154 Ferrari Grand Prix F1

Issued in 1963, one of the second series of racing cars.

Always in red. This was also available in Gift Set 17 on a trailer behind a Land Rover. It always has a driver, even when being towed on a trailer :\

There are two editions. The first has small and normal size shaped wheels; the second has small and normal size cast wheels. I am not sure but think the driver might have changed in the later edition too.

314 Ferrari Berlinetta Le Mans

Issued in 1965.

Always in red - apart from the very few made for VIP visitors in gold.

344 Ferrari Dino 204 Sport

The first Whizzwheels model, issued in September 1969.

First models had 'red spot' wheels, later replaced by the ubiquitous four spoke wheels.

Available in yellow and red.