William Kern Gise (born 1871)

"Lieutenant Commander William Kern Gise"

Date of birth: June 22, 1871 ( [HI0002][GDrive] )

Date of death: June 28, 1909 (Age: 38 ) ( [HI0002][GDrive] )

Parents: Father is William Franklin Gise (born 1835)

Other relationships :


1900 to 1901 : Captain of USS Sylph (PY-5) (US Presidential Yacht) for President McKinley

US Naval Academy Information

US Naval Academy Virtual Memorial Hall Entry : [HI0002][GDrive]

WILLIAM K. GISE, LCDR, USN : William Gise '93

William Kern Gise was admitted to the Naval Academy from Illinois on June 14, 1889.

William Kern Gise "died while on duty" on June 28, 1909 as the executive officer of the naval station at Tutuila, Samoa. Unable to determine the circumstances of his death, but there is nothing to suggest it was operational in nature.

Register of Alumni gives date of death as June 29 but no other information.

He was survived by his mother and two siblings; he is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. (William's body was originally buried in Samoa, but re-interred in September 1910.)

In 1906 he was stationed in the Washington, D.C. area; as a Lieutenant he was in charge of "a battalion of marines and bluejackets" during a funeral at Arlington National Cemetery.

He was a veteran of the Spanish-American War, having served in Texas during the Battle of Santiago. He at one time commanded the presidential yacht Sylph.

William K Gise was born on month day 1871, at birth place, Illinois, to William Franklin Gise and Millie Gise.

William had 2 siblings: Edgar Kern Gise and one other sibling.

William lived in 1880, at address, Illinois.

William passed away on month day 1909, at age 38 at death place, American Samoa.

He was buried at burial place, Virginia.

Lt. Cmdr William Kern Gise assignments

See US Naval Academy Virtual Memorial Hall Entry : [HI0002][GDrive]


1880 census - William K Gise with parents

WK Gise is 8 years old

Father William Franklin Gise (born 1835) is described as a"Dry Goods Merchant"

Full Transcript : [HS0004][GDrive] / Image of census form : [HS0006][GDrive]

1889 (Jan 20) - William K Gise is a US Navy cadet

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1895 (July 2) - WK Gise to be US Navy Ensign

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1897 (Feb 08) - Assigned to the Amphitrite




1900 (Jan 30) - Ordered to command the USS Sylph


Captain of USS Sylph (PY-5) (US Presidential Yacht)

1900 (Feb) - WK Gise on the Sylph - tribute to Henry W Lawton

Full newspaper pages:

1900 (Feb 12) - Wedding / Best Man for Robert Whitehead McNeely

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Wedding completed - See ( https://www.newspapers.com/image/371681621/?terms=gise )

June 1900 Census - Lt. Col Gise living ON the Sylph !!!

1900 (June 11) - Guests at party - Yacht club ?

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1900 (Dec 15)

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1901 (March 20) - Removed from the Sylph - Reassigned to Asiatic station

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1901 (March 25) - President promotes WK Gise to Lieutenant

Also promoted - "Edward S. Kellogg" ??

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1901 (April 26) - Friends with President McKinley, but now off to China

June 1 1901 - Assgnment to Kentucky : https://www.newspapers.com/image/365317670/?terms=Kentucky%2Bnavy%2Bgise

Since WK Gise is going to China, and we know that he was assigned to the USS Kentrucky (BB-6) (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Kentucky_(BB-6) ) as of January 1902, we will propose that WK Gise was on board the USS Kentucky during its trip to China.

