217 Fiat 1800

Issued in May 1960.

Available in three colours:

  • all pale blue with bright yellow interior
  • mustard yellow with bright yellow interior
  • pale blue with dark blue roof and lemon interior

The wheel are always fixed but may be smooth or shaped.

231 Fiat 2100

Issued August 1961.

The second model to get jewelled headlamps and otherwise 217 in a new colour, pale lilac with a deep lilac roof.

All models have shaped fixed wheels.

240 Fiat Ghia 600 Jolly

Issued July 1963.

Available in solid sky blue or dark metallic blue with a plastic silver on red canopy. It should have two occupants in the front seats.

242 Fiat Ghia Jolly

Issued December 1965.

Available in bright yellow with no canopy but it should have the same occupants as 240 and now an added Corgi dog on the rear seat.