1101 Bedford Carrimore Car Transporter

Issued October 1957

There would also seem to be a metallic ? cerise cab which may have been issued with a blue carrier section.

Collectors will have often swapped the cabs and rear sections from several models so many combinations can be seen but these three are, I believe, the only ones actually intended.

1100 Bedford Carrimore Low Loader

Issued April 1958

1104 Bedford Machinery Carrier

Issued September 1958

1401 Service Ramp

Issued April 1958

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1102 Euclid TC-12 Bulldozer

Issued November 1958

Rich yellow or lime-yellow.

1106 Karrier Airfield Radar Van

Issued January 1959

1103 Euclid TC-12 Tractor

Issued October 1960

1107 Euclid TC-12 Bulldozer

Issued November 1963

1102 with a lever now operating the blade and a driver added.

A rich yellow finish or lime-yellow.

1109 Bloodhound Missile on Loading Trolley

Issued February 1959

1110 Bedford Mobilgas Tanker

Issued April 1959

1111 Massey Ferguson Combine Harvester

Issued August 1959

1112 Corporal Guided Missile on Launching Ramp

Issued June 1959

1113 Corporal Erector Vehicle with Missile

Issued October 1959

1124 Corporal Missile Launching Ramp

Issued October 1960

1115 Bloodhound Guided Missile

Issued December 1959

1116 Bloodhound Missile Platform

Issued December 1959

1117 Bloodhound Missile Trolley

Issued December 1959

1118 International Army 6x6 Truck

Issued May 1959

These trucks can be difficult to identify! There are two types of chassis: one is 'see-through' and one solid. I believe the 'solid' type is the earlier type.

On the front and rear are insignia and you'll find two types: one is the 'Allied' blue and red, the other is a Dutch blue, red and white insignia. It also seems that some models were issued without any insignia but, of course, it can be difficult to be sure they have not simply rubbed off over the years.

The British and Dutch models should have plain canopies and no stars anywhere. There is a US edition that has stars on the bonnet and also on the canopy where is affixed to a flat surface. There seem also to be examples with stars on the doors instead of the bonnet.

Examples with text on the sides of the bonnet are most likely to be later 1133 models but I cannot rule out the possibility of a 1118 model having this text. the problem is that canopies and boxes may easily have been changed so do not provide firm evidence of which is which.

Silver may be applied to lights and sometimes to the radiator grille too.

1133 International 6x6 Truck US Army

Issued January 1965

As described above, these should always have text on the sides of the bonnet and stars on the doors (occasionally bonnet). One definite feature is a star on the canopy that has been placed in a circular indent.

Silver may be applied to lights and sometimes to the radiator grille too.

Despite what the catalogues may say, neither this nor the earlier 1118 had suspension fitted with the revised chassis (unlike the Circus Crane which did).

1119 Hovercraft SR-N1

Issued June 1960

1120 Midland Motorway Express Coach

Issued March 1961

1121 Chipperfields Circus Crane

Issued October 1960

Revised in 1963 with suspension added.

1123 Chipperfields Crircus Animal Cage

Issued January 1961

1130 Chipperfields Horse Transporter

Issued October 1962

1104 Race Horse Transporter

Issued September 1973

1105 Bedford Car Transporter

Issued November 1962

1128 Priestman 'Cub' Shovel

Issued May 1963

1129 Bedford Milk Tanker

Issued May 1962

1131 Bedford Machinery Carrier

Issued November 1963

1132 Bedford Low Loader

Issued November 1963

1127 Simon Snorkel Fire Engine

Issued September 1964

1134 Bedford US Army Fuel Tanker

Issued January 1965

1135 Bedford Machinery Carrier US Army

Issued January 1965

1137 Ford H Series 'Express Service'

Issued September 1965

1138 Ford H Series Car Transporter

Issued April 1966

1140 Bedford Mobilgas Tanker

Issued December 1965

1139 Scammell Chipperfields Menagerie Transporter

Issued October 1967

1141 Bedford Milk Tanker

Issued December 1965

1142 Holmes Wrecker Recovery Vehicle

Issued May 1967

1143 American La France Aerial Rescue Truck

Issued October 1968

1144 Scammell Circus Crane with Rhino Cage

Issued March 1969

1148 Scammell Mk IV Car Transporter

Issued May 1969

1145 Unimog 406 with Gooseneck Dumper

Issued October 1969 and re-issued with less features 1975

1147 Scammell 'Ferrymasters' Truck

Issued December 1969

1146 Scammell Handyman Car Transporter

Issued October 1970

1150 Unimog 406 Snow Plough

Issued February 1971

1151 Co-operative Promotional Set

A scarce set, issued briefly during 1970/1 and comprising three models:

  • 462 Commer Van in blue and white with cast wheels and Co-op stickers on the side van panels and rear door

  • 466 Commer Milk Float in blue and white with cast wheels and Co-op stickers on the cab doors and rear float panel (otherwise very similar to 466 but not aware of a 466 with cast wheels)

  • 1151 Scammell Articulated Trailer with white cab and blue trailer on white chassis, Co-op stickers on the cab doors and sides and rear panel of trailer

1106 Mack Container Truck


1160 Ford Gulf Fuel Tanker


1161 Ford Aral Fuel Tanker


1109 Ford Michelin Container Truck


Mack Gloster Saro Esso Fuel Tanker

Mack Transcontinental Container Truck

Priestman Boom Crane

Mack Priestman Crane Truck

Bedford TK Racehorse Transporter

Mack Crane Fruehauf discharge Dumper

Chubb Airport Fire Truck

Mack Skyscraper Tower Crane

Berliet Racehorse Transporter

Berliet Wrecker Truck

Mercedes Benz Unimog with Goose Dumper

Volvo-BM Concrete Mixer

Ford Esso Tanker

Ford H Series Exxon Fuel Tanker

Ford H Series Car Transporter

Dennis Simon Snorkel fire Engine

Berlet Container Truck

Ford Michelin Articulated truck

Ford Michelin Container Truck

Ford Cab with Guiness Tanker

Ford H Series Car Transporter