202 and 202M Morris Cowley

One of the very first issues in 1956.

The 202 model can be found in grey, blue and, in 1959 the two-tone edition was bright blue over white.

The 202M model was issued in very pale green, green and a scarce red-orange.

226 Morris Mini Minor

First issued in 1960, the Morris Mini Minor can be found in many shades of blue. Early editions seem to be baby blue or a brighter blue, with later issues being paler and the shade described often as lilac blue. In 1967 the metallic maroon edition replaced the blue.

The interior can be cream, from the very early editions, lemon or red. For the maroon model just a yellow interior was used, although very rare red has been seen.

The wheels started as smooth fixed and then shaped fixed. Later editions had free-spinning wheels and the last ones (and all the maroon editions) had cast wheels.

There are five types of base (illustrated on the Austin page):

  • 1a has holes over the axles
  • 1b has panels, no holes and a full width lower front bumper
  • 1c is like 1b with a narrower lower front bumper
  • 2a has no panels and a different text layout
  • 2b is like 2a with a post near the front

There are two types of body:

  • Type 1 has a lower. more arched casting join line, no line on the front wing
  • Type 2 has a horizontal line on the front wing and a higher casting join at the front

227 Morris Mini Cooper

In 1962 the Morris casting is revised for a series of Mini Coopers, initially designated as Morris Mini-Coopers.

Interiors for the blue can be lemon or red. For the primrose models the interior is always red.

There are thick and thin types of numerals for the RN transfers 1, 3 and 7.

They all use the same Type 1 cast but may have Type 1b or 1c bases.

The colours can be blue or primrose with the bonnet either in the body colour or white.

It appears that most white bonnet editions have fixed shaped wheels but most later models with body colour bonnets have free-spinning wheels.

317 Morris Mini Cooper S Monte Carlo 1964

The 227 model revised with the addition of a search lamp on the roof and Monte Carlo transfers.

This is always red with a white roof and red interior.

249 Morris Mini Minor 'Wickerwork'

Black with a red roof and lemon interior. This model can be found with Type 1 or Type 2 body casting.

It can have free-spinning shaped wheels or cast wheels.

349 Morris Mini Minor 'Pop Art' Edition

Available only by mail order during the Summer of 1967, this model is generally regarded as the rarest of all Corgi's production items.

Always in a rose-red colour with lemon interior, with jewelled headlamps and cast wheels.

204 Morris Mini Minor

226 now with Whizzwheels. This was issued in orange, orange with a black roof, metallic blue and solid mid-blue.

There are versions of each with tinted windows and two types of wheel. One has four spokes, one has five.

These were not available for long, being first issued in 1972.

306 Morris Marina Coupe

A Whizzwheels model issued in 1971.

Available in metallic yellow-green and metallic bronze-red