Gustave Adolph Mueller (born 1863)

Born - Crestline, Ohio, Nov. 10, 1863,

"GUSTAVE A. MUELLER, M. D., of Pittsburg, Pa., a prominent physician and specialist on diseases of the ear, nose and throat." [HB000S][GDrive]. Gustave Adolph Mueller, M.D., is the father if Robert Swan Mueller I (b 1893).

1863 - Born

"GUSTAVE A. MUELLER, was born in Crestline, Ohio, Nov. 10, 1863, son of August C. E. Muel ler, a‘ native of Pomerania, Germany, who came to America in 1855 and located in Ohio, and of his wife, Elizabeth (Von Dorschlag) Mueller, also a native of the Fatherland. Dr. Mueller attended the third ward school of Allegheny city, and was graduated from the Sharpsburg academy. Later he attended the University of Michigan, and then matriculated at the Hahnemann medical college of Chicago, and was graduated from that well-known homoeopathic institution in 1885." [HB000S][GDrive] . Gustave Mueller was a graduate of university of Michigan 1884. [HE001J][GDrive]

1885 - 1894 - Early career

"Dr. Mueller began the general practice of medicine in Allegheny city soon after graduating [in 1885], and was there city physician from 1885 to 1894." [HB000S][GDrive]

1891 - Marriage

"Dr. Mueller was married, in 1891, to Grace Swan, daughter of Wm. B. and Grace (Swan) Miller, her mother having been the daughter of Robert Swan, one of the oldest citizens of Allegheny city, and an uncle of Mrs. Mueller's was postmaster of Allegheny city for several years. " [HB000S][GDrive]

1894 - 1896 - Study in Europe

"During the latter year he sailed for Europe to study the nose, ear and throat, attended postgraduate courses in Berlin, Heidelberg, Munich, Vienna, Paris and Lon don, and spent two years abroad perfecting himself in his specialty.

Return travel - Note that from the passenger list, we can see that Gustav Mueller had his wife and son traveling with him. (See [HJ0006][GDrive] )

1897 - Death of wife Grace Swan (Miller) Mueller

Grave Swan Mueller passed at an early age of 29 (or 30) in the year 1897 ([HL0018][GDrive]). Son Robert Swan Mueller I would have been about 4 years old. (See full pages of newspapers at [HN00L6][GDrive] and [HN00G1][GDrive] ).


1897-1904 - Career / Groups

Following source : [HB000S][GDrive]

Note - the fact that the bio ends at 1904, is what we use to frame in this timeline.

"Since [his travel to Europe] he has practiced in Pittsburg, confining his practice to the nose, ear and throat, and for a time had offices at No. 400 Penn Ave., but in 1900 removed to the Empire building, where he now enjoys one of the best practices in Pittsburg. He isa member of the staff of surgeons of the homoeopathic hospital, and has charge of the ear, nose and throat work in that institution. He has been three times appointed a member of the State board of medical examiners, is a member of the faculty of the Pittsburg training school for nurses, member and ex-president of the Allegheny county homoeopathic medical society, member of the East End doctors' club, the Pennsylvania State homoeopathic medical society, the American institute of homoeopathy, and the American homoeopathic, ophthalmological, otological and laryngological society. Dr. Mueller is also a member of the Masonic fraternity and the Odd Fellows, having held all offices in the local lodge of the latter order, served as representative to the grand lodge, and medical director of the Odd Fellows' endowment association. He was one of the incorporators of the Bank of secured savings of Allegheny city, and is a member of the University, Duquesne, Monongahela, Pittsburg country, Highland golf and other clubs; the Sportsmen's association of Cheat mountain, and of the alumni of Hahnemann medical college."

1900 - Remarried to Nell (Anderson) Mueller

Dr. Gustave A. Mueller married his second wife, Nell Anderson (Miller) Mueller, before the year 1900 [HB000S][GDrive] .

"Dr. Mueller was again married, in 1900, and on this occasion to Nell W., daughter of H. C. and Louise (Worthington) Anderson, of Steubenville, Ohio, and their wedded life has been an ideal one."


A clip from the 1900 USA Census from Allegheny, Pennsylvania is shown below. It was taken on June 7 in 1900. (Full page from census, here : [HS000D][GDrive]). This Census shows Gustave A Mueller, born in November 1864 in Oho (age 35 at the time of this 1900 Census); his occupation is identified as a "physician". His wife in 1900 was Nell Mueller (his second wife), born in September of 1872. The Mueller household had one resident servant as of the 1900 census, named Mary Campbell (age 21).

The 711 Arch Street in Allegheny, Pennsylvania that was described as an address no longer exists, according to Google maps (Jan 2019). A National Aviary is there now.


1912 (Feb) - Death

The "The Journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy, Volume 4, Issues 4-9" (available in digital form on Google here : [HP000O][GDrive] ) describes Dr. Gustave Mueller as having fallen to typhoid fever (page 1205):

Full page source of below article : [HN00L4][GDrive]


Pittsburgh Directories -Used as references:

Son Gustave A. Mueller

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Gustave A. Mueller has two wives - His first wife was Virginia Lee Boyce (became Virginia Lee (Boyce) Mueller )

His father was Gustave A Mueller (this page) , his half brother was Robert Swan Mueller I (b1893) .

William Boyce Mueller :

Virginia Boyce Lind

Only living child of 🌐William Dickson Boyce (1858 - 1929) .