Diana Lee Taylor (born 1933)

Born - July 7, 1933

Married as second husband, Dr. Donald Malcolm MacArthur (born 1931)  , Pentagon bioweapons chief(1931-1988).

She has lived most of her life in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with a house in the Washington DC area.

Her father, Antonio Jefferson Taylor, was the brother of Lady Bird Johnson, wife of President Lyndon Baines Johnson. 

She was President of [Dynamac Corporation] after 1988, a company founded by her husband Dr. Donald Malcolm MacArthur (born 1931) in 1970 . 

2013 (Sep 3) - Bio in "The Santa Fe New Mexican" newspaper 

Stepfather  Charles Noel Sibley (born 1899) worked at United Fruit Company .

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Diana MacArthur is a Santa Fe native. She was born at St. Vincent Hospital on Palace Avenue in 1933. Her parents, Elizabeth and Antonio "Tony" Taylor, were from East Texas. Her father was Lady Bird Johnson's brother. He was the first student at the Los Alamos Ranch School for Boys and later returned to the Santa Fe area as a tuberculosis patient.

MacArthur and her older sister, Gerry, were great friends of the three Ruthling children, Theo, Ford and Carlton. The sisters often stayed at the Ruthling ranch, where they slept outside in covered wagons, even in winter. The children all took dancing lessons from Jacques Cartier. MacArthur's parents divorced, and she lived with her father and her father 's wife, Matianna " Matti" Vigil.

Her mother married Charles Sibley, a career employee of United Fruit Company. The first time MacArthur and Gerry visited them in Guatemala, the girls were 7 and 14. They traveled alone, taking a train through the Mexican jungle , and crossing the river that was the border between the two countries in a dugout canoe.

On a later trip to visit her mother, MacArthur sailed in a United Fruit Company boat. When the boat docked in Havana, she toured the city by herself at age 12.

She attended Loretto Academy and Harrington Junior High, before going to boarding school in Pennsylvania. 

In 1955, she received a bachelor's degree in economics, with Phi Beta Kappa honors, from Vassar College.

She married and had her first child, Elizabeth in her senior year. Her husband, Nikolai Tschursin, was an emigre from the Soviet Union. Their son, Alexander, was born in Santa Fe.

The couple divorced after five years, and MacArthur raised her children as a single mother in Washington, D.C. She often spent time with her aunt Lady Bird and uncle Lyndon B. Johnson when he was speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

In 1962, MacArthur married Donald MacArthur, a Scottish scientist. He founded a firm, Dynamac, which she continued to run for 20 years after his death in 1988. She eventually sold the firm to another woman owned company.

When Lyndon B. Johnson was president, he appointed MacArthur to the President's Council on Youth Opportunity. Under President Bill Clinton, she served on a committee of advisers for science and technology that included the Massachusetts Institute of Technology president, three Nobel Prize winners, the president of Lockheed Martin and President Obama's current science adviser.

Today, MacArthur lives on a ridge overlooking Tesuque. "One always knows, if you are born in Santa Fe, where you will retire," she said.

Her son lives in Santa Fe, as does her grandson, Nikolas.

Her daughter died in 1994.


1954 (Nov 17) - First marriage to Nikolai Tschursin

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1960 (October) - Grandfather passes 

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1961 (August 13)  - Marriage announced 

Marriage of Dr. Donald Malcolm MacArthur (born 1931) to Diana Lee Taylor (born 1933) ;  Two slightly different versions of announcement below 

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1961 (Oct 19) - Passing of mother - Mrs. Julia Elizabeth Sibley

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1962 (Aug 05) - Stepfather "Charles Noel Sibley" dies

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1964 (sep 30)

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1965 (Jan 20)

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1965 (Feb 24)

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Jan 1968 - With Ambassador "Jimmy" Symington 

See James Wadsworth Symington (born 1927)  (son of  William Stuart Symington III (born 1901)

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1978 (Oct 31)

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1988 (Dec 2) - Passing of husband Dr. Donald MacArthur 

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See Dr. Donald Malcolm MacArthur (born 1931) t

Founder of the [Dynamac Corporation].

1991 - Campaign contribution Issues

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Diana Taylor's daughter, a microbiologist, committed suicide in 1994 in Maryland.  Years later, Diana decided to build a school In Pakistan in her honor. 

1994 (August) - Named to science panel by President Clinton


2008 (Nov 30)

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Nikolai Tschursin, former translator at the Library of Congress, dies at 86

Nikolai Tschursin, 86, a Russian native who did translation work for the Library of Congress until retiring in 1989, died Jan. 31 at his home in Bradenton, Fla. He had congestive heart failure.

The death was confirmed by his daughter Anna Tschursin.

Mr. Tschursin translated military documents from Russian into English at the Library of Congress, which he joined in the mid-1970s. Earlier, he was an engineer at the Army Department’s Harry Diamond Laboratories.

Nikolai Tschursin was born in Rostov, Russia. He settled in the United States after World War II and became a U.S. citizen in 1952. He was a Marine Corps veteran of the Korean War and a 1966 engineering graduate of George Washington University.

He moved to Florida from Vienna in 1998. He was a past member of the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in the District.

His first marriage, to Diana Taylor, ended in divorce. Their daughter, Elizabeth Tschursin, died in 1994.

Survivors include his wife of 51 years, Galina Losinski-Kovanko of Bradenton; a son from his first marriage, Alexander Tschursin of Santa Fe, N.M.; two daughters from his second marriage, Anna Tschursin of Stafford, Va., and Ludmila Tschursin of Folsom, Calif.; and five grandchildren.


In reading the newspapers in Marshall Texas, there seems to be a lot of coming and going to Guatemala and Honduras, presumably to the United Fruit locations. In Passenger lists to these locations has turned up a lot of information.  Various family trees will be listed below but the name connections are really amazing: