Marvin Davis Evans (born 1925)

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Scout · Thu 9:05 PM - "Evans father was a Unitarian minister and marine"

TMLittle - "Reverend Marvin Evans"


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Kent Hood Evans

Birthplace: Richmond, Virginia

Death Date: 28 May 1972

Death Place: Mount Shuksan


Mother:Mrs Marvin D Evans

Brother:David Evans

no mention of his father


Julie Smith · Thu 9:22 PM


Secretary for Washington’s Death with Dignity initiative

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Julie Smith

Rev. Marvin Davis Evans died on January 9th, 2016 at the age of 90.

He is predeceased by his spouse, Mary Hood Evans; and his son, Kent Hood Evans. He is survived by his son David M. Evans, and his daughter-in-law Alexis Johanson



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TMLittle · "Lol screenshots from weeks ago a bit wonky "


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I found more info from the wife.

I bet Mary knew Mary Maxwell Gates

TMLittle · Thu 9:42 PM - "He was definitely buds with Gates Sr"


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Living in Victoria British Columbia is interesting

Scout · Thu 9:45 PM

Julie Smith · Yesterday, 12:38 AM

Julie Smith

Rev. Evans served as minister to the Unitarian Church of Victoria, British Columbia from 1963 to 1967;

He served as a trustee or board member to the following organizations: the First Unitarian Church of Richmond, VA; the Vancouver Island Unitarian Committee; the British Columbia Unitarian Council; the Canadian Unitarian Council; UUA the Pacific Northwest District; the Puget Sound Unitarian Council;

And his son Kent a geeky computer lab nerd? Who took a mountain climbing course without Bill?

Oh David M. Evans, and his daughter-in-law Alexis Johanson...Who are you and what do you do?


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Marvin Evans was President of International Relations Club of Randolph-Macon College in 1948

** The Marshall Plan

** Carnegie Endowment Fund

** United China Relief

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Also found something interesting when looking through friends of Evans:

Undertakers were also cabinetmakers in late 1800’s


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Virginia Trust Company?

David Marvin Evans who are you?



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Sept 23, 1965



Kent was born 1955


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Bill Gates best-friend Kent Hood Evans brother is: David Marvin Evans

Birth Date: 13 Jul 1957

Event Date:from 1 Jul 2004 to 20 Aug 2008

Event Place:Bainbridge, Kitsap, Washington, United States

Event Place (Original):Bainbridge Is, Washington, United States


Julie Smith · Yesterday, 7:58 PM

Marvin Davis Evans - Memoir

In his book Pearl's Boy (2010) Reverend Evans, a retired Unitarian minister, reflects back on his life of more than eight decades. From his childhood in rural Virginia, his career as minister that took him to Seattle, Boston, and back again to Seattle, his son's friendship with a young Bill Gates, all the way to caring for his terminally ill wife at Wyatt House on Bainbridge Island, this is the story of a life lived fully and, despite family tragedy, a life rich in optimism and faith. Inspiring read.



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Feb 1967

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Director of this strange Memorial Society non-profit

Continental Assoc of Memorial Societies

HQ in Chicago


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Memorial Society is a death membership

$100 for pine box, pick up and delivery, no embalming, always closed casket

Then he later champions Right to Die, making Washington first state in US

Sketchy sketchy sketchy

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He was at University Unitarian Church of Seattle in 1968


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Unitarian Universalist Association

Pacific Central District

Nothing and now he’s on the Board of Trustees in 1973

10 months after Kent’s death

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Sick of Evans so...

The minister at University Unitarian of Seattle 1967-1982

Was the Minister in Lincoln Nebraska 1955-1961


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And his brother was an executive at Unitarian Universalist

HQ in Boston

Coinky dink:

Thinking face





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So I guess I’ll dive into the wife Association w Mary Gates tomorrow


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Also looking through mountain climbing accidents and found this from 1991

Tecton Management is a property management Co in Puget Sound/Seattle


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Established in early 80’s

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Imagine the real estate dollars in Seattle 1980-1991

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And has anyone looked at Evans & Sutherland Corp?

