Robert Swan Mueller I (b1893)


Robert Swan Mueller I ( also known as Robert Swan Mueller Sr.) was born on April 9, 1893, in 🌐Allegheny City, Pennsylvania .

Parents : Robert Swan Mueller I was the son of Gustave Adolph(us) Mueller M.D. and Grace Swan (Miller) Mueller.

Robert Swan Mueller I (Referred to here sometimes as "RSM1") is the father of Robert Swan Mueller II and John Freeman Mueller . He is also the grandfather of Robert Swan Mueller III, the man leading the "Russia 2016 election interference special council" in the United States.


1893 (April 9) - Born

Robert Swan Mueller I was born on April 9, 1893 to Gustave Adolph(us) Mueller M.D. and Grace Swan (Miller) Mueller.

1894 - 1896 - Infant years in Europe, as father traveled for study

As an infant, a young Robert Swan Mueller I traveled with his parents to Europe for about two years, a time where his father studied "the nose, ear and throat, attended postgraduate courses in Berlin, Heidelberg, Munich, Vienna, Paris and London, and spent two years abroad perfecting himself in his specialty."

Return travel - Note that from the passenger list, we can see that Gustav Adolph(us) Mueller M.D. had his wife and son traveling with him. (See [HJ0006][GDrive] )

1897 - Death of Grace Swan (Miller) Mueller (Robert Swan Mueller I's mother)

Robert Swan Mueller I's mother passed at an early age of 29 (or 30) in the year 1897 [HL0018][GDrive]. Robert Swan Mueller I would have been about 4 years old. (See full page in newspaper at [HN00G1][GDrive] ).


1900 - Stepmother Nell (Anderson) Mueller

Robert's father, Dr. Gustave A. Mueller, married is second wife, Nell Anderson (Miller) Mueller, before the year 1900. [HB000S][GDrive]


A clip from the 1900 USA Census from Allegheny, Pennsylvania is shown below. It was taken on June 7 in 1900. (Full page from census see [HS000D][GDrive] ). This Census shows Gustave Adolph Mueller (b1863) (father) as a "physician, stepmother Nell Mueller (his second wife), and Robert Swan Mueller I. The Mueller household had one resident servant as of the 1900 census, named Mary Campbell (age 21). The 711 Arch Street in Allegheny, Pennsylvania no longer exists on a year-2019 Google map. A National Aviary is there now (2019).


1904 - Attended Pittsburgh Public schools

"[...] Robert Swan Mueller, born in 1893, and now a pupil of the public schools of Pittsburg. " [HB000S][GDrive]


The 1910 Census: In 1910, the Mueller family (with Dr Gustav Mueller as the head of the family, now age 47) moved to 🌐 Oakmont, Pennsylvania , which is a borough in Allegheny County in the Pennsylvania, but remaining in the Pittsburgh metro area. Dr. Gustav Mueller now identifies his profession as "surgeon". ( Full census sheet at [HS000B][GDrive] ). Robert Swan Mueller I is still living at home, now age 17. The new family member Gustave Mueller (Jr.) is only 3 years old as of the 1910 census. Their address of "110/111 H-Street" in Oakmont cannot be found on a year-2019 Google map.

1911-1915 - Lafayette College

Starting 1911 Robert Swan Mueller I attended Lafayette College. In the Allentown Democrat (Oct 14 1915), in the wedding description for Robert Swan Mueller I, it says that Mueller completed 4 years of college and graduated in 1915. (For this reference, see the clipping here: [HN00DN][GDrive] ).

Robert Swan Mueller I is identified in the 1912 Lafayette College yearbook, and was identified as a prospective 1915 graduate of Lafayette. (A link to the full PDF of the book for "Biographical catalogue of Lafayette college, 1832-1912" is here : [HE000E][GDrive] ). 1911-1912 was his freshman year.

1912 - Death of Gustave Mueller (Robert Swan Mueller I's father)

Gustave Adolph(us) Mueller M.D. , who Robert Swan Mueller' Is father, passed at the early age of 48 years on February 9, 1912. He passed away from typhoid fever at age 48. At the age of only 19, Robert Swan Mueller I has now lost both of his biological parents. His stepmother Nell Mueller and young half-brother Gustav Mueller are still alive.

