Aston Martin

218 Aston Martin DB4

Available in bright yellow or shades of red from brick red to a dark red

Two types of base - an early one with axle holes and a model number, not shown on the later base. The first one has a separate engine casting and slightly different bonnet hinge.

Models can be found with fixed wheels, smooth and with a criss-cross design on a cast wheel and with shaped free-spinning wheels.

There are two types of bonnet vent: early editions had open vents, later this was filled and a different shape.

309 Aston Martin Competition

Available in just the one colour scheme but with two bonnet styles, as for the 218 model.

261 James Bond Aston Martin DB5

The model that everyone knows about. First issued in gold and then, as 270, in silver.

There are two main types - with and without 'side lamps' or indicators below the headlamps.

In the box should be a Secret Instruction Pack, containing instructions and a spare baddie, and a Stick-on '007' label badge.

270 James Bond Aston Martin DB5

The first re-issue, now in silver and with two more features: revolving number plates front and rear and tyre slashers on the rear wheels. The radiator grille and bumpers are now chrome. Early editions had silver chrome, most editions had a gold colour plating.

This can be found with wire wheels and also, in very late editions, the tyre slashers are not present with a type of Whizzwheel and revised extended wheel arches evident.