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In pursuit of the best motorcycle rides in life for everyone,
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"There are a limited number of rides in life, make sure that every ride is great"

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 Just a few of the great rides I have done and led
Much of the info is given is give out for free to enable you to do the rides yourself

Why do I do this?
"There is some magic between the thrill of riding and discovery.  Its about the ride, discovering yourself, and your passions You know the feeling, when you say:  This is so cool!" 
How do we do this?
We ride motorcycles to discover ourselves, new places and people. We push ourselves to discover our own abilities our passions and limits. We ride big bikes, little bikes, and everything in between, We ride off road, on road and anywhere we can. 
 Simply we ride for fun 
What do I do?
I create new motorcycle adventures.  From scenic relaxed Adventures to "Tough Guy" dirt bike rides.
 I use every resource I can find in the world, from GPS tracks, to ride stories, to satellite images, old maps, new maps and big time everything on the internet. But Passion most of all.  All rides start from Dreams. 
I have been riding for more then 50 years, and have hundreds of rides under my belt.  I have had a passion for creating rides seriously now for more then 15 years, I have a gps data base of all of my ride work literally hundreds of rides.  
Now I am retired and now I can't stop making and enjoying more rides.

Great North American Rides

Ride these yourself free "Open Source GPS" 

Trans America Trail

Great Continental Divide Ride

gpsTips: Check out how to use your gps on you bike, Dual Sport and Adventure bike advise

About the Roulette rides  (tough explorer rides starting in 2004)

Ride Trades  Info about ride swaps with people around the world

Custom Rides  Get gpsKevin to create a custom ride for your ride group

About gpsKevin (how do I come to ride so much)

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