434 Volkswagen Kombi

Issued in December 1962

Always in pale pea green and darker pea green, with suspension and free spinning shaped wheels.

Several vans and a pick-up truck were also issued at around this time - see the Commercial section for more information about these.

A Military Personnel Carrier based on the Kombi was also issued in 1965. see the Military section for details.

239 Volkswagen 1500 Karman Ghia

Issued in February 1963.

Available in several colours:

  • red
  • cream
  • gold with a yellow interior
  • gold with a red interior

The car had opening bonnet and rear engine compartment, with a clear lifting engine cover. There were also two small suitcases and a spare wheel.

256 VW 1200 East Africa Safari

Issued in December 1965, this model could be steered from the spare wheel on the roof. Very detailed, with opening bonnet and rear engine compartment, mudguards and bright metal bumpers.

Available in red-orange with a baby rhino in the box too.

This can be found in both RHD and LHD form.

492 VW 1200 European Police Car

The East Africa Safari model revised as a German Police car. Issued in May 1966.

Export versions for a Dutch police version exist in all white finish.

373 VW 1200 Police Car

The Whizzwheels version, issued September 1970

Available in green and white, white with a black bonnet and white with a black roof and doors. Again, there are also export editions in all white finish.

Nothing now opens, nor is there any steering.

383 VW 1200 Saloon

First issued in September 1970 this is a simple saloon version.

Available in three types:

  • 'Flower Power' design dark green on a red chassis
  • orange with white interior
  • orange with red interior

383 VW 1200 ADAC

The same catalogue number appears to have also been allocated to an export model, understood to have been issued in 1971

400 and 401 VW 1300 Driving School Car

Issued in April 1974 and re-designated as a VW1300 (although also known with VW1200 on the base!), the steering system returns, being operated from a bizarre steering wheel protruding from the roof.

Available in bright metallic blue with gold cast wheels.

The same car was re-issued in July 1975 in a bigger diorama style box together with a set of 24 bollards.

384 VW 1200 Rally Edition

The very last Corgi made in 1:43 (during the era covered by this catalogue) was issued in October 1977. A strange release, being two years after the previous car in this scale and with all other models then in the larger 1:36 scale.

This is, to all intents and purposes a 383 model in blue with a white interior and chassis, and a stripe on the roof and sides. The wheels are the familiar four spoke variety that had ceased to be used a while earlier with the advent of more attractive designs.