Land Rover

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416 Land Rover RAC Radio Rescue

Issued in August 1959

Initial the model had a headboard. Later issues did not, having a different transfer on the canopy instead.

416 Land Rover TS Edition

Issued in 1963 for the Belgian market. Scarce to find now.

416S Land Rover RAC Radio Rescue

Issued in December 1962, now a Series II Land Rover with suspension, interior and a blue plastic canopy, the transfers are on the bonnet and doors now.

There is also a very scarce TS edition in yellow from Belgium.

417 Land Rover Breakdown Truck

Issued in July 1960, the first version with an open jib.

Available with a tin rear section cover and either smooth or shaped fixed wheels.

417S Land Rover Breakdown Truck

Issued in December 1962, now with suspension and an interior for a Series Two Land Rover.

Available with either the type 1 open jib or the later closed type.

477 Land Rover Breakdown Truck

Issued in December 1965, now with a plastic rear canopy section.

Available only with the type 2 closed jib but there are three types of wheel possible:

  • shaped
  • cast
  • Whizzwheels

472 Land Rover Public Address Vehicle

Issued in September 1964, with a chap with a microphone, a girl helper and Vote For Corgi stickers.

The Land Rover is known with and without a tin hook.

The interior is red but I have seen one example with a lemon yellow interior.

487 Circus Parade Land Rover

Issued in September 1965, the Chipperfields Circus version of 472 came with a clown character standing and a chimpanzee 'helper'. again, this is known with a without a tin hook.