412 Bedford CA Ambulance

Issued November 1957 in MkI form. Revised sometime in 1960 to MkII single screen form.

414 Bedford CA Military Ambulance

Issued in January 1961

437 Superior Ambulance on Cadillac Chassis

Issued in October 1962 in red and white. Revised in July 1966 with a new battery unit and mechanism and in a new blue and cream colour scheme.

Available with clear or amber small lights.

463 Commer Ambulance

Issued in February 1964

A similar model could be created in the Commer Construction Gift Set 24 issued in 1963 but this boxed edition has a fixed base and is easily identifiable in that respect.

354 Commer Military Ambulance

Issued in January 1965

482 Range Rover Ambulance

Issued in May 1975

A Whizzwheels model with two ambulance men and a stretcher included.

Available in white but with either black side stickers or red panels.