San Diego County Adventure Motorcycle GPS Map

San Diego County Adventure Motorcycle GPS Map
Custom GPS map and Printable Paper Map given FREE

Most complete ride map in San Diego County!
Really Yes an "Open Source" map updated by riders
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This map includes all the great adventure bike routes in San Diego

About the Map:
This paper map image is designed to be used in conjunction with the custom GPS Map File loaded into your Garmin GPS unit.  The map installs in your GPS unit as a transparent map on top of the existing maps in your GPS Unit.  Your GPS function as normal and in addition will show as major colored lines all the great motorcycle roads in the county. " How cool is that!" This is a free map file offered by gpsKevin so that we may all have great rides.  

How to use this Map:
Just get on your bike,turn your GPS on, get on a colored line and start riding and enjoy.  Ok you can study the map ahead of time, dream and pick out places that you might like to visit, but just start riding on the colored lines.  If you like tough stuff explore the Red lines.These are the best dirt roads in the county, you may encounter tough issues like Gates and Obstacles, have patience there are workarounds most of the time.  Be Careful in the desert there are rough and sandy places. If you want more scenic rides follow the Blue lines these are all great back paved roads with many surprises.  The Blue line are the best roads for street bikers too!  If you are tired or just want to get through an area follow the Green Lines. Invite a buddy and have a fun adventure.
Enjoy gpsKevin 

What is a custom GPS map?:
These are electronic maps that install into your GPS and contain all the motorcycle specific these routes in the county.  See this video for more information:  GPS Ride Maps.

Instructions to download and install these maps:
There are two files that you will download below, they come together in a Compressed Zip Folder.  The first file SDCountyAdventureMapX1.jpg is a high quality picture file of the map that you can use to print your own copy of the map, or you may choose to just print sections of the map and take them on the ride for discussions with others.  The second file is in a folder named garmin.  You will copy this garmin folder to an SD card and install the SD card into your Garmin GPS.  Simply turn your gps on and the maps will be present. (If you got it right).  OK Enjoy!

Download (compressed Zip folder with both the GPS Map .img File and .JPG for Printing)

Updates and revisions: 
This map is continuously updated when I obtain new information:  SO PLEASE HELP.  If you discover errors or new roads or missing great places to eat, or fun stuff.  Please inform me by adding the information below.  This maps belongs to all of us.  Lets together continue to make it great!

Please log your suggestions or just plain fun comments in the following form: SD County Adventure Map Updates

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