ... (contains link to full page JPG)

Also see 1946-12-12-the-baltimore-sun-page18.jpg /

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1946-12-12-the-baltimore-sun-page18-clip1.jpg /

1946 (November) - John Freeman Mueller working with DuPont while living in Buffalo

1948 (September) - Wedding of sister Emilie Grace Mueller to Dr. Samuel Walthall Budd

(See full newspaper page at [aa18][ GDrive ] / clippng at [aa19][ GDrive ] ).

1948 or 1949 - Birth of daughter Jermain Johnson Mueller

She was 70 yrs old as of March 2019 (married in 1976 - see later).

1950 (Jan 27) - Birth of son John Freeman Mueller Jr.

1951 (March 1) - 197x(?) - Career at Reynolds Metals

1950 (March) - Having just left Du Pont in Buffalo NY, John Freeman Mueller joins aluminum window distributor

March 1950 - Having just left Du Pont in Buffalo NY, John Freeman Mueller joins aluminum window distributor

"Johnny Mueller says he's settled in Buffalo to stay, having bought a house then at 12 Clevebum Place last October. He resigned from the Du Pont Company the end of the year to accept a position as sales engineer in charge of the aluminum window division of “Alsco” Distributors, Inc. of New York State, where he‘s associated with Ed Kryder ‘42. Daughter Jermain, who will be two in March, acquired a baby brother January 27, John F., Jr."

March 1963 Princeton Alumni Review - "Jack Mueller has rejoined Reynolds Metals Company, located in N.Y.C. Jack was formerly with Reynolds from 1950 to 1955 in Louisville, Kentucky, and Philadelphia".

Reynolds Metals had their sales force offices in Louisville Kentucky, but moved them to Richmond Virginia in the (late) 1950s.

"In June 1958, Reynolds Metals Co. entered a new era in Richmond. Big changes began several years earlier with the transporting of the company’s sales force from Louisville, Kentucky, to Richmond. This involved moving over 400 employees and their families, 600,000 pounds of office files and equipment and 2,400,000 pounds of employees’ household goods almost 600 miles. For several employees this included company-paid visits to Richmond for several months to look for homes in the area"

See -

The other big employer at the time in Louisville Kentucky was Du Pont -

"The 1950s shift from Louisville increased Reynolds’s employment in Richmond to 3,050—the largest of any private industrial organization except the Du Pont Co., which had 3,700 (in 1958)."

... Meaning that John Freeman Mueller, working in sales for Du Pont in Buffalo in the late 1940s, might have had some level of continuity if he transitioned to sales with Reynolds Metals in Louisville Kentucky in the early 1950s.

We also read that John F Mueller joined Reynolds Metals "after the way" (See [aa12][ GDrive ]), but that is not specific ....

"After the war, Johnnie went into the aluminum-extrusion industry, initially with Reynolds Metals. After his retirement he was still working as a consultant with Indal Extrusion Co. of Gainesville, Ga."

As of April 1969, we know John Freeman Mueller is commuting to Manhattan where is an "architectural and highway industry manager for Reynolds Metals."

See WikiPedia articles : /

We dont know when John Freeman Mueller retired - But we know "After his retirement he was still working as a consultant with Indal Extrusion Co. of Gainesville, Ga." [aa12][ GDrive ]

1951 (May) - John Freeman Mueller joins Reynolds Metals on March 1, moved to Bryn Mawr (iow Philadelphia)

1957 (Sep) - Working with the growing New Jersey Aluminum Extrusion Company in New Brunswick, NJ

1957 (Sep) - Selling home in Radnor Pennsylvania , and planning to move to Princeton

Where is Radnor?

1961 - Residing at 293 Snowden Lane / Working for NJ Republican governor campaigns

Full doc - 1961-03-25-princeton-town-topics.pdf /

1961-03-25-princeton-town-topics-mrs-mueller-clip.jpg /

1963 (March) - Rejoins Reynolds Metals Company in NYC

1963 (July) - 22nd Princeton reunion for Class of 1941

1964 (July)

John Freeman Mueller - has made good money with storm windows?

1967 (Mach 31) - Marriage to " Ellen Michele Girard"

Per divorce certificate.

1967 (April 22) - Ex-wife Mrs. Jermain (Johnson) Mueller remarries to Jack F Andrews of Lawrenceville

The first wife of John Freeman Mueller is from now on sometimes referred to as "Mrs. Jack Frost Andrews".

See - The below clip is from March 22 2019 -

1969 (April) - Update

  • John Freeman Mueller has been married for two years now - to Ellen Mueller.
  • Research Note - Due to James Girard Swan Mueller being half Italian, we suspect Ellen Mueller is full-Italian. We are not sure if she herself was born in Italy or not.
  • As of April 1969, John and Ellen are residing in Riverside, Connecticut on Long Island Sound
  • John Freeman Mueller is commuting to Manhattan where is an "architectural and highway industry manager for Reynolds Metals."
  • We learn of a son (with his first wife), John Freeman Mueller Jr. who is a freshman in Denver (meaning he was born in the early 1950s)

1969 (July) - Verification of being in marketing with Reynolds Metals

1971 (April) - Michele Girard Mueller born / Now living in Stamford Connecticut

1973 (Sep) - Birth of son James Girard Swan Mueller

John Freeman Mueller's son James Girard Swan Mueller was born on Sep 1973 in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.

His mothers family is from Biella, Italy. Girard is derived from the Italian name "Gilardino".

Grew up in New Haven and Greenwich, Connecticut, Baltimore, Maryland and Richmond, Charlottesville and Waynesboro, Virginia.

As of today (2019), he is a Hollywood actor whose name goes by "Girard Swan". See his latest biography on IMDB (live link) at (captured on March 2019 : See [aa20][ GDrive ] ).

1976 (April) - Still yachting to Gibson Island

The Islander Sloop SHASSEUR .

1976 (Oct) - Wedding of daughter Jermain Johnson Mueller to Eric Randall Steiner

(See full page in newspaper at [aa10][ GDrive ] ) . Note that "Mrs. Jack Frost Andrews" is actually Mrs. Jermain Duncan (Johnson) Mueller , the first wife of John Freeman Mueller ; She remarried April 22 1967.

[aa11][ GDrive ]

At some point, she moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado. See below capture, from ( ) .

1977 (Nov) - Retirement from Reynolds Metals

1978 (Oct) - Joins Carolina Aluminum Company

1979 (Nov) - Sales and service manager for Easco Aluminum in Winton, NC

1980 (June) - Starts second career with Aluminum Extrusion & Tubing

1986 Divorce (Nov)

Separated since at least a year before.

Now we know Ellen Michele Girard was her name

Maybe it was "Ellen Michele "Gilardino". ?

1986 (Nov) - Marriage to Karen Kennedy (Romanac) in Charlottesville, Virginia

In November of 1986, John Freeman Mueller (age 67) married Karen Kennedy Romanac (age 45 at that time, born in 1941 - see ). (See full marriage register page 57 at [aa16][ GDrive ]).

[aa17][ GDrive ]

2005 (Feb 04) - Passing

(See [aa12][ GDrive ]).

"We have just learned that Johnnie died Feb. 4, 2005, in a nursing home in Charlottesville, Va."

"He joined the Navy as a midshipman just before graduation and spent the war on PC-type escort ships, serving two years in the Atlantic, a year and a half in the Caribbean, and a year in the Pacific. He was separated in February 1946 as a lieutenant commander."

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