433 Volkswagen Delivery Van

Issued in December 1962

Whilst there are several private companies who had this model made in their own colours and with company stickers or transfers, the model available in the shops was always white and red.

441 Volkswagen 'Toblerone' Van

Issued in February 1963

This was an edition that was generally released. nlike 433, this was fitted with Trans-o-lite headlamps.

431 Volkswagen Pick-up

Issued in March 1964

Always a bright deep yellow colour. There may be either a bright red or deep olive plastic canopy.

490 Volkswagen Breakdown Truck

Issued in December 1966.

The boxed model was a green-brown colour and did not have any stickers (apart from a very rare edition with the word Breakdown and Corgi dog logo which may have been a trial). It can be found with shaped wheels or cast wheels.

In the rear section there should be two sizes of tyre stored.

A white edition was also included in the October 1967 Gift Set 6, December 1968 and April 1970 Gift Set 12 and the April 1970 Gift Set 25. This can hace shaped or cast wheels and would have a lemon interior and Racing Club + dog logo on the stickers.