The Champaign Central Chronicle

Issue #1 - September 23, 2022

Homecoming 2022: Night Under the Stars

Laynie Ritchie & Chris Villanti

Central students were seeing stars this Homecoming! This year’s dance had plenty of new aspects, such as the change in location and interesting decorations, as well as some familiar ones: the intense heat at Central.

Powderpuff at Central High School

Lilith Wedig

At Central High School, Homecoming week is filled with activities, ending in the namesake dance. This is the week for students to engage in school spirit, look forward to dressing up for a night, and of course, sports. At Central, Junior and Senior girls have a special sporting event to look forward to each year: Powderpuff football.

Opinions on New Cafeteria

Alice Bell & Maria Betz

Over the summer, construction and renovation practically turned Central High into a new school. Students reentering the building this year were met with new rooms, new hallways, a new theater, and a massive new cafeteria.

Rating Starbucks Drinks

Jordan Rinkenberger & Maddie Bigler

The Starbucks fall drink line has recently been released- so students went to try them out and let you know which are worth the buy!

Elvis 2022: An Analysis

Bess Chamley

Elvis. The name itself strikes a specific image in the hearts of everyone who has heard it. For some, Elvis was a silly, comical crooner who ate peanut butter and banana sandwiches, and fried pickles in his Memphis home. For some, Elvis was the name of a legend, a star who burned too brightly, too quickly, and fell too hard. For some, he was the man whom our mothers and grandmothers would drop anything to be with.

Best Dressed: Homecoming 2022

Allison Hobson

A variety in fashion was showcased at Champaign Central High School’s Homecoming dance on September 17. Looking around the high school’s common area, where the dance was being held, students were seen wearing a wide range of styles and trends.