241 Ghia L6.4

One of the Corgi classics, issued in November 1963 and the first to have opening everything. The bonnet, boot and doors and the seats folded down too. It also had nice chrome bumpers, jewelled lights and even a mirror on the dashboard. Of course, there was also a Corgi dog on the rear parcel shelf.

This model was available in several colours:

  • dark metallic blue
  • dark metallic turquoise-blue
  • metallic silver-blue
  • metallic gold
  • metallic sage green
  • metallic copper
  • metallic lemon-gold
  • metallic honey-gold

These had shaped wheels, apart from the lemon gold and honey gold issues which had cast wheels and these have a gold tinge on the one honey gold example I have seen.

The blue shades, copper and old gold cars can be found with either cream or red interiors. Most still had red door inserts, however, those with cream being quite scarce. The sage green had a completely cream interior. The later lemon-gold had a bright yellow interior.

Amazingly, there are different sizes of dog on the parcel shelf too - what I call large and small, and these seem to be pretty randomly distributed.

The suspension on early models is particularly vulnerable.

271 Ghia Mangusta De Tomaso

Issued in January 1969, I am not sure which category this should be in but suspect it should be European.

Anyway there is just the one version in blue and cream with a detachable chassis. The aerial on these is often missing.

A very short-lived issue.

There are two versions. The first has the Ghia badge design on the bonnet and embossed on the chassis base. The second has a stylistic 'T' logo (assumed to be de Tomaso) on the bonnet and the Ghia badge has been blanked out on the chassis. I guess that Ghia must have asked them to make the change but I have no date or comparative numbers.

203 Ghia Mangusta De Tomaso

Issued in November 1970, the Whizzwheels version.

Available in metallic green with no detachable chassis.

I expect all will have the de Tomaso 'T' logo on the bonnet.