Symington Machine Corporation

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OCRThe Symington Machine Corporation was a major manufacturer during WW I. producing British and Russian shrapnel from April, 1916 to March. 1917. The shrapnel was used in anti‐ aircraft and 75mm field guns. A new plant was built in 1917 to accommodate a contract for the manufacture of 3,000 75mm 1916 model field guns. In addition to the manufacture of guns, the Symington-Anderson Company manufactured 500 6-inch trench mortars while the Symington Forge Corporation constructed a plant. which opened in 1917. to produce forgings for 75mm steel and shrapnel. By December, 1918 it had delivered 3,595,782. forgings to the military. The Symington-Gould Corporation, headed by Charles J. Symington. was founded in 1924. The manufacturing plant was located at 20 Symington Place. At left below. the diagram shows the intemal structure of a shrapnel shell invented by British General Han}; Shrapnel. Shrapnel. or shell fragments. resulted when an artillery projectile. provided with a bursting charge filled with lead balls, exploded in flight. A 75 mm field gun is shown below. It was the major field piece used by the French and the Allied Expeditionan' Forces during WW I. At right below is one of the 75 mm Mark IV shells produced by the thousands at Symington's Lincoln Park factory. By the 1920s, the Symington-Gould Corporation was manufacturing railway equipment. draft gears- joumal boxes and dC\ ices for railway ears. and steam and electric locomotives. The} also produced a line of malleable iron castings.