The "The Journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy, Volume 4, Issues 4-9" (available at [HP000O][GDrive] ) describes Dr. Gustave Mueller as having fallen to typhoid fever (page 1205):

1915 (Feb) - Wedding attendance for Law-Babst

(See full newspaper page at [HN00EA][GDrive])

If Robert Swan Mueller I was graduating from Lafayette in 2015, then his graduation would have been 2-3 months after this wedding, hence not yet employed.

Some information on the guests - "Her father, Chester Babst, was president of the Charles Babst Company, which sold physician supplies. Chester died in 1925, at the age of 38" ( )


1915 (April) - Engagement to Anna Elizabeth Freeman

The engagement of Miss Anna Elizabeth Freeman to Robert Swan Mueller was announced in the Pittsburgh Press newspaper on April 8, 1915. Robert Swan Mueller I would have been about 22 years old at the time of his engagement/wedding to Anna. Anna Elizabeth Freeman was born in 1892 [HL001A][GDrive]. The bride's parents were including DR. Edward Jacob Freeman (born 1851) (of Freemansburgh, Pennsylvania), means both the bride and groom (father was Dr. Gustave Adolph Mueller ) had parents who were doctors. (See full newspaper page at [HN00EE][GDrive] , with clip shown below.

Is Miss Anna Elizabeth Freeman in the Bethlehem Steel family? We believe so.

John Knecht married Eliza Reigel on Feb 2, 1841 Their 4th daughter was Emily J Knecht,

Emily J Knecht married Dr. Edward Jacob Freeman (b Dec I8, I851) . Dr E J Freeman and Emily J (Knecht) Freeman had 4 children; Only one lived to be an adult - Anna ("Nan") Elizabeth Freeman ,

Who is John Knecht ? "With keen business foresight, Mr. Knecht saw the great benefit the Valley might realize from the building of the railroad, and after its completion he inaugurated the movement that resulted in the formation of the Bethlehem Iron Company."

Hypothesis - The family of Robert Swan Mueller I's bride "Anna Freeman" included the unspoken founders of Bethlehem Steel . That would explain the connections to US Shipping Board. And the move to Baltimore. And the sudden jolt into all the "high society" headlines, and ability to live in nicer homes.

1915 (estimated around summertime) - Joins National Metal Moldings Co. in Pittsburgh

Learn more about National Metal Moldings Corporation in Pittsburgh - National Metal Moldings Corporation .

1915 (Oct) - Wedding to Anna Elizabeth Freeman

The wedding was hosted at the home of Anna Freeman's parents ( DR. Edward Jacob Freeman ) in Freemansburgh, Pennsylvania. The best man for the wedding of Robert Swan Mueller I was Frank M. Everson of Pittsburgh. At the time of the wedding, Robert Swan Mueller I was with The National Metal Company at Pittsburgh. (See full page from Allentown Democrat newspaper at [HN00DM][GDrive] ).

Robert Swan Mueller I stayed in Freemansburgh with his new bride and in-laws for a couple of weeks before returning home. (See full page - [HN00FS][GDrive] )


1915-1917 - Pittsburgh PA addresses / Moves to Thomas Blvd in 1916

Robert Swan Mueller I was a "clerk" in the "sales department" at National Metal Molding Company , as of the 1915-1917 Pittsburgh phone books. He is not listed in the 1918 Pittsburgh Directory, suggesting the Mueller family moved to Baltimore before between 1917 and 1918.

[HD000B][ GDrive ]
[HD000D][ GDrive ]
SOURCE [HD000C][GDrive] / [HD000E][GDrive] / [HD000F][GDrive] / [HD000G][GDrive]

The address of Robert Swan Mueller I is listed as "6757 Thomas" in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, starting with 1916. His father passed a few years prior in 1912, so this home was not inherited from his family. It is a rather large home (still standing today, great neighborhood) for a man is 24 years of age. Presumably, the wealth from his wife's family afforded the young Mueller family to move to this location within a year of his graduation from Lafayette.