Sorry, I’ve got Evans in the brain


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Evans was at Bendix 1953-1962 and responsible for one of the first personal computers, the G-15

And oops there’s AEC again

Astonished face


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Hello Albuquerque NM


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And acquired by Honeywell in 1999



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Sutherland was MIT PhD and Harvard prof 1965-1968, inventor of Sketchpad


“Sketchpad, in turn, was influenced by the conceptual Memex as envisioned by Vannevar Bush in his influential paper "As We May Think"

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And his brother Bert Sutherland

Both born in Nebraska


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These guys were involved or mentored:

Sun Microsystems



Silicon Graphics





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In addition to hisEstablished a brokerage and investments corp in San Fran before he died in 1998

Probably a DOD cutout with only 96 employees


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And so now we get right to it

Why is a computer systems and graphics company developing molecules for pharmaceutical use?


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And why do all the bios leave out his service record?

Army intelligence

“En route to the Far East and the final assault on Japan when the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima”

newspaper link -


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Marvin, Mary,Kent, Bill and Jim Munro on Evans boat

Jim Munro? Scout has Munro crossed your radar?


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Ivan Sutherland was his partner

MIT PhD and Harvard Prof 1965-1968

Brother also computer sci

Both born...Nebraska


Yeah, I had at several posts that aren’t here this morning

Face with symbols over mouth

Face with symbols over mouth

Face with symbols over mouth

Face with symbols over mouth

Face with symbols over mouth

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These guys were involved with so many computer startups that it TELLS THE STORY OF ROLLOUT


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Sutherland unvented Sketchpad

“Sketchpad, in turn, was influenced by the conceptual Memex as envisioned by Vannevar Bush in his influential paper "As We May Think"

Evans was director at this investment Corp


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Formed their Corp in 1968

Took it public in 1978

The golden timeframe


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Evans’ mom:

Pearl Hutchinson Evans

I have her family somewhere

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Kent had a cleft lip

There’s a few pics of him that are not correct

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Wonder if that’s the shore where Gates built Xanadu. Reminds me of the shoreline

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They moved there in 1968

He died in 1972 in 7th grade

In 1968 he would be in the 3rd grade


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Marvin Evans was leader in International Relations Clubs while at Randolph-Macon


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World exchange students in Brazil

- Mom was a social worker

- Save the kids Foundations

- Dad is minister advocating Euthanasia

-Both used public school initiatives for social change


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Thought this was strange


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11 hours from his church


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And he was a radio operator in the Army (1944-1946 )

Note : ... being age 38, this would be about 1963 ...



By Leslie Schuyler When I first began as the archivist at Lakeside, I knew very little about the Lakeside Programming Group (LPG). And by very little, I mean almost nothing. I had heard of Microsoft, however, and I knew a bit about its founders, Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Gates, because he was everywhere, and Paul Allen, because I had lived in Seattle for eight years, been to his EMP museum, listened to KEXP, and a friend of mine had worked for Vulcan, his investment company. I knew these two founded Microsoft, but that’s where my knowledge ended. When I saw that Lakeside had an archives (and was hiring its second archivist), I assumed that this must have something to do with its high profile alumni. When I interviewed for the position in 2008, they took me on a tour of campus. One of the stops was what Bruce Bailey (an alumnus of the class of ’59 and a staff member since 1970) called “the shrine.” The shrine’s an exhibit, complete with a 1970s desk, an ASR-33 Teletype terminal (the model of machine used by students in the 60s and 70s), and life size photos of Gates and Allen when they were students. Text panels describe the creation and accomplishments of the LPG, which was, for all intents and purposes, the precursor to Microsoft. Much has been written about the founding of Microsoft, most of which mentions LPG in passing and focuses on Allen and Gates. Over the last four years, I’ve spent my time getting the archives inventoried and taking care of high priority preservation issues so I hadn’t, until very recently, had time to delve further into the history of the LPG. Then, in the winter of 2010, Marvin Evans, the father of a Lakeside alumnus, published an autobiography. In it he dedicated a chapter to his son, Kent Evans, who attended Lakeside in the late 60s and early 70s, was a member of the LPG, and a close friend to Bill Gates. As an employee of Lakeside, I hear the name “Kent Evans” on a daily basis because a large lecture hall in AllenGates (the math and science building built in 1987) is named for him. I also know that Lakeside has a Kent Evans scholarship, a Kent Evans rowing shell, and an Evans Theater in its Middle School. And yet, most of the current staff and faculty don’t know who Kent was. Once I overheard colleagues in a staff meeting (which was taking place in Kent Evans lecture hall) wonder aloud whether there was a hyphen between the “Kent” and the “Evans.” So, with Marvin Evans’s autobiography fresh in my mind, I decided to create a virtual exhibit about Kent. This is what I discovered: Kent Evans was born with a severe cleft lip and palate. His father writes that this “didn’t seem to affect [Kent] apprec

