William Henry Gates (born 1858)

"WHG0" / #WHG0

  • NOTE - There exist suggestions that William Charles Gates (born 1860), who sometimes went by the name of "William Henry Gates", may have been the same person as this William Henry Gates (born 1858) . Note these claims are not proven, and made on circumstantial evidence. We do not believe they are similar people.
  • NOTE - William Henry Gates was born in 1858, not 1860 . Multiple genealogy sites have this wrong

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William Henry Gates - Basic bio

NOTE - The Geni page ( https://www.geni.com/people/William-Gates/6000000007400962864 ) has many inaccuracies ...

Birthdate: January 22, 1858 (not 1860)

Death: April 30, 1926 (66) / Seattle, King County, Washington, United States

Main source - https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/86517134/william-henry-gates - See below ..

William H. Gates (1858-1926) came from Pennsylvania in 1888, and went on the Dawson Gold Rush of 1898. In 1900, he had a furniture store in Nome, Alaska. He and Rebecca (1867-1933) lived in Seattle in the early 1900's where his daughters, Pearl and Florence, partook in the rarified atmosphere of young Seattle socialites. Their son, William Gates, Jr. was born in 1891, daughter Pearl Gates in 1895, and Florence Gates who married Harry Schumacher on October 22, 1913. He became a city councilmember in Bremerton. (Provided by Vicki Stiles, Director, Shoreline Historical Museum)

Date Of Death: 30 Apr 1926

Age: 68

Father Name: Joseph C. Gates

Mother Name: Martha A. Satterley

Death Place: Seattle, King, Washington

Spouse Name: Rebecca Gates

1860 Census - Note that there is another Gates family in Tioga county,

Full census - [HS002P][GDrive]


1870 - Bill Gates at 11yrs old in Pennsylvania (staying at different home than parents)

Full census sheet available at [HS003G][GDrive]

Appears that WHG0, at age 12, is living at a different residence / with a different family

Full census sheet : [HS002U][GDrive]

1880 - Still in Tioga -

1883 (July) - Future wife (who he married in Sep 1888) arrives in New York City from Germany

1886 - William H Gates moves to Tacoma, Washington

Source : [HN00YM][GDrive]

  1. Not stated if he moved directly from Pennsylvania
  2. Unknown exactly when in 1886 he moved
  3. Unknown if William H Gates moved alone, or with family / friends
  4. Unknown if he met his future wife by this time

1888 (Sep) - Wedding to Rebecca "Eppinhauser?" - Resident of Seattle

1888 - 1891 Seattle Directory listings

1889 (June 6) - Great Seattle Fire


1892 - 1893 - In land what is (today) northern Seattle

(1892) Image of full page from directory - [HD0024][GDrive]

1893 <--- Wm H Gates, Farmer, restaurant ... Barnabee, Lake Washington

(1893) Image of full page from directory - [HD0028][GDrive]

1892 (for 1893 Seattle Directory)


1893 (for 1894 Seattle Directory)


1895 (May 09) - Pearl Ann gates birth info - But the birth record isnt created until June of 1942 ???

  • Why was this filled out on June 5th ... 1942 ???
  • How could the brother remember .. he was three years old ! "remembers the occasion well"
  • Again, no mention of where in Germany She was born .. .her name is now back to being "Eppenhauser"
  • The certificate has "seattle" as the birth location, but it was clearly typed OVER something else
  • "May 95 or 96.... but remembers the occasion well ? "

1897-1898 - Directory says "working on a dairy with a restaurant at corner of Forney and Ross"

(1897) Image of full page from directory - [HD0014][GDrive] / (1898) Image of full page from directory - [HD0016][GDrive]

NOTE: Info on the Merchants Hotel" is here : ((Image of full page from directory (year 1900) - [HD002C][GDrive]) ) Address is "123 W Washington on Corner of Railroad Ave."; Proprietor is "Fred E. Ferguson" - This is a William W Gates, not a William H Gates. (Clip here : [HD002D][GDrive] )

1897 (for 1898 Seattle Directory)


1898 (for 1899 Seattle Directory)


1898 (September) - Gold is discovered in Nome, Alaska. Between 4,000 and 7,000 people leave Dawson City the following spring (of 1899)

September 1898 - Gold is discovered in Nome, Alaska. Between 4,000 and 7,000 people leave Dawson City the following spring


1899 - Directory - Part-time fireman, restaurant owner "corner of Forney and Ross"

Image of full page from directory - [HD0018][GDrive]

1899 (for 1900 Seattle Directory)


1899 - 1900 - Was William H Gates in Nome, Alaska at this time? Articles and some metadata suggests "yes"

Note - there is some funny business about department stores in Nome in Alaska around this time, selling a lot more than just tables.


1900 - USA Census

Full PDF of transcript - [HS002W][GDrive] / Full census sheet - [HS002T][GDrive]

  1. .Occupation is hard to read, might say "grocer" ?
  2. Rebecca Gates - Date of Birth is "October 1869"; Immigration date is "1882, in the USA for 18 years"
    1. NOTE : This is the only time we see a clearly noted birthdate. However, other census forms have her using October 1868 (or rounding up to Jan 1968) as a birthdate.
  3. One servant living with the Gates family at this time (I think it may be a person renting a room)
  4. Address - The Gates family is living in Seattle, but the address is impossible to read on the Census form. It looks a little bit like "Ross West --- " / "South of Canal" is written there, but not sure.

1900 Directory listing (for 1901) -

NOTE this information was collected at the end of 1900 .... I dont see William Henry Gates on here. Possible they have just left to NOME Alaska at this time !

Image of full page from directory - [HD001A][GDrive]

1901 - Carpenter and Restaurant : "corner Hawthorne and Forney, Ross" - Back in business as of mid/late 1901 ...

Image of full page from directory - [HD001C][GDrive]

1902 - Carpentry, Restaurant at 1525 6th Av. in Seattle (Upgrade using "gains" from Nome? )

Image of full page from directory - [HD001E][GDrive]

From 1913 newspaper ... with 16 (possibly way more) rooms at "1525 th Ave", this suggests this is a larger building ..

1903-1904 - In business with wife selling carpentry, furniture, and rooms/boarding at 1525 6th Av

(1903) Image of full page from directory - [HD001G][GDrive] / (1904) Image of full page from directory - [HD001I][GDrive]





1905/1906 - The "1525 6th Ave" address is now called "Pretoria House Hotel"

(1905) Image of full page from directory - [HD001K][GDrive] / (1906) - Image of full page from directory - [HD001M][GDrive]

This is approximately near the intersection of 6th and Pine .. meaning that row houses shown in this old picture ( https://pauldorpat.com/2015/09/26/seattle-now-then-a-row-house-at-6th-and-pine/ ) just may ahve been the Gates building !

"The Pretoria" - see 1906 Seattle directory pages : [HD002F][GDrive]






1907/1908/1910 -New business : "Wm H Gates 2nd hand goods and Furniture"; BUSINESS ADDRESS of "2029 1st Ave, Seattle"

  • (1907) Image of full page from directory - [HD001O][GDrive] - Home is 1210 Harrison ... (along with son, and Florence ... )
  • (1908) Image of full page from directory - [HD001Q][GDrive] - Home if 1818 18th Av .... (along with son, and Florence... )
  • (1909) Image of full page from directory - [HD001S][GDrive] - Home address is ???