6757 Thomas, Pittsburgh PA

1916 (July) - First son Robert Swan Mueller II (Jr) born

Robert Swan Mueller II was born on July 30, 1916, in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. [HL0019][GDrive]

1916 (Dec) - Weddings attendance

Pittsburgh press Nov 29 1916 p 9

Full page : [HN00EM][GDrive]

Pittsburgh Press Dec 23 1916p 3

Full page : [HN00EK][GDrive]

1917 - Military Enlistment

Robert Swan Mueller enrolled for the US military Draft Registration. His Registration date was in 1917. His address as of 1917 was 6757 Thomas, in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (we know he moved there in late 1915 or early 1916). His height is described as "tall". A the time he was working at "Natt Metal Molding Co.", which we believe means National Metal Molding Corporation. The writing on the line of "present trade" is not legible.

( File name : 1919-us-ww1-draft-registration-card-image-005270468-01576.jpg / Google Drive : )

1916-1918 : Frequent visits from Mrs. Anne (Freeman) Mueller' parents (staying weeks at a time)

Summary Image above : [HN00EX][GDrive]
Sources for above image (Full pages from newspapers) : March 11, 1916 (page 5) : [HN00EO][GDrive] / Oct 5 1916 (page 2) : [HN00EQ][GDrive] / Jan 17 1917 (Page 3) : [HN00ES][GDrive] / March 7 1917 (Page 13) : [HN00ET][GDrive] / May 22 1917 (Page 9) : [HN00EV][GDrive]

1918 (early-to-mid) Move to Baltimore

Note that on this visit from the parents described in [HN00EJ][GDrive], the Mueller family is "of Baltimore"

Aug 31 1918 p 12

Full page : [HN00EI][GDrive]

Their first address is "3551 Newland Ave" in Baltimroe, which is in a good neighborhood.

Early listings for Robert Swan Mueller I in Baltimore, 1920-1922

[HD000A][ GDrive ]
SOURCES : [HD0004][ GDrive ] / [HD0005][ GDrive ] / [HD0006][ GDrive ] / [HD0008][ GDrive ] / [HD0009][ GDrive ]


The 1920 Census: In 1920, the Mueller family has now separated. The new family, with Robert Swan Mueller I now 27 years old and the head of household with wife Anna, has moved their family in 1918 o Baltimore Maryland ("Newland Ave."). They now have two children - Robert Swan Mueller II (who is still referred to as Robert Swan Mueller Jr. in 1920), who is 3 years and 7 months old as of this 1920 census, and John F. Mueller (who we believe is John Freeman Mueller (born 1919) (taking his grandmother's maiden name "Freeman" as his middle name), who is less than 1 year old. ( See full census page form at [HS0008][GDrive] ).

Robert Swan Mueller I is now identifying his career as "Purchasing Agent" on the 1920 census. History researcher John O'Loughlin comments on Twitter "From the 1920 Census, Robert Swan Mueller I lists his employment, as a Purchasing Agent [...] for the United States Shipping Board !" Information on the USSB can be found here : [🌐United_States_Shipping_Board]. We do not know when Robert Swan Mueller I joined the USSB, but it must have been between mid 1917, but before mid 1920.


Also on the 1920 census, we see that Robert Swan Mueller I's stepmother Nell Mueller (now a widow) and her son (and Robert Swan Mueller's half-brother) Gustav Mueller, have moved to San Diego, California. None of Robert Swan Mueller I's immediate relatives remain in Pittsburgh.

( File name : 1920-usa-census-san-diego-004964311-00965-nell-mueller.jpg / Google Drive : )

Click image to zoom

1921 (Jan) - Baltimore Branch of National Association of Purchasing Agent - Elected treasurer

On Jan 20 1921, the Officers of the Baltimore Branch, National Association of Purchasing Agents ... R.S. Mueller elected to be treasurer , and is on the executive committee. (See the full page in the Baltimore Sun at [HN00FG][GDrive] )


1921 - Move to 12 Englewood Rd. in Baltimore

Based on the Baltimore phone directory, the Mueller family moved to the residence at 12 Englewood Rd in Baltimore between 1920 and 1921. The new Mueller family address is a duplex of a very high-end neighborhood of Baltimore. This is Google Street View today (Jan 2019) of that spot on Englewood Road in Baltimore. Robert Swan Mueller estimated his home value to be about 20,000 USD on the 1930 census (shown later), a time when the average US home price was under 5,000 USD. Combined with several children, and one servant to pay salary for, the 28-year-old Robert Swan Mueller I is apparently doing well financially as of 1921.

