Jacob Kerlin Gise (born 1849)

Born - June 25 1949 (see https://www.myheritage.com/research/record-1-326475201-1-504840/jacob-kerlin-jk-gise-in-myheritage-family-trees below )

Died -

Parents -

Father is David B. Gise (born 1812) .

Siblings include :

  1. Daniel Kerlin Gise (born 1843)
  2. William Franklin Gise (born 1835)
  3. David K Gise (1838)
  4. <others>

Children include :

  1. Grace S Gise (born 1886)
  2. William John Gise (born 1888)
    1. Father of Lt .Colonel William John Gise (June 23 1920 to March 23 2015)
  3. <others>

Jacob Kerlin (JK) Gise, 1849 - 1938

Jacob Kerlin (JK) Gise was born on June 25 1849, in Centre County, Pennsylvania, to David B Geiss and Sarah Gise (Geise or Geiss) (born Kerlin).

David was born in 1821, in Hooblersburg, Center Hall, Pennsylvania.

Sarah was born in 1814, in Pennsylvania.

Jacob had 8 siblings: William Geiss, David Gise (Geise or Geiss), Susannah K. Wagner (born Geiss), Alesia K. Geiss, Sarah Geiss, Daniel Geiss, Mary Geiss and Catherine A. Geiss.

Jacob married Sarah Ellen Gise (born Search) on May 7 1871, at age 21 in Manhattan, Illinois.

Sarah was born in 1853.

They had 9 children: Daniel F. Gise, A. D. (Allie) Gise, Elsie L. Gise, Sadie E. White (born Gise), Edna Kirgis (born Gise), Grace S. Gise, Will J. Gise, Charle Gise and Ardie B. James (born Gise).

His occupations were Owned and operated a grain Elevator in Beloit, KS . He sold it to the newly formed Farmway COOP and Moved to Kansas from Illinois.


JK Gise - WS Search




1902 (April 11)




1921 - Daughter Ardie B (Gise) James passes

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