Alexander Sachs (born 1892)

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Alexander Sachs (August 1, 1893 – June 23, 1973) was an American economist and banker. In October 1939 he delivered the Einstein–Szilárd letter to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, suggesting that nuclear-fission research ought to be pursued with a view to possibly constructing nuclear weapons, should they prove feasible, in view of the likelihood that Nazi Germany would do so. This led to the initiation of the United States' Manhattan Project.

Life and career

Born in Rossien, Lithuania, Sachs moved to the U.S. in 1904 to join his brother, Joseph A. Sachs, who was instrumental in his further education. He was educated at Townsend Harris High School in New York City, the City College of New York, and Columbia College. In 1913 he joined the municipal bond department at Boston-based investment bank Lee, Higginson & Co. but in 1915 returned to education as a graduate student in social sciences, philosophy, and jurisprudence at Harvard College. In later life, he was on the faculty at Princeton University.

Between 1918 and 1921 he was an aide to Justice Louis Brandeis and the Zionist Organization of America on international problems of the Middle East and the World War I peace conference.

From 1922 to 1929 he was economist and investment analyst for Walter Eugene Meyer in equity investment acquisitions. He then organized and became director of Economics Investment Research at the Lehman Corporation, a newly established investment company of Lehman Brothers. In 1931 he joined the board at Lehman. He was vice president from 1936 to 1943, remaining on the board until his death.

In 1933 Sachs served as organizer and chief of the economic research division of the National Recovery Administration. In 1936 he served on the National Policy Committee. During the war, he was economic adviser to the Petroleum Industry War Council and special counsel to the director of the Office of Strategic Services.

He was knighted by the Queen of England and at the time of his death held the title of Sir Alexander Sachs.

He was married to the inventor Charlotte Cramer Sachs (1907–2004) and is survived by, among others, his nephew Paul S. Barr, M.D. of New York; and his nephew Zachary H. Sacks, an attorney in Los Angeles.

[Atomic Bomb - Notes are later ... ]

1898 - Did father Samuel Sachs move to the USA before the rest of the family did ?

Samuel remarries in 1913 - Transcript =

his father was Hyman Sacks, mothr was Anna Merkowsky Sacks

Hyman Sack - - Dec 8 1897

Samuel Sacks and 2nd wife Lena (aka Lina Freidman, also born in Russia) in 1930 census (manhattan)

1904 (Feb 5) - Passenger info, voyage arriving in New York City (from Hamburg) on Blucher

"Sohone Saks" (age 40), Shamal (age 11), Lie (age 9),and Jossel (age 7) - Husband "Sundel Saks" in New York

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40 W 117th Street NYC - Today

Whatever was there in 1920, is not there anymore (as of 2019)

1910 - US Census for "Sacks" family

  • "Sacks" not "Sachs"
  • Younger brother Alexander Sachs (born 1892) still has name "Samuel" (not yet changed to "Alexander")
  • 38 (or 40?) west 117th street - Right next to 1915 address
  • Herman Sack immigrated to the USA in 1901, 3 years before his siblings
  • Sadly, mother Sarah must have passed (father "Sundel" is widowed)
  • Father here is "Sundel", not "Samuel" ... ???
  • Sister "Elinor" is here as "Lena"

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1912 Brother Herman Sachs/Sacks marriage to Fannie Steinberg / 1912-06-26-findmypast-com-transcript-manhattan-marriage-steinberg-sacks.pdf

1914 - Immigration / Petition for Naturalization

Address : 40 West 117th street in Manhattan ... Note the names on the petitions :

1905 -

Samuel Saks traveling wiith Schane Saks , Passenger: Ette Saks , Cipe Saks , Riwke Saks , Taube Saks

Hamburg to NYC on "Armenia"

1906 - Immigration ? (thought it was 1904..)

Samuel Sachs - 1906

Role Arrival Port Relation (Uncle) To:

Others Passenger: Samuel Alexandrowitz <- Much closer to mother's maiden name...

Departure ; Bremen







Alexander Sachs, FDR Aide, Dies

NEW YORK (AP) ‐ Alexander Sachs. the man who first interested President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the potential of the atom bomb. died Saturday in the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. He was 79.

Dr. Sachs. an economist, read a report to Roosevelt from Albert Einstein on Oct. 11. 1939. two weeks after the Nazis crushed Poland. predicting that an atomic bomb carried by ship could wipe out anentire port.

The report was supported by comments from Dr. Leo Szilard. an American physicist. and Prof. Enrico Fermi. a fugitive from Italian fascism.

Sachs told Roosevelt that Einstein and Szilard were worried about the implications of atomic energy in the hands of a hostile power. Hesaid Szilard and Fermi were only one step ahead of Nazi physicists in research on a nuclear bomb

1915 Census

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1917 (June 5) - WW1 Registration

Interesting that he signed up for the draft while in Cambridge, Massachusetts - Not while in New York City

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1917 (December)

Alexander Sachs claims a restores Palestine Rights the World's Oldest Tragedy


1920 Census - Living with parents in NYC

Can also access transcript and another download of this info ...

Who is "Lena" ?

His father is "retired"? With 3 children going to Columbia ?

1922 (Feb) - Davis S Barr marriage to Elinor Sachs (sister of Alexander Sachs)

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1930 NYC US Census - Parents "Samuel Sacks" and (mom or stepmom) "Lena Sacks"

Parents "Samuel Sacks" (age 75 - migrated to the USA in 1898 ) and "Lena Sacks" (age 60 - migrated to the USA in 1880 )

Address - 104 112th St, Manhattan - Which is only one block away from Philip Barr (born 1872) (father of Simon Pelham Barr (born 1892) and David S Barr (born 1894) ) at (as of the 1920 US Census) ats "65 Lenox Avenue" in New York City. Note that 64 Lenox Avenue is between West 113th Street and West 114th Street in Manhattan.

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1931 (Oct 16) - Alexander Sachs - Traveled with Harry Sachs and his family ...

Harry Sachs - age 76 - died in Feb 1933

Banker - member of Goldman, Sachs, and company

and Nellie Sachs and Edith Sachs

picture -

1933 Dec 14 - Alexander Sachs missing for months !?!?!


1933-12-14-honolulu-star-bulletin-pg-6-clip-sachs-mystery.jpg /

1936 / 1937

1936 Sep 20- rural electrification program and

1936 nov 26

1937 May 27

1939 (Oct) - The Atomic Bomb proposal / letter

Atomic bomb proposal letter story (from Wikipedia / Robert Jungk)

Saved version available of ( ) : 2019-11-wikipedia-org-alexander-sachs.pdf /

Robert Jungk (See ) describes Sachs's role in bringing to President Roosevelt's attention the possibility of an atomic bomb:

It was nearly ten weeks before Alexander Sachs at last found an opportunity, on October 11, 1939, to hand President Roosevelt, in person, the letter composed by [Leo] Szilard and signed by [Albert] Einstein at the beginning of August [1939]. In order to ensure that the President should thoroughly appreciate the contents of the document and not lay it aside with a heap of other papers awaiting attention, Sachs read to him, in addition to the message and an appended memorandum by Szilard, a further much more comprehensive statement by himself. The effect of these communications was by no means so overpowering as Sachs had expected. Roosevelt, wearied by the prolonged effort of listening to his visitor, made an attempt to disengage himself from the whole affair. He told the disappointed reader that he found it all very interesting but considered government intervention to be premature at this stage.

Sachs, however, was able, as he took his leave, to extort from the President the co