Estelle ("Stella") de Young Barr (born 1893)

Born : June 18, 1893 - see [HL0026][GDrive]

Died : Feb 21, 1970 [HN00JC][GDrive]

Husband - Simon Pelham Barr (born 1892)

Children include : Donald Barr (born 1921)

Grandmother to - William Pelham Barr (born 1950)

[...] Estelle/Stella (DeYoung/De Young) Barr [was] a psychologist [, and] the daughter of Solomon/Samuel A. DeYoung/De Young and Esther Sonepouse/Sonpause. [...] Estelle was born in New York. [Her] father Solomon was born in Connecticut, to Dutch Jewish parents, from Amsterdam, Aaron De Young and Esther Arbeit. [Estelle's] mother Esther Sonepouse was a Dutch Jew, from Amsterdam, and was the daughter of Philip Sonepouse and Rachel Premselaar. [...] [HL0023][GDrive]

1900 Census

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1910 census

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Address - 451 E 137th St, The Bronx, NY - Hard to tell what was where in 1910, from current map -

Father Samuel DeYoung was a "Post Office Clerk"

1915 (June) - Graduate School completion from U Pittsburgh

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1915 (Dec 1) - Marriage to Simon Pelham Barr

Marries Simon Pelham Barr (born 1892) , also a student at Columbia University .. See "Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature, A Checklist, 1700-1974, Volume Two of Two, contains Contemporary Science Fiction Authors II. " ( [HB000Z][GDrive] )

Transcript of wedding - [HL0021][GDrive]

1918 - Daughter (Margaret Barr) is born

See ... Note, could be 1917, need to verify ...

1921 (Aug 08) - Donald Barr (son) is born

Birthplace: Manhattan, New York,, United States [HL0024][GDrive] . See ... Donald Barr (born 1921) .

1924 (Aug 6) - Wife Estelle DeYoung Barr : School Dramas / Research

Being applied in Professor Albert T Poffenberger's (see below for more info ... ) courses at Columbia University. Note that this informs us that Estelle de Young Barr is (as of August 1924) residing at 521 West 112th Street in Manhattan .

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Article from COlumbia University Daily Spectator - This version mentions that Estelle DeYoung Barr was "a Barnard alumna and psychologist in Vanderbilt Clinic".

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1934 - "A psychological analysis of fashion motivation" by Estelle De Young Barr

Published 1934 in New York .

Written in English.

Barr (1934) investigated the diffuseness and intensity of fundamental drives as related to dress: the desire to conform, desire for economy, attitudes related to modesty, desire for comfort, the aesthetic impulse, and desire for self-expression. Her findings indicated that the desire to conform was the most diffuse of the desires measured. Conformity was more effective as a determiner of the time of buying clothing than was the desire for economy. The desire to conform varied with the technical or professional interest of the group.

This book//research is referenced for many years afterwards ...

Referenced in

Social Change And Social Control

By Rajendra K. Sharma


1979 (Feb) - Passing

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Albert Theodore Poffenberger: 1885-1977

Poffenberger - Obituary

The American Journal of Psychology - Albert Theodore Poffenberger: 1885-1977 - Vol. 92, No. 1 (Mar., 1979), pp. 143-149 (7 pages)

PDF w/ OCR - [HP003C][GDrive]


Soure : [HG006K][GDrive]

Harry L. Hollingsworth, Professor of Psychology at Barnard College, is taking part in the work of the Psychopathic Service at Bellevue Hospital, and Albert T. Poffenberger, Instructor in the same department, who was formerly lecturer to military psycheatriats on the use of mental tests, is now psychological examiner to determine the fitness of soldiers at Camp Wheeler, Georgia.