201 and 201M Austin Cambridge

Available in turquoise blue and, later as a two-tone silver and metallic green.

And in grey, white and orange with a friction motor.

216 and 216M Austin A40

Nearly all the 216 models were blue with a dark blue roof and the 216M models were red with a black roof.

A rare edition of 216 in red with a black roof is known.

225 Austin Seven

The Austin Seven 'Mini' can be found in primrose yellow or shades of red from an orangey-red through to quite deep shades of red. All the primrose editions have red seats and the red editions can have either cream seats (very early editions) or, mostly, lemon yellow.

Early editions had fixed smooth wheels, then fixed shaped wheels and later editions have free-spinning shaped wheels.

There are five types of base:

  • 1a has holes over the axles
  • 1b has panels, no holes and a full width lower front bumper
  • 1c is like 1b with a narrower lower front bumper
  • 2a has no panels and a different text layout
  • 2b is like 2a with a post near the front

Type 1a

Type 1c

Type 2a

Type 2b

236 Austin A60 Driving School (RHD)

The light blue edition is the British one and there are no known variations.

255 Austin A60 driving School (LHD)

A darker shade of blue was used to distinguish the export edition for Europe, the States and other places where cars were Left hand Drive.

485 Austin Mini Countryman

Always in a nice turquoise green with solid yellow interior, this car came with a surfer and two rose-red surfboards in the box. The surfboards fit into the chrome roof rack.

This can be found with both shaped and cast wheels.