"Gates Furniture Company" - 2029 1st Ave, Seattle [HD001T][GDrive]

Note that at a later time, "The Eureka Furniture Company" was at that address (for year 1915, see https://www.newspapers.com/image/145537573/?terms=%222029%2B1st%22 ) .. in 1916, it was "The Gardiner Furniture Company" (see https://www.newspapers.com/image/145517656/?terms=%222029%2B1st%22 )



1910 Census - Residence in Seattle (Home is at 1625 3rd Ave West )

Full PDF of transcript : [HS002Y][GDrive] / Full census image - [HS002Q][GDrive]

  • Rebecca - "Age 41, immigrated in 1882"
  • At age 19, William Henry Gates is now listed as "working in furniture store"

Home - 1625 3rd Ave West, Seattle

Zillow listing : [HW0035][GDrive]

1910 - "Gates Furniture" still in business at 2029 1st Ave

  • (1910) - Image of full page from directory - [HD001U][GDrive]
  • (1911) - Image of full page from directory - [HD001W][GDrive]





1912 - William H. Gates (b1858) moves to Bremerton (from Seattle) - Wife Rebecca stays at 1625 3rd Ave property for 2 more years.

Source : [HN00YM][GDrive]


  1. In 1911, WIllian H is listed in the 1911 phone book ( [HD001X][GDrive] ) in Seattle - Florence, Pearl, and Jr are all listed at this address still
    1. 2029 1st Ave. , Seattle ... home is 1625 3rd West
  2. In 1912, William H is no longer listed in the Seattle phone book ( [HD001Z][GDrive] ) , but his wife still is along with a couple of the children
  3. In 1913, wife Rebecca is STILL listed in Seattle phone book ( [HD0021][GDrive] ), but WHG0 isnt. So she is either living there fulltime, or this is jsut a rental property.
  4. By 1914, they are no longer in the property ( [HD0023][GDrive] )
  5. Note - 1914 re-grading of 6th avenue, maybe related? https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/8233211794914170/?amp_client_id=CLIENT_ID(_)&mweb_unauth_id={{default.session}}&from_amp_pin_page=true

1912 / 1913 - Rebecca Gates (wife) and children remain at 1625 3rd Ave

(1912) - Image of full page from directory - [HD001Y][GDrive]

(1913) - Image of full page from directory - [HD0020][GDrive]

Gates and thomas J McDonagh





1913 - 1918 : "Wm H. Gates Furniture" and "Wm. H Gates Second Hand Goods" in Business in Bremerton (on Second St.)

See Puget Sound Genealogical Society Newsletter , Volume 30 Number 2 June 2005 : [HP002X][GDrive]

  • Gates, Wm. H. (2nd hand goods) 214 Second [St.] 1917-18
  • Gates, W. H. (furniture) 214 Second [St.] 1913-14

Was this a new, premier building built by the Bremer family ? Answer - No, but next door, and on the same block

See Bremerton, Washington (source of the following is [HW0033][GDrive] ) :

"William Bremer died young, at age 47. On the day of his burial, December 30, 1910, Bremerton's businesses closed for two hours in the afternoon and the town's flags were flown at half-mast. His widow, Sophia Hensel Bremer (1872-1959), took over management of the family properties and with the three Bremer children she would continue to play an influential role in Bremerton for many years. One of the family's signature projects was the construction in 1914 of the Bremerton Trust and Savings Bank building on the northeast corner of 2nd Street and Pacific Avenue, one of three buildings in Bremerton designed by noted Seattle architect Harlan Thomas (1870-1953)."

Technically, the address of this building is 202 Pacific Ave. See ( https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/202-Pacific-Ave-Bremerton-WA/17531175/ )

214 Second St, Bremerton, is today a parking garage - so different building, but on the same block


Image of full page from directory - [HD0022][GDrive]



1915 - No more William H Gates in Seattle (per Seattle directory)


1917 (June) - Son enlists in draft for WW1

Son William Henry Gates (born 1891) is age 26 at this time; See [HG005T][GDrive]

  • Employer - Ames Shipyard and Dry Dock - "Machinist in Ship Yard" ; job is as a "machinist in ship yard"
  • Home Address - 5944 48th South Street / Claimed Draft exemption because "employed in ship yard"

1917/1918 (estimated - no specific dates available) - [William H. Gates} is now with "U.S. Furniture" - Perhaps the "Wm H. Gates" business is now called "U.S. Furniture / US Furniture" (same address at 214 Second St.)

