Trailers and Boats

There are horse and pony trailers in the Farming section and a Bat Boat and trailer in the TV & Film section. Other boats and trailers were not available to buy individually, coming with many Gift Sets and you may find others that you seek in that section.

100 Dropside Trailer

Issued in July 1957

There are two versions: the early one had a wire tow bar and later ones, from December 1962, a solid cast bar. The trailers have fixed wheels, smooth or shaped.

101 Platform Trailer

Issued in January 1958

There are several colour combinations:

  • silver on yellow chassis
  • silver on blue chassis
  • blue on yellow chassis
  • silver on pale blue chassis (from Gift Set 11 or 21)
  • red on pale blue (from Gift Set 19)

These can also be found with the wire or, from December 1962, a solid cast tow bar.

104 Dolphin Cabin Cruiser

Issued in July 1965 individually, this is the boat and trailer pulled by a Buick Riviera in Gift Set 31 issued in December 1964.

The trailer may have smooth, shaped or cast wheels.

109 Pennyburn Workman's Trailer

Issued in January 1968.

This was available in blue and yellow with a brush and spade. It was also included in Gift Set 10 in metallic dark blue and white but with no tools.