Full newspaper page : [HN00BL][GDrive]

USS Kentucky : Service during 1900 to 1904

See ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Kentucky_(BB-6) )

During the summer of 1900, Kentucky was fitted out in the New York Navy Yard.[14] On 26 October [1900], during the Boxer Rebellion, she left Tompkinsville, Staten Island for China,[15] passing through Gibraltar[16] and the Suez Canal.[17] On 5 February 1901 she arrived at Manila,[18] and on 23 March she replaced the protected cruiser Newark as the flagship of Rear Admiral Louis Kempff.[19] Between 1901 and 1904, Kentucky visited numerous ports in China and Japan, including Chefoo,[20] Wusong,[20][21][22] Nanking,[21] Taku Forts,[23] Hong Kong,[24] Xiamen,[22]Nagasaki,[25] Kobe,[14] and Yokohama.[26] In 1902, Kentucky became the flagship of Rear Admiral Frank Wildes, although he moved his flag to the distilling ship Rainbow on 12 April 1902.[26] In November 1902, she became the flagship of Rear Admiral Robley D. Evans.[27]

On 13 March 1904 she sailed from Manila, passing through the Suez Canal and the Strait of Gibraltar, and arriving at New York City on 21 May.[28] After receiving upgrades at the New York Navy Yard, including the addition of smoke ejectors,[29] Kentucky joined the North Atlantic Squadron.[30] The battleship participated in the welcome of the British North Atlantic Squadron at Annapolis, Maryland, in October 1905.[30] During the 1906 Cuban Insurrection, she carried Marines to Cuba, embarking them from Provincetown on 23 September, and landing them at Havana, Cuba, on 1 October.[31] She remained there until 9 October, and then returned to New England.[32] Kentucky attended the Jamestown Exposition at Norfolk, Virginia, on 15 April 1907,[4] and then participated in exercises off the New England coast.[14]

1902 - WK Gise with USS Kentucky in China

USS Kentucky

1902 (Sep 12) https://www.newspapers.com/image/430806055/?terms=%22USS%2BKentucky%22

1903 - WK Gise with USS Kentucky in China

1903 (Dec 24) -

Full page : [HN00C7][ 1903-12-23-the-honolulu-advertiser-pg-2-clip-war-fleet ]


1904 (Jan) to 1904 (May)- USS Kentucky leaved Manila, sails to New York City - Lt. WK Gise still assigned to the USS Kentucky

See Wikipedia page on Admiral Evans ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robley_D._Evans ) assigned to the Kentucky, to get insignt on where the Kentucky was ..

Commander-in-Chief – Asiatic Fleet[edit]

Admiral Evans transferred his flag from armored cruiser, USS New York (ACR-2) on 4 November 1902 to battleship, USS Kentucky (BB-6)at Yokohama, Japan. On 5 December 1903, the Kentucky left Japanese waters for Hawaii; on 17 December 1903, the Kentucky arrived at Pearl Harbor Naval Station, Hawaii. Admiral Evans hosted a Christmas dinner for the officers of Kentucky at the Moana Hotel in Waikiki. 31 December 1903 Evans' flagship departed Honolulu for Guam. Kentucky arrived in Cavite, the Philippines, on 18 January 1904. Admiral Evans called on the new Governor-General of the Philippines, Luke Edward Wright, at the Malacanang Palace. Evans' flagship departed Manila on 13 March 1904. The Kentucky coaled at Hong Kong and Colombo. Sailing through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean Sea to the port of Naples, Italy, the voyage continued to Gibraltar, coaling at Madeira; the flagship Kentucky arrived at the New York Navy Yard, 23 May 1904. Admiral Evans hauled down his flag, 27 May 1904 from battleship Kentucky.

Commander-in-Chief – North Atlantic Fleet[edit]

Evans (left) and President Theodore Roosevelt aboard Roosevelt's yacht, The Mayflower

On 31 March 1905, a 13-gun salute was fired by the battleship USS Maine at Pensacola, Florida, as the flag of Rear Admiral Robley D. Evans, Commander-in-Chief of the North Atlantic Fleet, was broken at the main mast. The fleet sailed on 7 May 1905 for Hampton Roads, Virginia. Admiral Evans returned to his alma mater the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland, on 30 October 1905.

