214 and 214M Ford Thunderbird

Issued in March 1959.

Available in cream and pale green for the normal edition and pink with a black roof for the Mechanical edition. Fixed smooth wheels, shaped fixed wheels on the 214 late editions.

1959 included in the cast for the rear registration plate area but removed for late editions of 214. Examples with smooth wheels and no 1959 are known so it would seem to pre-date the shaped wheels but it may be that there are also shaped wheel editions with 1959.

All 214M models have smooth wheels but whether all have 1959 is to be researched!

215 Ford Thunderbird open Sports

Issued December 1959.

This had no driver and was available in white with a blue interior. Fixed smooth or shaped wheels on late editions.

As for the 214, this is known with and without 1959 and combinations of smooth+1959, smooth no 1959, shaped no 1959 may exist. Less likely would be shaped+1959.

214S Ford Thunderbird

Issued in June 1962 with suspension and an interior.

Available in dark metallic grey and a dark red roof

215S Ford Thunderbird Open Top sports

Issued in June 1962 with suspension and now a driver is added. available in red with brown interior.

430 Ford Bermuda Taxi

Issued in July 1962, this is the Ford Thunderbird in white with a pale brown interior, a new driver and with some adaptation to take a sun shade. (Not shown in the photo here)

Available in white only with yellow-brown interior.

320 Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback Coupe

Issued in April 1965 and another very nice model - the first with opening side doors and reclining seats. there was also a Corgi dog on the rear parcel shelf.

Available in a range of colours:

  • metallic purple
  • metallic silver
  • metallic deep blue
  • pea green

Early models had shaped wheels, although these are hard to find now. Most had wire wheels and later editions had cast wheels.

325 Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback Competition

issued in December 1965, the Competition model was white with a double red stripe across the bonnet, roof and boot. Rare editions also had red sills.

There were two types of interior: chalky blue or green with a similar rear shelf to 320 but no dog, and a new style of interior with no provision for the dog.

This model can be found with shaped wheels, wire wheels and cast wheels, as well as a wide 8 spoke cast wheel.

348 Ford Mustang 'Pop Art' Stock Car

Issued in June 1968, this is a late version of the Mustang with wide 8 spoke wheels and chalky blue interior, covered in 'Flower Power' type stickers on a lilac-blue body.

Available also with gold wheels in the same design.

166 Ford Mustang 'Organ Grinder' Stock Car

Issued in October 1971, the Whizzwheels treatment of the Mustang was unkind.

Available in bright yellow with no opening doors, no jewelled lights, no interesting interior and just some bits of engine protruding from the bonnet. At least it didn't have the ubiquitous wheels and some effort was made, creating large ones for the rear uniquely for this model.

316 Ford GT70

Issued in June 1972, one of the better Whizzwheel models.

Available in bright metallic green.

391 Ford Mustang Mach 1 James Bond's Car)

Issued in February 1972 and from the film Diamonds Are Forever this is the first of two models of this shape.

Available in red with a black bonnet and cream interior on a white base.

329 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Rally Car

Issued in October 1973.

Available in dark metallic green and white with a yellow interior on a white base.