405 and 405M Bedford CA Fire Tender

Issued in the initial 1956 launch. The little van had a ladder on the roof and either Fire Dept or ATS transfers.

405 available in green and a scarce red. 405M is always red.

There are silver and black ladders available

423 Bedford CA MkII Fire Tender

The single screen update in June 1960.

213 and 213S Jaguar Fire Chief's Car

Issued January 1959, using the Riley Police roof furniture.

Revised in March 1961 to include an interior and suspension.

439 Chevrolet Impala Fire Chief's Car

Issued in January 1963

482 Chevrolet Fire Chief's Car

Issued in December 1965 with revised split casting

1127 Simon Snorkel Fire Engine

Issued September 1964

1143 American La France Aerial Rescue Truck

Issued October 1968

395 GP Beach Buggy Fire 'Bug'

Issued in December 1971

A Whizzwheels model.