Philip Barr ("Pesach") (born 1872)

Timeline for Philip Barr

Immigration to England - Between 1872 and 1890 (possibly connected to "May Laws" of 1882)

  • " [The] paternal grandfather [of William Pelham Barr (born 1950) ] was [Simon] Pelham Barr, an economist (Simon Pelham Barr, the son of Philip Barr and Rebecca Palem/Pecham/Pelham). [...] Pelham was born in England, to Jewish parents from Poland and/or Russia. Rebecca was the daughter of Rachael. "
  • 1882 - "May Laws" of the Russian Empire - Did this encourage a young Philip Barr family to move to London (before he had children) ?
    • Saved version : [HK000Y][GDrive] / Live Version: 🌐Berdychiv, Ukraine :
    • "In 1847, 23,160 Jews resided in Berdychiv and by 1861 the number doubled to 46,683. Berdychiv became the city with the largest share of Jewish population in Ukraine and the Russian Empire. The May Laws of 1882 and other government persecutions affected Jewish population and in 1897, out of the town's population of 53,728, 41,617 (about 80%) were Jewish.[2] 58% of Jewish males and 32% of Jewish females were literate. "

1901 Census - ENGLAND

1900 census in England for barr family. Full transcript : [HS0016][GDrive]

1907 - Philip Barr and his family immigrate to the United States (New York City)

THIS immigration date is visible on the 1910 Census ( [HS0015][GDrive] ) and the 1920 Census.

The RMS Umbria: 🌐Berdychiv, Ukraine

This MIGHT be a record of the voyage in 1907 - Transcript : [HJ000C][GDrive]

1910 Census

Original Tweet Source : [HT0030][GDrive]

The full census sheet for 1910 (and at a higher resolution) is available here : [HS0015][GDrive]

1915 (Dec 1) - Marriage of son Simon Pelham Barr to Estelle/Stella (DeYoung/De Young)

Married Estelle DeYoung ("psychologist"). See "Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature, A Checklist, 1700-1974, Volume Two of Two, contains Contemporary Science Fiction Authors II. " ( [HB000Z][GDrive] )

Transcript of wedding - [HL0021][GDrive]

1920 Census - Philip Barr family (Simon Pelham Barr has moved out - Not at parent's residence anymore)

Philip Barr is a "Maker Furs", and works out of the house (family home). The 1920 Census shows that Philip Barr is a "Furrier", validating the "Furs" part of his trade.

Transcript : [HS0011][GDrive] / Full Census form : [HS0012][GDrive]

Address for the 1920 US Census is "65 Lenox Avenue" in New York City for Philip Barr and his family - Location on map, and picture of buildings at this address, is shown below. Note that 64 Lenox Avenue is between West 113th Street and West 114th Street in Manhattan.

1940 (Nov) - Philip Barr passes

Death: November 05, 1940 (68) in New York, New York, United States ( See [HL0020][GDrive] )