Michael Schimmel (born 1896)

Schimells lived on Central Park West, as did David S Barr, as did Alexander Sachs, as did Wexner’s wife

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MASTAN CO. FILES FINANCING PLAN. The Mastan Company, Incorporated, 350 Fifth Avenue, New York, filed a registration statement (File 2-19764) with the SEC on February 9th seeking registration of $5,000,000 of 5zt senior notes due 1977 and 170,000 shares of common stock, to be offered for public sale on an all or none basis through underwriters headed by F. Eberstadt & Co., 65 Broadway, New York. The public offering price (maximum 105~ per note and $12 per share*) and underwriting terms are to be supplied by amendment.

An additional 17,000 common shares will be offered to certain company employees and Michael Schimmel, former- ly senior partner of Michael Schimmel & Co., the company's auditors, at the offering price less underwriting discount.

The company (formerly The Mastan Co., Inc.) is engaged in the business of commercial and industrial finance. It makes loans for terms of up to three years secured by first or second mortgages on real estate and by liens on chattels, assignments of contracts and various other collateral; and it also provides work- ing funds to clients by advances made on a revolving basis against the security of current trade accounts receivable, inventory held for sale and other assets. The net proceeds from this financing will be added to general funds and will be available for general corporate purposes. Part of such proceeds may be used temporarily to reduce bank borrowings.

In addition to certain indebtedness, the company has outstanding 1,700,000 shares of Class B common stock, all of which are owned by Master Properties, Inc., of New York. Master Properties is 35~ owned by Nathan Schulman, board chairman and president of the company, 35-2/31 by his wife, and 2~ by Ph. Wechsler &Son, Inc

Michael Schimmel :

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1973 (Dec. 9) - Mrs. Lenore Barr Schimmel, wife of Michael Schimmel, president of a philanthropic foundation bearing his name, died y


Mrs. Lenore Barr Schimmel, wife of Michael Schimmel, president of a philanthropic foundation bearing his name, died yesterday at her home, 145 Central Park West. Her age was 74.

Mrs. Schimmel was a vice president of the foundation and a former president of the Hebrew Home for the Aged in Riverdale, the Bronx.

Surviving, besides her husband, are two sons, Stuart and Herbert; a daughter, Mrs. Joan Fisher; three sisters, Mrs. Mae Gould, Mrs. Evelyn Gaines and Mrs. Edith Barr, and eight grandchildren.

1977 (April 15) - NY Times - Stuart (Barr) Schimmel Weds Caroline F. Hover


Caroline Fearey Hover, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Lawrence Fearey of Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, was married yesterday to Stuart Barr Schimmel of New York. The bride is executive secretary of the Bibliographical Society of America, of which her husband is president.

Justice Arnold L. Fein of the State Supreme Court performed the ceremony at the bridegroom's home.

The bride, an alumna of the Westover School in Middlebury, Conn., and the University of Pennsylvania, received Master of Science degree in library service from Columbia University. Her father is with Hoppin Watson, a brokerage concern in Philadelphia, and her mother teaches at the Germantown Friends School.

Mr. Schimmel is a son of Michael Schimmel of New York and the late Lenore Barr Schimmel. The bridegroom is an alumnus of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Columbia University and until his retirement was a partner in the firm of Michael Schimmel and Company, C.P.A., founded by his father. He is currently a partner in Consolidated Investing Company.

His father, a philanthropist, recently gave the Schimmel Center for the Performing Arts to Pace University and the Schimmel Auditorium to New York University. The bridegroom's first wife died. Mrs. Schimmel's previous marriage ended in divorce.

1981 (Feb 10) - michael-schimmel-accountant-philanthropist-dead-at-84


Michael Schimmel, an accountant and philanthropist, died last Wednesday at the Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center in Brooklyn. He was 84 years old and a resident of Manhattan.

Mr. Schimmel retired in the 1950's from the New York accounting firm bearing his name, and his sons, Stuart and Herbert, took it over. At his death, he was a partner with his sons in the Consolidated Investment Company.

He gave the Schimmel Center for the Performing Arts to Pace University and the Schimmel Auditorium to New York University at its Washington Square campus.

A graduate of N.Y.U.'s School of Commerce, he was director emeritus of the university's Alumni Federation and a former director of its Commerce Alumni Association.