Studying The Trans America Trail

Below you will find links to each ride section.  These ride sections are the routes between gas stations.  These ride section webpages contain all the detailed information about each section, including route detail, stops, attractions, difficulties, weather reports, user comments and more.  Enjoy reviewing these pages and please add to the richness of this trail by adding your own comments, information and discoveries.

YouTube Video

Play this view to learn tricks for navigating the trail.
Riders can now get the current news and weather conditions as they travel along the trail. This information is shown on the top of each ride section page. Riders both make the news by adding your current observations and get the news by reading what others are experiencing on the trail.

Now riders can look closely at the detail of each ride section.  Riders can view the comments that other riders have submitted and you can add comments yourself as you conquer the ride.  You can look for motel or camping choices along the trail and find the greatest backwoods places to eat. Through the use of open google maps riders can zoom into the satellite view and see the trail in incredibly close detail.  How fun.

Riders can look at the current weather and the forecast for the days to come on each section of the trail. 

Riders can use their phones and view all this information live on many parts of the trail or they can get updates in the evening on their laptop in their motel.

Riders should bookmark this page to make it quick to view current updates as they progress on the ride.

Select the ride section below and dream of the adventure.

TAT Main route (49 sections Below)

TAT Optional New York Section (11 sections below)

TAT Optional Los Angeles Section (14 sections below)