Land Rovers

406 Land Rover Series I

Issued August 1957

Available in blue or yellow, neither with a canopy.

There are two types: with or without small 'steps, at the rear.

406 Land Rover Series 1

Gift Set 2 issued February 1958 had a green Land Rover with a tan tin canopy

406S Land Rover Series II

Issued in 1962

with suspension and a red interior

438 Land Rover Series II

Issued December 1962

As 406S but with new colours and number, available in a series of colours:

  • dark green with lemon or red interior
  • mid green with lemon interior (in Gift Set 22)
  • light brown (in Gift set 2) with red interior
  • metallic turquoise with lemon interior
  • blue (in Gift Set 15) with lemon, red or solid yellow interior
  • bright metallic light green with yellow interior
  • metallic mid green with yellow interior

There are red and dark blue editions from a Racing Gift set and a Corgi Flying Club Gift Set.

Dark green and light brown editions have shaped wheels and a cream plastic canopy

Metallic turquoise editions can have shaped wheels with a tin or grey plastic hook, cast or Whizzwheels with a grey plastic hook. They initially had a cream plastic canopy, grey or a bottle green colour.

Bright blue editions always have a white canopy (some with a Pony Club sticker). They can have shaped, cast or Whizzwheels and have grey or black hooks

Metallic bright green editions were issued with either a bottle green or orange canopy with two types of black hook.

Black plastic hook models had a solid yellow interior.

From Gift Set 22 is the mid-green colour Land Rover

Available for a short period in 1962 before being replaced by the deeper green shade.

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  • 416 and 416S RAC Radio Rescue Land Rover
  • 417, 417S and 477 Breakdown Service Land Rover
  • 472 and 487 Public Address Land Rovers

See the Military Vehicles section for:

  • 351 and 351S RAF Land Rover
  • 357 and 500 US Army Land Rover / Weapons Carrier