409 Jeep FC-150

Issued April 1959

GS14 Jeep FC-150

Issued in February 1961 with a lamp standard and electrician character.

The Jeep in this set was red with a yellow grille. No interior or suspension.

470 Jeep FC-150

Issued in March 1965, now with suspension and an interior.

Available in green-brown with a red interior or shades of blue with a lemon interior.

There is also a darker blue edition with a lemon interior and cast wheels that was released in late 1968.

64 Jeep FC-150 with Conveyor

Issued in March 1965, the Jeep has a working conveyor unit attached and in the box should be a farm hand and some sacks.

Always red with a lemon interior and with suspension.

Sometime this is referred to as Gift Set 64.

478 Jeep DC-150 Tower Wagon

Issued in December 1965, the Gift Set 14 model now with suspension and interior.

Available now in metallic olive green with a lemon interior. This came individually boxed now, with no character or lamp standard.