The British Fleet under command of Prince Louis of Battenberg arrived at Annapolis. On 1 November 1905, the Prince visited Evans on Maine. Admiral Evans gave Prince Louis a tour of the Naval Academy and battleship Maine. A reception by Evans was held later in the week on the Maine for Governor Edwin Warfield of Maryland.

Admiral Evans on the flagship Maine sailed on 7 November 1905 from Annapolis to New York. Admiral Evans stayed on board Maine during repairs from 20 November 1905 to January 1906. After winter quarters in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, on 3 May 1906, Evans returned the fleet to New York. On 2 September 1906, the Maine anchored next to the presidential yacht Mayflower off Oyster Bay, Long Island. President Theodore Roosevelt came on board Maine to confer with Evans. Admiral Evans o the Maine departed New York on 28 December for winter quarters in Cuban waters. On 15 April 1907, Evans' flagship Maine returned to Hampton Roads. On 16 April 1907, Evans hauled down his flag on the Maine and then hoisted it on the battleship Connecticut, flagship for the world cruise.

1904 (Sep 23) - off to newport

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1905 (May 23) wedding - Miss Rita Hamilton Ryan to Mr. Alan Ogilvie Clephane

https://www.newspapers.com/image/145528862/?terms=%22William%2BKern%2BGise%22 )

1905 (June 02) - wedding

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1905 (Oct 29) - At wedding with Powers Symington (Misspelled a "Powell Symington")

Also in attendance - Powers Symington (born 1872)

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Other wedding review - (Nov 1 2015)

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1906 (Feb 11)

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1907 (June 2)

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1907 (Oct 29)

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1908 (July 7)

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1909 (July 15)

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1909 (July) - death - Lieutenant Governor of Samoa

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Passong / Death note ( July 10 1909 )

See PDF of "The United States Army and Navy Journal and Gazette of the Regular and Volunteer Forces, Volume 46 : Army and Navy Journal Incorporated, 1909" ( [HP000J][GDrive] )

Lieut. Comdr. William K. Gise, U.S.N., executive officer of the Annapolis, stationship at the naval station at Tutuila, Samoa, died at that place July 5, 1909. The body will be brought to the United States for interment as soon as suitable arrangements can be made. Lieutenant Commander Gise went out as ordnance officer on the Ohio when the Battleship Fleet began its world cruise in December, 1907. He was transferred to Samoa about the time the fleet left San Francisco. His position at Navy was a most important one, he acting practically as captain of the yard and having much to do with naval affairs on the island. Commander Gise was born in Dwight, Ill... on June 22, 1871, and entered the naval Service as a naval cadet on June 14, 1889. He was promoted to ensign on July 1, 1895, and served during the Spanish-American War, 1898, on board the U.S.S. Texas. He was promoted to lieutenant (junior grade) on March 3, 1899, and to lieutenant on March 3, 1901, the most important part of his service in the latter grade being as follows: On U.S.S. Kentucky, May, 1903, to June 21, 1904: at Naval Gun Factory, navy yard, Washington,D.C.. Aug. 18, 1904, to Jan. 3. 1906: as executive officer, of U.S.S. Dolphin from Jan. 4, 1906, to Oct. 21, 1907. He was promoted to lieutenant commander from Feb.8,1907. On Oct. 22, 1907, he reported for duty as ordinance officer of the U.S.S. Ohio, performing that duty until detached on June 27, 1908. Form June 28, 1908, to July 26, 1908, he was attached to the U.S.S. Panther. On July 27, 1908, he reported for duty on board the U.S.S. Panther. On July 27, 1908, he reported for duty on board the U.S.S. Annapolis, stationship at the naval station, Tutuila, Samoa, and was engaged upon that duty at the time of his death.

1909 (July 19)

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1910 (April 21)

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1910 (Sep 21) - Burial - pallbearers

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1910 (Sep 22)

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