324 Marcos 1800GT

Issued in 1966 with opening, bonnet doors and a driver inside. Few now have the driver.

Available in white with green stripes or blue with white stripes. Editions exported to Canada were white with blue stripes - every difficult to find now.

377 Marcos 3 Litre

The Whizzwheels version, issued in 1970. This has an opening bonnet but the doors are now permanently shut.

There are three colours:

  • bright yellow
  • metallic silver-green
  • ivory

341 Mini Marcos GT850

The first of the Golden Jacks models, with wheels that could be removed. This was available from March 1968 in shades of metallic maroon with a white interior.

The doors and bonnet opened.

305 Mini Marcos GT850

Released in February 1972 and only available for a short time that year, the Whizzwheels version of 341.

Issued in white with a red interior and racing stripes in red, white and blue.

Some late Gift Set 20 Transporter Sets included a sky blue 305. This is particularly rare.

312 Marcos Mantis

The hard top version, issued in 1967. This can found in three colours:

  • blue and white
  • red and white
  • yellow with a green stripe

The red and blue editions were those issued in boxes. Occasionally the yellow one was issued individually but it was intended to be part of Gift Set 37, the Lotus Racing Set, where it complemented the green 318.

All editions had a removable chassis and that may have had either small wheels or larger cast wheels.