The Butter Firkin

The Butter Firkin Adventure Begins...

What is a butter firkin you ask? In short, a firkin is a "small, wooden vessel or cask." In some cultures it's a unit of measure, but the reason a firkin is of any consequence to me is because over 150 years ago the Justice of the Peace who lived in the farmhouse Bill and I just bought also made butter firkins. In the house. (So cool, right???)

This farmhouse has been bought and sold many times over. About 30 years ago it was beautifully renovated by an architect who then sold it. Over the last seven years Bill and I watched as the last owners were foreclosed upon and the house tragically deteriorated. Did I mention we lived across the street? Frequently we would walk by. We would sneak in (because multiple doors were broken, often flapping in the wind) and take a look around. The kids and I would play and explore in the creek and forest in the back. And inevitably, every year Bill would ask, "Can we buy it?" And I would say, "No."

Here we are. Owners of said farmhouse.

I said no for a multitude of reasons. There were puddles in the master bedroom. There were pipes missing in the basement. All the appliances were clearly shot and would need to be replaced. EVERY room needs paint...and seems to be covered in what some might call MOLD. Who knows what's lurking underneath those walls.... Bill can replace a faucet or vanity, change out a light fixture, and I can paint the heck out of any house...but this? This was going to take blood, sweat, and tears...and many contractors. I also have two young boys to consider - and homework and lunches and the bigger tax bill (as this house and property are double what we had) and heating costs...all those many things...I haven't even told you about the Adirondack Room yet...soon, my lovelies, soon....

But. I love my husband. I love his vision. I love a challenge and an adventure. And I cannot deny that there is something magical and cool and awesome about this farmhouse. So, I said yes. He said he did not want to call the house "The Butter Firkin" but he can't stop me from writing a blog about our house adventures with that name. I love the name. I love that it has historical significance, I love that it sounds a little silly, but there's warmth in also makes me think of our last name. ..and possibly a delicious shot.

So, that's the start of our adventure. Stay tuned for all the ups and downs of putting this place back together.

Our awesome mailbox.

Thanks Liam!

Installing the mailbox.

Thanks Finn and Bill!

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