237 Oldsmobile Super 88 Sheriff's Car

Issued in June 1962

Available in black and white with roof light and stickers on the doors.

235 Oldsmobile Super 88 Saloon

Issued in December 1962

Available in metallic silver-blue and plain pale blue.

358 Oldsmobile Super 88 Military Staff Car

Issued in January 1965

Available with uniformed occupants and in khaki with US Army transfers.

497 Oldsmobile Super 88 'Thrushbuster' Car

From the Man From UNCLE TV series, the Super 88 is revised somewhat and has Napoleon Solo and Ilyia Kuryakin firing out of windows and search lights on the roof. There is a sticker on the bonnet and in the box was a ring with both characters' images displayed as you turn it.

Available in metallic deep blue or the more correct but scarce creamy-white.

The wheels are usually cast but early editions have shaped.

264 Oldsmobile Toronado

Issued January 1967, another collector's favourite. This model had just one main feature - twin jewelled lights that could be swilled down using a lever under the front bumper. It was, however, a very attractive model as it stood, with a superb blue paintwork, clean white interior and shiny chrome fittings.

It was available initially with shaped wheels, which is a scarce edition, and mostly with cast wheels in shades from deep dark blue to turquoise.

It also comes with and without a tow hook. The edition with a tow hook is normally only available as part of Gift Set 36 towing a Glastron Speedboat on a trailer.

276 Oldsmobile Toronado

The Golden Jacks version, issued in June 1968.

Otherwise unchanged this model was available in bright metallic red and lime-gold.