1922 (Feb) - Representing "Union Shipbuilding Co." in Baltimore at Local Association of Purchasing Agents

"R.S. Mueller" is described as the Treasurer of the Union Shipbuilding Company in Baltimore. See full Feb issue of "The Purchasing Agent" with all 1922 issues at [HP000R][GDrive].

Some info on hulls associated with Union Shipbuilding can be found here : [HW001G][GDrive]

"Union Shipbuilding Company was established in 1916 by the Riter-Conley Manufacturing Co. of Pittsburgh, a large industrial steel fabricator: the site was in the Fairfield section of Baltimore, on the west side of the harbor, where in 1913 Ellicott Machine Corp. had opened a yard to build dredge hulls. Riter-Conley's President, Thomas Riter, died in 1916, however, and the business was sold to McClintic-Marshall Co., who retained ownership until WWII, when it was acquired by the US government and became part of the Bethlehem Fairfield Shipyard."

1923 (March) - "R. S. Mueller Company" opens in Baltimore

The following information was obtained from the 1935 issues of the periodical "The American Fertilizer". (You can download a copy of all of the volume 59 July-Dec 1923 issues in this PDF at [HP000X][GDrive] ). A few pages at the front of the July 14, 1923 issue are below:

See the January thru June 1923 issues here : [HP000V][GDrive]. We see that in March of 1923 (on page 23 of "The American Fertilizer"), Robert Swan Mueller I of Baltimore opened up his company "R. S. Mueller Company" in Baltimore. This solidifies out knowledge that as of March 1923, Robert Swan Mueller I was no longer with the United States Shipping Board, but now owned and operated his own business as a "Chemical broker", with an apparent focus on the fertilizer industry. The person associated with the new business, W. Whiteley Baker Jr. , is an important individual to research. (See his page here : William Whiteley Baker Jr. (b1894) ). The R.S Mueller Company was initially located in the Vickers Building, Baltimore .


The R.S. Mueller Company has several specialties including (but not limited to) Chemical brokering, Chemicals, Fertilizer materials, Fish scrap, and sulfuric acid. The following are all taken from the July 14, 1923 issue.

Banner : [HP0012][GDrive]

1925 (April) - Atlantic City Trip highlighted in News Personals

Full page : [HN00G3][GDrive] / Clip at [HN00G3][GDrive]

1927 (May) - Passing of Emily G Freeman (Mother in-law)

( See full page in 1927 newspaper at [HN00EG][GDrive] ). Verification that Emily Grace Freeman was the wife of Dr. Edward Jacob Freeman , and she was the daughter of John Knecht and Eliza (Riegel) Knecht.


1928 (Jan)

Full page : [HN00EY][GDrive]


1928 (March 21 to May 5) - Travel to Europe to see March 30 Grand National race

Robert Swan Mueller I and his wife Anna Mueller traveled to Europe on the luxury 🌐R.M.S. Aquitania . They left around March 21, to see the 🌐1928 Grand National Horse Race horse race in London. The race in 1928 was on March 30. Full page : [HN00F0][GDrive]


On April 25 1928, they left Europe, and returned through the port of New York on May 5 1928. The ship they traveled on was the S.S. Homeric, a premier ocean liner in 1928 [🌐R.M.S. Homeric (1913)]. They left Europe out of the port of Cherbourg, which is in northern France. See the return passenger info sheet at [HJ0002][GDrive]. Curious - What did they do with the three extra weeks?


1930 (Feb) - Purchase of summer home on Gibson Island

The Great Depression in the United States started in the late 1920s, but Robert Swan Mueller I was able to afford an investment in a summer home in the new community on Gibson Island, Maryland in 1930. "Home lot purchase at the intersection of Kerry Beacon and Oxbury Road, on Gibson Island. Lot comprises about an acre and will be improved with a home from plans prepared by Palmer & Lambdin, architects." ( See full page in 1930 newspaper at [HN00F2][GDrive])



Evidence of Mueller' property construction on Gibson Island (no date here...). See [HX0008][GDrive] .

