Chipperfields Circus Vehicles

1121 Crane Truck

October 1960 - 1969

This gets suspension at some point, probably around 1962.

1123 Circus Cage Trailer

January 1961 - 1968

These are first issued with metal doors and dividers (the blue items) but these change to plastic for later editions, probably from around 1962.

Fitted with fixed smooth and then fixed shaped wheels.

The cages initially came with transfers for lions or polar bears and two plastic animals. It appears that the first issues had polar bears but later issues may have had both lions and polar bears. A note issued with one cage (later edition with plastic doors) read that only polar bears were being issued at the time with lions, tigers and gorillas being supplied in future. I guess you would have to check with the toy shop what was included to avoid duplication.

Amusingly, this note says they're only including polar bears but there are two lions (I think) illustrated. It is likely that you'll find several 'non-Corgi-issue' animals in amongst these as children would often have had many others and mixed them up.

426 Karrier Booking Office

January 1962 - 1964

Mostly with fixed shaped wheels but some early editions had smooth wheels. This is the Karrier Mobile Shop with Chipperfields paint and features and now with suspension.

(438) Circus Land Rover

April 1962 - 1968

Issued as part of Gift Set 19, then appearing in Gift Set 23 in September 1962.

Not available as an individual item.

First editions had a tin blue canopy with Chipperfields stickers, later in plastic.

This model is not known with anything but normal shaped wheels.

Some red Land Rovers have short bars on the roof 'plate'. It is not known whether these come from the Chipperfields or Ferrari Racing sets. It is also possible that they were found in both.

1130 Bedford Horse Transporter

October 1962 -1971

Supplied with six horses, usually in white but brown horses are known. The wheels are also usually shaped but later editions have cast wheels. I am not aware of any with the detailed, larger cast wheels which were available towards the end of production and were being fitted to similar models.

Gift Set 19 Circus Land Rover and Elephant Cage

April 1962 - 1968

The cage is usually brown plastic (maybe faded to paler shades with age) but it is also known in grey.

March 1963 - 1967

The cage and elephant were also available as a kit 607 - the elephant being distinguished by being in two sections unlike the GS19 item which has much less obvious join.

503 Bedford Giraffe Transporter

June 1964 - 1971

An edition of this in fawn and patterned brown container was included in the Big Daktari Gift Set 14.

All transporters were supplied with one adult and one foal giraffe.

Most editions had shaped wheels but late models were fitted with scarcer cast wheels. Although the Daktari edition gets the larger detailed cast wheels, I have not seen them on the Chipperfields version.

487 Circus Parade Land Rover

September 1965 - 1969

This can be found without the Bonnet Label but as they are fairly easy to remove it is not easy to know for sure whether it is the scarcer edition or not.

More obvious is the hook which is usually not present but has been included on some scarce models.

The wheels seem to be normal shaped through production, despite cast wheels being available in its later years.

1139 Scammel Menagerie Transporter

October 1968 - 1972

The Scammel cab and trailer put to Chipperfields use here with detailed cast wheels on all models.

1144 Scammel Circus Crane Truck with Rhino Cage

March 1969 - 1972

Remarkably the ancient crane device is still going strong after 12 years! This old element of the original Circus Crane Truck is now affixed to a Scammell cab with detailed cast wheels.

511 Chevrolet Impala Performing Poodles Vehicle

January 1970 - 1971

The Chevrolet Impala gets one last life as the Performing Poodles transport for Chipperfields. With the dreadful Mary C in plastic with six poodles on some roundabout thing. The Impala is nice but with very 'active' suspension.

The Chevrolet in this finish will always have cast wheels.