Chipperfields Circus Vehicles

1121 Crane Truck

Issued October 1960

1123 Circus Cage Trailer

Issued January 1961

426 Karrier Booking Office

Issued January 1962

(438) Circus Land Rover

Issued April 1962 as part of Gift Set 19, then appearing in Gift Set 23 in September 1962.

Not available as an individual item.

First editions had a tin blue canopy with Chipperfields stickers, later in plastic.

1130 Bedford Horse Transporter

Issued October 1962

Gift Set 19 Circus Land Rover and Elephant Cage

Issued April 1962

The cage and elephant were also available as a kit 607 in March 1963

503 Bedford Giraffe Transporter

Issued June 1964

487 Circus Parade Land Rover

Issued September 1965

1139 Scammel Menagerie Transporter

Issued October 1968

1144 Scammel Circus Crane Truck with Rhino Cage

Issued March 1969

511 Chevrolet Impala Performing Poodles Vehicle

Issued January 1970