See Puget Sound Genealogical Society Newsletter , Volume 27 Number 3 Sep 2002 ; [HP002W][GDrive] ... but no specific dates ...

Earliest reference to any US Furniture I can find is 1915 ..... but this is in Aberdeen, Washington (on the pacific coast)

Below : See Puget Sound Genealogical Society Newsletter , Volume 31 Number 1 March 2006 ; [HP002Y][GDrive] ... but no specific dates ...

1918 - Family across the street from furniture store (the "Braman" family) is selling their home (12 acres on Second St)

Their son James d'Orma Braman (born 1901) becomes a future neighbor for William Henry Gates (born 1891) , and mentor of William Henry Gates II (born 1925) .

June 1918 - Braman selling land in Bremerton - 12 acres - 105 second st.

Full page - [HN00YU][GDrive]

1920 census

Full PDF of Transcript : [HS0030][GDrive] / Full Census form - [HS002R][GDrive]

According to the US Census (clip below):

  1. William H Gates (born 1858) is a "Merchant" in the "futniture" industry
  2. His wife, Rebecca Gates, is a "Proprietress" at "Hotel"
    1. Her year of immigration is listed as "1880" (in 1910 census, it was listed as "1882")
  3. 34 additional people live in their building (266 Burwell Ave) - all "lodgers". All males (except 1), and all work in the construction trades - Probably working at the nearby Navy yard?
  4. Son William H Gates lives in the building next to this one .. he is also a "Merchant" in the "furniture" industry

Residence at 266 Burwell Ave in Bremerton, Washington




2020-07-26-google-com-maps-266-burwell-ave-washington-10-41-59.jpg /

1923 to 1924 - The Gates Hotel at 262 Burwell St. , Bremerton

See Puget Sound Genealogical Society Newsletter , Volume 30 Number 2 June 2005 : [HP002X][GDrive]

  • Gates Hotel was at 276 Burwell 1929-30
  • Gates Hotel was at 262 Burwell 1923-24

1925(?) to 1926 - 7070 East Marginal Way, Seattle


1926 (May 1) - Passing (age 68)

Full newspaper page - [HN00YL][GDrive]

1929 to 1930 - The Gates Hotel at 276 Burwell St. , Bremerton

See Puget Sound Genealogical Society Newsletter , Volume 30 Number 2 June 2005 : [HP002X][GDrive]

  • Gates Hotel was at 276 Burwell 1929-30
  • Gates Hotel was at 262 Burwell 1923-24

1930 USA Census (Seattle) for Rebecca Gates


Living alone - Job is an "apartment manager"

2300 Yale Ave North (multiple families) no longer exists (Google maps, 2020)

1931 (Sep 09) - Daugher Pearl marries

Rebecca now saying her "maiden" name was "Rebecca Philipson"

1933 (March 16) - Wife Rebecca Gates passes

Full newspaper page : [HN00YN][GDrive]

If born in Oct 1868, she would have been only 64 1/2 as of March 1933 ....

Rebecca Gates Death Certificate

Wife "Rebecca Eppinhauser Gates" and children

Rebecca Eppinhauser Gates

Spouse - https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/86517099/rebecca-gates

BIRTH 1867

DEATH 15 Mar 1933 (aged 65–66)

BURIAL Acacia Memorial Park and Funeral Home , Lake Forest Park, King County, Washington, USA

PLOT Mausoleum MN106 (Lilac Corridor), Wall 6, Niche

Info on wife - Rebecca Gates (Eppinhauser)

Birthdate: October 1869

Birthplace: Norddeutscher Bund

Death: circa 1920 (46-55)


1883 (July 7) - Arrival in New York City, from Germany

Full passenger list sheet from this journey - [HJ000R][GDrive] ; From Ancestry.com transcript :

