228 Volvo P1800

Issued in 1962

Available in beige, salmon and red

Models are know with red or lemon interiors for the salmon edition.

258 The Saint's Volvo P1800

Issued in 1965 and the first tie-in with a TV or Film series.

The car was white with a red interior and the Ford Thunderbird driver cut down and fitted in as Roger Moore's Simon Templar at the wheel.

First editions had a Saint logo in black on a transparent background transfer. Later editions had a red sticker or, very rare, a blue sticker on the bonnet.

Issued with normal shaped wheels and later editions, almost always those with a red sticker, had cast wheels.

201 The Saint's Volvo P1800

The Whizzwheels version, issued in 1970.

White with a red sticker on the bonnet and a beige interior.

Editions are known with a blue sticker but very rare. (The illustration has a modern replacement)