204 and 204M Rover 90

One of the initial launch range in 1956.

204 was issued in off-white and grey at first. In 1959 it gets the two-tone treatment in cream over dark cerise.

204M was issued in bright green and shades of a slightly darker green

252 Rover 2000

Issued in 1963 in steel blue (shades) and maroon.

A gold edition was also made in very small numbers for VIP visitors.

322 Rover 2000 Monte Carlo Edition

This was issued in March 1965 in maroon and white.

322 Rover 2000 Sun International Rally Edition

Issued in February 1967 in white with a matt black bonnet. This had a quite different casting, showing an air intake below the front bumper and no fog lamps.

275 Rover 2000TC

Issued in 1968, the second with Golden Jacks take-off wheels, this time having a spare mounted on the boot.

This was issued in metallic green with a tan interior, and in white with a red interior.

The green edition can be found with scarcer red or white interiors. (The model illustrated with a green interior has incorrect wheels.)

281 Rover 2000TC

The Whizzwheels version, only available for a short time in 1971, with a quite different front end based on the then-current model. Always in a bright metallic purple.