Happy New Year at the Butter Firkin

Happy New Year friends of the Butter Firkin. I do apologize for not writing over the very long break teachers we teachers were granted this year. However, I did something remarkable over the break: nothing. I lifted not a single paint brush or hammer or tool. I did do some cleaning and organizing. Bill installed some lights, and our contractor stopped by, but this holiday season we ENJOYED everything the Firkin had to offer and that was that. Take a look see.

We finally got the guest room/my office settled. Well, it's not painted. I'm taking a little painting vacation, but, for now, it's a very nice room for people to stay in, for me to read a book in or do a puzzle, or for Finn to race his cars...well...every place on God's green earth is a place for Finn to race his cars.

If you click on this link you can see a cool little video about how this couch opens up. I think it's a little clunky looking, but it's SUPER comfortable and so easy to open.

We did order a small area rug...forgot that was coming. So many things. I suppose I'll start painting again in the spring when I can open all the windows...

We've also cleaned up the sun room. It's so nice to sit in there. My parents got us a little hydroponic garden for Christmas. Love it.

Another great room to read or just chill in...

Currently growing basil, chives, and salad greens.

Speaking of presents - this cutting board from my brother Will and his wife Alix got us for Christmas might be one of my favorite things ever....

The Adirondack Room construction began. The pine boards are going up, the beams are staying exposed, and eventually the floors are going back on (since we insulated the underside).

The beginning of the work...

Here's the insulation...

Here's how it's looking today...

Bill put up a bunch of lights. A fancy light in the stairwell going up to the second floor, the hallway lights in the master bedroom, and the lights in the master bathroom.

The upstairs hallway

Bill gets all the credit.

Edison bulbs are now my favorite

We had a little trouble here...electrician coming soon.

Here are some ways we enjoyed ourselves over the holidays...

Bill snowblowed the ice on the pond.

First Christmas dinner at the Firkin.

Boys ice skating on the pond.

New Year's Eve proved to be loads of fun.

Facials at the Firkin.

This may not have been our best idea...but we have plans for this wall.

Any chance she got to sneak in the house, she took it. Silly kitty.