206 and 206M Hillman Husky

206 is available in beige from the very first Corgi 1957 releases.

In 1959 a two-tone edition was issued in silver over metallic blue.

206M has a friction motor and was also in the initial release, available in blue and grey.

251 Hillman Imp

Issued in 1963 and found in metallic bronze with a white stripe and shades of metallic blue for the boxed edition. The bronze edition has a cream interior, the blue has yellow.

The bronze edition is often found in a Transporter Set.

There is also an edition with jewelled spot lights, although I have yet to discover whether this was intended as a production item or just a sample.

328 Hillman Imp Monte Carlo Rally 1966

A slightly deeper shade of metallic blue for this edition, which also had the cream interior from the bronze car. This also had two jewelled fog lamps.

In 1967 another version was produced with six jewelled lights and a slightly different base and listed as 340 Sunbeam Imp Monte Carlo Rally Edition.

340 Sunbeam Imp Monte Carlo Rally 1967 Edition

This is the 1967 edition (listed as a Sunbeam Imp). This had cast wheels and the screen incorporated something like an aerial or demisting zone.

506 Police Panda Imp

For a short period in 1968-9 the Sunbeam Imp was available as a Police Panda in white. there are two versions: one has a black bonnet and doors, the other has a black roof only. there appear to be two shades too, one a bright white and the other a distinctly creamy white colour.

The wheels are cast and the interior brown, including a driver. There are jewelled headlamps.

In 1969 a third edition is produced in blue and white, with no driver. This edition has the screen with aerial or demister zone feature.

302 Hillman Hunter London-Sydney Rally

Issued in 1969 this model has Golden Jacks take-off wheels and in the box came with a set of stickers, many of which have usually now been applied to models. There was also a kangaroo.

The car is blue with a white roof and black bonnet, with a red kangaroo guard at the front which includes a single jewel lamp. At the rear there is also a jewelled lamp. Darker shades of blue are known but all appear to have a similar grey interior.