  • Name: Rebecha Eppinehansea [Rebecka Eppinhauser]
  • Arrival Date: 7 Jul 1883
  • Birth Date: abt 1864 [ But only If the age is 19 ... but I think it is "14" or "15" . ]
    • if her birthdate is October 1869 as stated in [HS002T][GDrive] , then she would have been 13 years and 9 months old by July 1883.
  • Age: 19 [I think it is "14" or "15)]
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity/ Nationality: German
  • Place of Origin: Germany
  • Port of Departure: Bremen, Germany
  • Destination: USA
  • Port of Arrival: New York, New York, USA
  • Ship Name: Main

There is a village of "eppinhausen" in Germany -

German Wiku only : https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eppenhausen

The beginnings of Eppenhausen lie in the dark of history, the name of the district suggests that there was a farm here that belonged to an Eppo or Eppinc and was named after him. [2]

Eppenhausen was mentioned for the first time in 1229 as Eppenhusen in the goods and income register of the women's convention and later noble ladies' convent in Herdecke. [3] From 1271 to 1374 a knight Goswin von Eppenhausen is documented in old sources, he had his own seal. Around 1400, the Count von der Mark had rights in the Eppenhuser Marke. [4] After the division of the Westphalian brands in 1450, there was an "Eppenhauser Mark", which included today's districts of Halden, Herbeck, Eppenhausen, Emst and Delstern.

The farming community Eppenhausen belonged to the county of Mark in the parish and court of Hagen. In the treasure book of the county of Mark from 1486 in the Eppenhuser Burschop 12 taxable farm owners (2 from Emst) with a levy between 1 oirt (¼ Gg) and 8 gold guilders were mentioned. [5]

In 1746, the neighboring town of Hagen in Eppenhausen was granted city rights; in 1751, Frederick the Great dissolved the stamps, meaning that this also meant the end of the Eppenhauser Mark.

In the 1780s, the then district baron von Hövel auf Herbeck submitted an application to the royal court in Berlin to have the "Eppenhauser Brunnen" recognized as medicinal water due to the medicinal water that was found there. Even after the rejection, the fountain - above all by the Hohenlimburg widow Bettermann - was advertised as a fountain of health and baths were administered until the 1870s.

In 1814 Eppenhausen received its own post line and a post station, in 1898 Eppenhausen was declared an independent parish, and on August 5, 1900 the first tram line for the new electric tram ran from Hohenlimburg to Eppenhausen, the operation of which was only discontinued in 1975.

On April 1, 1901, the municipality of Eppenhausen was incorporated into the city of Hagen together with the municipalities of Delstern and Eckesey [6], the population of which rose to 68,402 inhabitants.


Name: Rebecca Gates [Rebecca Philipson]

Gender: Female

Birth Date: abt 1868

Death Date: 15 Mar 1933

Age at Death: 65

Death Location: Seattle, King, Washington

Father: Philipson

Record Source: Washington State Death Records

Daughter - Pearl Ann Gates Hager


BIRTH 1895

DEATH 1993 (aged 97–98)

BURIAL Acacia Memorial Park and Funeral Home , Lake Forest Park, King County, Washington, USA

PLOT Mausoleum MN106 (Lilac Corridor), Wall 6, Niche

Pearl Ann Gates and her sister were socialites in Seattle during the early 1900–teens, and were seen in all the right places. While Florence (her sister) married Harry Schumacher in 1914, Pearl was a somewhat freer spirit and married three times, with no big pictures or social page announcements - first Carlyle, then Hogenson in 1931 in Island County, from whom she was divorced in 1952, and much later Hager. Throughout her young life, she enjoyed many sewing circles, which were announced in the polite social pages, and she went on to become a nurse in 1925, and took sewing classes at Edison Technical College.

Eventually she owned a retreat of small cabins on Lake Washington in Lake Forest Park, where people could rest and recover from any of the ills of society. She is here interred with her parents. (Provided by Vicki Stiles, Director, Shoreline Historical Museum)