1930 Census

The 1930 Census: In 1930, the Robert Swan Mueller I family in Baltimore, Maryland has grown and appears to be thriving. Robert Swan Mueller I is now 37 years old, and he and his wife Anna are now blessed to have four children, and one servant. Robert Swan Mueller II is the oldest son (who is Robert Swan Mueller Jr. as of 1920), who is 13 years of age, and his younger brother John Freeman Mueller is now 10 years old. The new children are daughters Emilie G. Mueller (age 9, born in 1921) and Elizabeth Mueller (age 7, born in 1923). In 1930, the Mueller household still employs one servant (now Maurine Scott, a female from Virginia who is 21 years of age).

The occupation of Robert Swan Mueller I on the 1930 Census is now listed as a "Broker in the Banking industry". We know that he opened his own company "R.S. Mueller Company" in March 1923, so it is assumed he is still with that job (as we see he identifies that as his place of work in his 1942 military enlistment.

( See full page in 1930 Census sheet at [HS000F][GDrive] ) .

1930 - R. S. Mueller Company has agents in Berlin ?

The R. S. Mueller Company had a Berlin agent in 1930 ? Sending mail on the 🌐Dornier_Do_X flight from Friedrichshafen, Germany to San Juan ? Image is from a 1931 issue of "The American Fertilizer" that is not being fully shared on Google :

Image served from Twitter

1934 (July) - RSM1 doesnt just live on Gibson Island - He also hosts the Lobster Supper-Dance

See full page in 1934 newspaper at [HN00F4][GDrive]


1934 - Son Robert Swan Mueller II finishes high school / Travels to Europe for summer

Son Robert Swan Mueller II finished high school ( Gilman School , in Baltimore Maryland) in 1934, and was prepared to begin college studies at Princeton in fall of 1934. In the summer of 1934, Robert Swan Mueller II traveled to Europe, returning on the S.S. Clairton on July 31 in 1934. The address on this passenger form helps identify that the family of Robert Swan Mueller I was still residing at 12 Englewood Road in Baltimore as of July in 1934. (See the full passenger sheet here: [HJ0003][GDrive].

1935 (July) - Fundraiser at Gibson Island / Mr and Mrs. Robert Mueller present

Full page : [HN00FB][GDrive]


The real beginning of the season at Gibson Island, the summer resort that is peculiarly our own. opened up with great eclat on July 4, and now the members of the island community are working whole-heartedly toward the success of a fete for the benefit of the little church, St. Christopher's-by-the-Sea,. which will be held Tuesday at the clubhouse.

The affair will begin at 10 A. M, with a children's gymkhana, under the chairmanship of Mrs. Merrill Stout, Mrs. James S. Sloan is co-chairman, Mrs. Sherman Trowbridge, Mrs. J. Herbert Bagg and Mrs. George Burgess are in charge of the paper chase and Mrs. Charles Peckham is in charge of the ice-cream cones. Miss Cynthia Williamson is taking care of the balloons, while her sister, Miss Jean Williamson, will manage the children's races. Miss Anne Palmer will direct the musical chairs; Mrs. H. W. Smith is chairman of the merry-go-round and Miss Carol Johnson of the ponies for the children.

Luncheon And Card Party

Luncheon will be served at the club from 12 to 2, after which the card party, directed by Mrs. Robert Mueller, will start and be carried on until 4.30, when prizes will be distributed and refreshments served. Many reservations have been made, including that of Mrs. E. B. Freeman who will give a large luncheon and entertain five tables of bridge.

Mrs. John Voneiff and Mrs. Charles Scarlett, Jr., have charge of the candy and will be assisted by Miss Joan Whitehead and Miss Jacqueline Karr. At 2.30 the toy boat races will be held under the direction of Mrs. Frederick C. Lee. Prizes will be awarded to the winners.