iably, except to make him more sensitive to people with similar imperfections.” (Evans, Pearl’s Boy: A Memoir, 2010) Kent began attending Lakeside in the fall of 1966 as a seventh-grader. He was smart, outgoing, and “interested in everything.” (June 1972 Lakeside Tatler newspaper) He enjoyed politics (he and a friend campaigned for Hubert Humphrey in 1968), was a Mountaineer, and a sailor. And he was fascinated with computers. In 1968, when Kent was in the 8th grade, the Lakeside Mothers’ Club donated funds from its Rummage Sale toward a Teletype console to be housed in a basement room of the math building. The machine was connected via the phone line to an off-campus computer that students could communicate with using three programming languages: FORTRAN, ALGOL, and BASIC. Bill Gates, in an interview conducted by the Smithsonian in 1995 described what happened next: “The Amount of time that we’d spend in this particular room that had the Teletype was quite extreme. And pretty quickly there were four of us who got more addicted, more involved, and understood it better than the others. And those were myself, Paul Allen who later founded Microsoft with me, Ric Weiland who actually worked at Microsoft in the early days, and Kent Evans, who was my closest friend and most my age. ...So, the four of us became the Lakeside Programming Group. We were the hardcore users.” (Bill Gates, Oral History Interview with the Smithsonian, 1995) The LPG formed in 1968. During the 1970-71 and 1971-72 school years, the group taught computer programming classes to Lower/Middle School students. And, in 1971-72, these four young entrepreneurs programmed a payroll system for a computer services company based out of Portland, Oregon. The LPG took the 7 a.m. Greyhound bus from Seattle to Portland, met with their clients, and“hammer[ed] out an agreement on future work” (Evans, Pearl’s Boy). As Kent writes in his journal, they

finished by 5 p.m. and decided to get something to eat before boarding the bus back to Seattle. Their new associates at the client company had suggested the Hilton, “and >.HQW@` was for it but Bill [Gates@ chose the Hamburger Train.” Kent summed up his thoughts about Hamburger Train (a restaurant in which food was served on model trains that circled the tables) this way: “Not bad, but after a successful day of business talks?” After Allen and Weiland (who were two years older than Gates and Evans) graduated in 1972, Lakeside hired the remaining members of the LPG to program the school’s schedule. Kent and Bill were in the midst of this and other projects when Kent, a Mountaneer and a student in a UW climbing class, fell several hundred feet while climbing Mt. Shuksan. On the evening of May 28, 1972, he was airlifted by helicopter to the hospital in Bellingham where he was pronounced dead. Kent was a junior in high school, just barely 17 years old.

Kent’s death is ultimately what brought Bill Gates and Paul Allen together. Two years after the scheduling program for Lakeside was completed, Gates and Allen founded Microsoft.