Mrs. George Englar is chairman of the dinner dance committee, consisting of Mrs. Duane Rice, Mrs. Walter Hughson, Mrs. Francis Key Murray, Mrs. Emory Niles, Mrs. Blanchard Randall, Jr., Miss Cynthia Williamson, Miss Jean Williamson, Miss Nancy Wolfe and Miss Betty Novak. Reservations for tables seating from two to ten people have been made by Mr. and Mrs. Corrin Strong, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Russell, Mrs. Charles J. Sloan, Mi-, and Mrs. Paul Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. Sifford Pearre, Mr. and Mrs. Blanchard Randall, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. Shriner, Mr. and Mrs. Mueller and Doctor and Mrs. Page Edmunds.


1935 (Sep) - Gibson Island Yacht Club Race - RSM1 wins with his "Quest"

( See full page in 1935 newspaper at [HN00F6][GDrive] ). This is Robert Swan Mueller I (on left) with his September 1935 winning trophy for the Gibson Island Yacht Club Race, standing next to Eugene E. du Pont ( See Eugene Éleuthère du Pont (born 1882) ).


1936 (Sep) -More yachting ...

See full page : [HN00FD][GDrive]


1935 to 1939 - Mueller family moves to 6 Gittings Ave. in Baltimore

On the 1940 Census (shown later), we see that the Mueller's Baltimore home address has changes since the summer of 1934, to 6 Gittings Ave. in Baltimore, Maryland (a truly prestigious home).

6 Gittings Ave. in Baltimore is a true estate property. Robert Swan Mueller I was well compensated for his work.

1937 - Fundraiser for chapel on Gibson Island (Mrs. Robert Mueller present?)

(Source : [HN00FY][GDrive] )


Personal and Social : For a number of years past, residents of Westminster have attended the annual summer carnival for the benefit of the Protestant Episcopal Chapel. St. Christopher’s-by-the- Sea, the Gibson Island. Md., invitation having come from Mrs. H. A. Foothorap. Harrisburg. Pa., and Gibson Island. The 1937 event is under the chairmanship of Mrs. Sifford Pearre, who wras formerly Miss Angela Young, a cousin of Mrs. Henry M. Fitzhugh. Mr. Pearre is a first cousin of J. Pearre Wantz Taneytown 1and a member of the well-known Pearre family of Frederick County. Another member of the committee arranging this event is Mrs. George Monroe Englar. who was formerly Miss Bettie Walker. Mount Airy. Mr. Englar is a son of ex-Senator and Mrs. George P. B. Englar. New Windsor. Others well known here helping with the affair are Mrs. W. Buckey Clemson, Mrs. Robert Mueller and Mrs. James Sloan.

Mrs. Edwin Waters was a recent guest of Mrs. Foothorap at her Gibson Island Home. Mrs. Waters has joined her husband, Captain Waters, U S. A., at Plattsburg. N. Y., where he has been stationed for several years. Captain and Mrs. Waters will soon leave for Idaho. Captain Waters having been detailed for duty in the R O. T. C. of the University of Idaho. Captain and Mrs. Waters were very popular here while Captain Waters was on the faculty of Western Maryland College Military Department. Their son, Edwin Waters. Jr., a member of the class of 1937 of Western Marvland College, has received an appointment as second lieutenant and has reported for duty at Fort Ontario, Oswego. [....]

1937 (June) - More yacht racing

Full page below : [HN00FF][GDrive]

1937 July 1 - Rothachild wins yacht race !

See 1937-07-02-nytimes-page13-clip-94396187.pdf /

1937 July Gibson Island Carnival

Full page : [HN00FU][GDrive]



( See full Lafayette Alumnus 1938 PDF at [HE000G][GDrive] )

Read more about the Davison Chemical Company on the research page.


The 1940 Census: In 1940, the Robert Swan Mueller I family in Baltimore, Maryland has added no new children since 1930, but they have moved. Robert Swan Mueller I is now 47 years old. Their oldest son, Robert Swan Mueller II, has apparently moved out of their Baltimore home. Their second child John Freeman Mueller is now 21 years old, and their daughters Emilie G. Mueller (age 19) and Elizabeth Mueller (age 17) are still in the home. Robert Swan Mueller I's job is now listed as "a Broker at a Chemical company", which is assumed to still be at his own R.S. Mueller Company that he started in 1923 (Robert Swan Mueller I would have 17 years with his own company by now). (For full page from census, see : [HS000G][GDrive] )

1940 - R.S. Mueller Company mentioned in legal case

"33 F. Supp. 367 (1940) In re GRAND JURY INVESTIGATION. District Court, M. D. North Carolina, Winston Salem Division. March 30, 1940.On Reargument April 12, 1940." See [HX000A][GDrive] .

1940 (June) - Travel to West Virginia to visit son RSM2

See full page in 1940 newspaper at [HN00E4][GDrive]


1942 (Aug) - Reside in Miami Beach, Florida, while sons are stationed in Miami

( See full page in 1942 newspaper at [HN00E6][GDrive] )


1942 - October - Military Enlistment

In October of 1942, Robert Swan Mueller I again completed a War enlistment card. Robert Swan Mueller I was 49 years old at this time, so it is very strange that he is filling out registration at that age. His home address of 6 Gittings Avenue in Baltimore, Maryland matches the 1940 US Census data. His continued employment at his chemical/brokerage company R. S. Mueller Co. is verified (now opened for almost 20 years) at 905 Garrett Building in Baltimore, Maryland. (Historic info on the Garrett Building can be viewed here : 1982-us-dept-of-interior-national-reg-historic-places-nomintation-706-baltimore-garrett-building.pdf / ).


1943 (June) - Wedding announcement of son Robert Mueller II to Alice Truesdale

The June 28 1943 NY Times, in a big article, announces the wedding. This bonds the family of Robert Swan Mueller I to the Truesdale Family. The bride (and now daughter-in-law) is notably a niece of of Mrs. Richard Bissell of Washington, and also a niece of the late Mrs. Jonathan Bulkley. Full article available here : [HN00DQ][GDrive]

1943 (Aug) - Daughter Elizabeth engagement

See full newspaper page : [HN00FK][GDrive]


1947 (Oct) - Sale of home on Gibson Island

( See full page in 1947 newspaper at [HN00FM][GDrive] )


1948 (September) - Wedding of daughter Emilie Grace Mueller to Dr. Samuel Walthall Budd

( See full page in 1948 newspaper at [HN00FI][GDrive] )

1960 (Nov) - Public support for Presidential candidate Richard Nixon

( See full page in 1960 newspaper at [HN00FO][GDrive] )

1964 (May) - R. S. Mueller Company still in business, moved to Baltimore's new One North Charles office building

Also known as "🌐The Blaustein Building, Baltimore ". "The Blaustein Building is a highrise building located in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. The building stands at 360 feet (110 m), containing 30 floors. The building was constructed in 1962, and was developed by Vincent Kling & Associates.". We know that in 1964, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad was the largest single tenant in "One Charles Center" [HN00FX][GDrive] . See Jacob Blaustein (born 1892) page for biography: "Jacob Blaustein, founder of the American Oil Company and a president of the American Jewish Committee, died tonight at his farm. He was 78 years old."


1968 - Wedding of granddaughter Roberta Ashby Bosher to Lt. John Lester Dashiells

( See full page in 1968 newspaper at [HN00FQ][GDrive] )


1971 (April) - Still working in (his) chemical business

Full PDF - [HE000K][GDrive]

1970(s) - Retirement

In the 1970s (unknown date, but absolutely no earlier than April 1971), Robert Swan Mueller I retired according to his obituary from the May 1981 issue of Lafayette Alumni News (full issue here: [HE000I][GDrive] )

1973 (May) - Death of wife Anna Elizabeth Freeman Mueller

Anna Mueller passed on May 8, 1973, at age 81 [HL001A][GDrive]. A news article regarding funeral services can be found below (full page from Baltimore Sun visible here : [HN00DZ][GDrive] ).


1977 (Feb) - Family home at 6 Gittings Avenue Sold

Full page : [HN00DO][GDrive]

1980 - Death

Robert Swan Mueller I is listed as having died in January of 1980 in Baltimore, Maryland. The most detailed obituary located as of today (Jan 30 2019) is the paragraph in the Lafayette Alumni News ( full issue here: [HE000I][GDrive] ). Below is the record of the United States obituary notice.

Additional Family Info

2001 (July) - Passing of daughter Emiliie


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